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Firehouse Shepherd's Pie

Meet the crew of New City Fire Engine Company No. 1, and check out their take on shepherd’s pie. You’ll see a great trick for cutting an onion easily. Classic comfort food, shepherd’s pie is a delicious meat pie, starring seasoned ground beef and sautéed veggies baked with a fluffy mashed potato topping. See how they do it down at the station! Watch the video, then get a top-rated recipe for Shepherd’s Pie.

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  • Steveo52683

Does anyoneFirehouse know to get this firehourse Shepherd's Pie recipe, It's good and I'd try like it sounds so good.

  • Stacey

I love this recipe! I just put cheese on top. makes it everything better lol thank you guys!

  • Carolyn Baldwin

These guys would love my hamburger mess. They are a hoot.