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Amish White Bread

See how to make homebaked sandwich bread. This top-rated recipe is quick and easy to make. It produces two loaves of sweet, soft white bread. In the video, you'll learn how to tell if your yeast has been activated correctly. This is the best bread for sandwiches. Watch the video, then get Peg’s top-rated recipe for Amish White Bread.

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  • Mothercrone

I think this is an excellent recipe and video. Having said that, I wasn't crazy about how she shaped her loaves which is why I think they baked flat. I would have rolled out the dough, shaped it into a loaf, (while refraining from sticking my fingers in the dough) and then put it in the greased bread pans.

  • gabygardoni

Me Gusta ?_?

  • julierose84

I agree with what has already been said. This is a great and really easy recipe, but they shape their loaves oddly in the video. I would refrain from sticking my fingers into the dough while putting them into the pans, this is probably what caused the tops of the loaves to be flat.