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Rolled Buttercream Fondant

This rolled buttercream fondant tastes just like yummy buttercream frosting. It's a great fondant recipe for decorating cakes or cookies. In this video, you’ll also see how to make sticky dough smooth and get tips for storing fondant that you’re not using immediately. Watch the video, then get Kelley’s 5-star recipe for Rolled Buttercream Fondant.

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  • Maribela Djau Sane

I love this site. Is a great and helpful for any one o like to cook. I would like to thank you for given the opportunities to others to learn more how to creat many dishes. I didn't try any of the recipes but I believe if I do , I will love it.

  • Dalton Hirsh

Delicious. Wonderful. Amazing. Best fondant ever!

  • TheDessertDoll

Um... I dont exactly know what to say. i made this cake for my second cousins birthday, and sorry to say this truly... but nobody ate the fondant because it was way to sweet for anybody. Sorry Kelley, but that is just my opinion