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How to Cook a Turkey

High in protein, low in fat, and one of the least expensive meats you can buy, turkey isn’t just a centerpiece dish for Thanksgiving dinner! In this video, you’ll learn an easy, no-fail way to roast a juicy, golden-brown turkey, so you can enjoy it any time of year. You’ll learn why putting the turkey on a rack is the smart way to roast and discover how and when to add seasonings and how to properly stuff the turkey. You’ll see how and where to insert the meat thermometer before you start to bake the turkey. You’ll learn at what temperature and how long to cook your turkey and at what temperature your turkey is done. You’ll also get tips for basting and tenting your turkey. Watch the video, then find top-rated recipes for Thanksgiving roast turkey.

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  • Caydence James

I wish that we could actually download and keep this video as well.

  • Gigi Jeanne

These are great!

  • Ralph G.

My name is Ralph and i just joined the allrecipes group, my inlaws gave us a turkey after thanksgiving dinner and i will cook it today. I cook for a living and this will be my first turkey on my own. I'm looking forward to cooking the perfect turkey.