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Firehouse Country Chicken

Meet the firefighters of New City Fire Engine Company No. 1, and see how they make country-style chicken down at the station. It’s a hearty stew full of sliced chicken breasts, breaded and fried, combined with vegetables and hot and sweet Italian sausages, and finished in a brown gravy and tomato sauce. You’ll see how to prep all the ingredients and discover the secret to the firehouse sauce. If you have a big crew to feed, this hearty, saucy chicken dish is for you. See how it’s done! Watch the video, then see a 5-star recipe for Chicken & Sausage Pasta.

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  • Fireman034

Looks great. Nice job by the brothers of the New City Fire Dept! The recipe at the end of this video is not the same as what the fireman cooked 8/12.


I can't wait to make this and taste it for myself. This cook is great. Love both his videos.

  • Kevin

Awesome recipe. Awesome directions and explanation. Great job!!