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Baked French Fries I

In this video, you’ll see how to make a top-rated recipe for baked French fries. These sensational fries combine potato wedges with delicious seasonings and just a bit of healthy olive oil. Then they’re baked to a beautiful golden brown. They’re a burger’s perfect side dish. See how it’s done! You'll also see a great trick for easy clean-up! Watch the video, then get Ashlee's 5-star recipe for Baked French Fries I.

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  • kjo

@JHOIII You don't have to watch the video for the recipe, just click the link :) Although I'm not sure why anybody needs a recipe to throw some spices on cut up potatoes and stick them in the oven :) lol I bet they're delicious, and I too hate watching videos. I just click the link to the recipe.

  • martinex

Looks great. I'm going to give it a try. As a french fry lover I've been looking for a healthier alternative to grease. Is it me or have spice prices gone thru the roof? I just spent 30 bucks at the local grocer.

  • iLUVgreatfood

I don't eat anything deep fried neither and have been making something similar to this for years. I use my 30 year old french fry cutter. The size of the cut fries are similar to the fast food places. I just use the seasonings I enjoy like olive oil, garlic powder and whatever taste of spices I want to compliment the other food for that given day. I just put under the broiler until very golden brown. Watch close the time element is not very long. Everyone loves these and broil faster because potatoes are nice and thin.