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Best Peanut Butter Cookies Ever

In this video, you’ll see how to make delicious peanut butter cookies—no flour required. And the quality of the peanut butter you use matters in this recipe, so be sure to use your favorite. Watch the video, then get the recipe for BAKINGNUTS’s Best Peanut Butter Cookies Ever.

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  • pixiejudy10

Two cups of sugar!!!!!Way too much, but since there is no flour, if I eliminate the sugar (most commercial brands that are not organic already contain sugar) or cut it way down, how will this effect the cookies? Can I use flour as a substitute?

  • babyspoon

if u use splenda u need only i cup. splenda in the bag have sugar/splenda i cook with all the time if something call for 1 cup of real sugar splenda u cut in half so u would us 1/2 splenda

  • Helen

There was way too much sugar, the cookie was really sweet. But otherwise, it was awesome! I loved it and so did my mom. :)