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Rotisserie Chicken

See how to season and cook a whole chicken on a rotisserie. In the video, you’ll get directions for cooking on a gas grill with a rotisserie attachment or with a poultry stand, which works like a rotisserie only it stands upright on the grill. You'll also see how to make a simple basting sauce for the chicken. Check out NGKORTE's 5-star recipe for Rotisserie Chicken. The chicken comes off the grill tender, juicy, and delicious. The seasoned meat is also wonderful in recipes calling for leftover chicken.

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  • Killagrilla

Started with a video on how to rotisserie chicken... What happened to the rotisserie?

  • Letseat

Aloha This is fantastic. Sometimes I'm up early and I just turn the volume down and watch these videos in silence. It's just a really great tool. Mahalo Nui loa for sharing with all of us. I appreciate you. Aloha, Nick

  • Bennybbc

While there's nothing wrong with cooking a chicken on one of those chicken stands (aka "Beercan chicken"), contrary to what the video says, it's a very different method of cooking than rotisserie, with different results. With a chicken stand the juices constantly drain from the top of the chicken to the bottom, and then out. And this is from the part of the chicken that needs those juices the most, the breast. With a rotisserie the juices are constantly being redistributed and reabsorbed and the skin is glazed and sticky because of the calogen and other juices that do manage to find their way out. The rotisserie chicken is far more juicy and flavorful than a chicken cooked in just one position. That being said, if I'm roasting a chicken in the regular method, or even a turkey, I usually roast it breast-side down so that the juices will pool there and help keep it moist. I sacrifice the crispy breast skin, but the meat is much juicier. Almost as good as with a rotisserie. If pres