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How to Make Sugar Cookies

Not just for Christmas or Halloween, sugar cookies are so easy to make, they’re the perfect cookie for any time of year. In this video, you’ll learn a few tips that will make your sugar cookies the best ever. You’ll get tips for choosing the right size of eggs to use in your batter, learn how long to combine ingredients, discover a great way to prepare the dough for baking, and more. Get tips for decorating your cookies—or enjoy them deliciously plain! Get top-rated recipes for sugar cookies.

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  • jeszel

i love this video and i made it a few days ago and it worked out for my christmas party! The standing mixer machine works great! You could have also put frosting homemade(optional). If you would like try Laura in the kitchen on youtube and i will tel you she is the best cook ever!!!! xoxoxo, Jeszel

  • MarjorieJ

There isnt any baking powder in this recipe!

  • Laurie L. Serak

I agree with the comments about the baking powder......overpowering. I was so disappointed b/c they look so pretty!!!!