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How to Peel, Seed, and Dice Tomatoes

Sweet, ripe tomatoes play the starring role in salsas, salads, spaghetti sauce, and other pasta dishes. In this video, you’ll learn how to prepare tomatoes for all your favorite dishes. You’ll see a few tricks that will make peeling and seeding tomatoes easy and discover a quick way to cut out the core, leaving you with just the firm fruit of the tomato to make delicious fresh tomato recipes. Then watch a terrific method for dicing tomatoes.

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  • Andrea Gjerde

Shucks, I just got through canning tomato soup and could have used this video to get ideas on how to get rid of the seeds! Oh well, so my tomato soup has some least I knew how to get rid of the skin.

  • Bonnie

I agree with you Chipper56 !!!

  • maya

It appears that any commercials presented are paid for and thus, are revenue generating for Allrecipes. Regardless of anyone's political affiliations, these paid commercials allow "free" sites to operate and as such allows us to have access to this particularly wonderful recipe site. I suggest that people who don't want to listen to any political advertisements simply hit the mute button on their computer until the commercial is over, otherwise, I wouldn't complain as this site costs us nothing to access and for that I am appreciative.