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How to Make Yorkshire Pudding Popovers

Yorkshire pudding is a traditional English side dish for roast beef, but it’s not a pudding at all—more like a fluffy muffin. In this video, you’ll learn how to make simple Yorkshire pudding. We’ll show you how to combine the ingredients for a Yorkshire pudding batter and bake until the batter rises into light, golden-brown popovers. Yorkshire pudding makes an elegant side dish for Christmas dinner, served alongside roasted meat with gravy.

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  • Janice Goslin

This is an american pudding no way can it be called a yorkshire pudding, i am english from oxford and nothing about this is right.

  • Robert Smiley

Let's just call them British style puddings, then you can personalize them as you see fit.

  • Wendy

Nice recipe but these are not traditional Yorkshire Puddings. I am from Yorkshire and I agree with all the comments made previously; there are no chives in Yorkshire Puddings and the lard must be very hot before adding the mixture to the the pans. My mother made wonderful Yorkshire Puddings and she never used a muffin tin as I think most traditionalists would not, just an ordinary bun tin, not so deep.