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How to Make Sugar Cookies

Not just for Christmas or Halloween, sugar cookies are so easy to make, they’re the perfect cookie for any time of year. In this video, you’ll learn a few tips that will make your sugar cookies the best ever. You’ll get tips for choosing the right size of eggs to use in your batter, learn how long to combine ingredients, discover a great way to prepare the dough for baking, and more. Get tips for decorating your cookies—or enjoy them deliciously plain! Get top-rated recipes for sugar cookies.

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  • substance777

I was very disappointed at these cookies! This is my 1st time making sugar cookies too. They tasted more like butter cookies. Will try again tomorrow, but going with a different recipe (Best rolled sugar cookies).

  • darwiel

Just a question: Why preheat the oven if you still need to refrigerate cookies? Better to preheat when you take the dough out of the fridge.

  • Goodfood

You always preheat the oven when baking so that it comes up to the correct temp BEFORE you put the item in the oven. Baked goods will cook more evenly when the oven holds a constant temp. You typically refrigerate dough before rolling so the butter can firm up and facilitate rolling. Haven't made the recipe in the video, but does look more like a butter cookie then a sugar coookie recipe.