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How to Make Poppy Seed Rolls

These homemade dinner rolls are easy to make. In this simple step-by-step video, you’ll learn how to make poppy seed dinner rolls from scratch using all-natural ingredients. We’ll show you how to proof the yeast and how to prepare the ingredients for the dough in a mixer. You’ll see how to cut the butter and combine the dry and wet ingredients together. You’ll learn how to knead the dough properly and arrange strips of dough in the muffin tins so the rolls will pull apart easily when they emerge from the oven golden-brown and delicious. These poppy seed rolls make the perfect addition to Thanksgiving dinner menus.

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  • Grandmere

I need this to save to my recipe box...please!

  • Beejay

I agree, if there is only a video and no recipe I skip over it. Our internet connection is unreliable so videos do not come through well.

  • nancyschmidt

I NEED this recipe printed, the video does not give the measurement for the water. Can someone not print out the proper recipe so we can save it to our recipe box. Looks like I am not the only person wanting this. Hope some one can help.