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Sweet Potato Puff

A baked sweet potato casserole is the perfect side dish to serve with roasted turkey or chicken. In this video, you’ll learn how to make sweet potato puff topped with crunchy pralines. We’ll show you how to peel and prepare the sweet potatoes. You’ll see how to make the crunchy praline topping with corn flakes, pecans or walnuts, and brown sugar. Just spoon the topping over the sweet potatoes and bake in the oven. What a simple and satisfying side dish; perfect for the Thanksgiving dinner menu, but easy enough to make any time. Find the best recipes for sweet potato casserole.

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  • Peggy Dashner Ugrich

I enjoy searching through the countless number of recipes on your site. What I enjoy even more is watching the videos so I know how it's suppose to look as I'm preparing it.

  • sublimajik

I sure wish there was a written recipe for this dish. It looks delicious but I don't like to cook using videos.

  • suzicat

So yes, where's the recipe??? Pfff!