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Snow Ice Cream II

In this video, you’ll see how to make “ice cream” when the snow starts to fall. Pick up some clear vanilla extract, and work quickly to mix the ingredients before they melt. Get the recipe for Lil’MadSavy’s Snow Ice Cream II.

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  • Gail Bradford

Just yesterday i text my brother and asked him "when was the last time you ate these" , one of them being " Snow Ice Cream. Now this morning it was on the email you sent me. Also Apple Fritters. We grew up with these things. Kids nowadays are missing the experience of what we had a long time ago. So glad to see it on my email. Now maybe others will try some of the old time recipes that most don't make anymore or never even heard of. Thanks AllRECIPES !

  • bunker

Snow ice cream is delicious. I stir my snow in with the other ingredients so the flavor is realy mixed in. Its strange to ask people in snow country, WA, if they have heard of snow icecream. Most have never heard of it, and think its strange. Boy are they missing out on good taste.

  • Sadie Monterio

My mom used per or carnation canned milk, mixed all ingredients together and put into the freezer. Talk about a treat!! Made it for my children when they were small. They are now 36 and 31 and still ask for it when home for the holidays.