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Red Skinned Potato Salad

In this video, you’ll see how to make a 5-star potato salad starring red potatoes, which give the salad a wonderfully firm texture. It’s also creamy, with plenty of mayonnaise, lots of tasty bacon, plus chopped egg, and the classic crunch of chopped celery and spicy onion. Watch the video, then get Donna’s 5-star recipe for Red Skinned Potato Salad. It’s a must-have at summer picnics, barbeques, and family gatherings.

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  • BABs

The only way I make it and the recipe is almost identical to mine!!! Can't go wrong with bacon and red potatoes!

  • ctforfood

What if raw onions are a no no for some of your guests?

  • Lois

I love potatoe salad but am often scared of it because of onions. I would just leave them out. I'm sure it would be great without them.