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Sam's Famous Carrot Cake

In this video, you’ll see how to make a 5-star carrot cake, a family recipe that has withstood the test of time! This tasty carrot cake makes amazing cupcakes, too. The batter includes cinnamon, vanilla, coconut flakes, crushed pineapple, raisins, and walnuts. Serve the cake plain or topped with cream cheese frosting. Watch the video, then get the 5-star recipe for Sam's Famous Carrot Cake. Give it a try, you’ll see why the recipe has more than 1,200 rave reviews!

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I love the addition of the how-to video. It makes the recipes look and sound even more tempting.

  • gmlichter

This is my Great Uncle Sammy's recipe. I just viewed this link for the first time last week. My mother passed it on to all of her children. I was very inspired to make it immediately and I did just that. This cake is fantastic ! So many delicious moist flavors going on at once ! I think it is the coolest thing to watch this video and make this cake knowing that it is a part of my families recipe archive. I am proud to say "Yup, that's my Uncle Sammy's Recipe!" Thanks cousin Brian for putting it out there ! I know this recipe will put a smile on many peoples faces and that would make him happy !

  • Lena

how can i save this to my recipe box?