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How to Make a Pizza Cake

See how to turn a regular round cake into a pizza pie—er, pizza cake! You’ll start by baking a simple round cake like usual. In the video, you’ll see how to make the sauce, shredded cheese, pepperonis, and veggies out of frosting and candies! It’s incredibly quick and easy! And the perfect dessert for any birthday or pizza party. To get started making your own pizza cake, you'll need some sheet cake recipes. Then, head over to our blog to learn tips and techniques for how to decorate cakes.

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  • Brian C

"Fruit leather" is simply those fruit roll ups that many of us got in our lunch when we were going to elementary school. They are sweet, but tasty. You can find it in most major grocery stores, as well as Trader Joe's, etc.

  • chefess

The narrator messed up when he put on the red frosting and said "This is the pizza crust." I'd also make the "sauce" a little deeper in color. Cute idea, though!

  • jrsygrl60

He meant the room you leave around the edge is the pizza crust, not the red frosting.