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How to Peel, Seed, and Dice Tomatoes

Sweet, ripe tomatoes play the starring role in salsas, salads, spaghetti sauce, and other pasta dishes. In this video, you’ll learn how to prepare tomatoes for all your favorite dishes. You’ll see a few tricks that will make peeling and seeding tomatoes easy and discover a quick way to cut out the core, leaving you with just the firm fruit of the tomato to make delicious fresh tomato recipes. Then watch a terrific method for dicing tomatoes.

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  • Kristen Kelley

I love finding new "cooking hacks." :)

  • ozzychef

Americans please note: it is pronounced "tomARTo" NOT "tomAYTo"!

  • oldunc

I find it inadvisable to core the tomatoes before blanching, and cutting the x in the bottom serves no purpose at all. I note that she was seeding the tomatoes into a sieve- she didn't mention it, but the gelatinous liquid surrounding the seeds is quite flavorful. There are, of course other methods. Tomatoes can be roasted briefly over an open flame and plunged into cold water (ice is not necessary)- if you have a gas stove, this is probably the fastest for a couple of tomatoes (they have to be ripe)- this can also be done in the broiler or on a grill. Large quantities of tomatoes can be cut in half, cooked about ten min. and run through a food mill, which will remove the skins and seeds- this is best for sauces or soups, of course you can't dice them. Or a few tomatoes can be cut in half and run face down over a box grater- the skin won't go through. All methods work best with tomatoes picked ripe- for supermarket tomatoes, your b