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Sugar Glazed Pecans

In this video, you’ll learn how to make sugar-glazed pecans, a quick and easy, sweet and savory Southern snack. Sugar-coated pecans are the perfect party appetizer to nibble on over drinks. You’ll see how to mix the pecans with sugar and cinnamon and savory ingredients and then roast on low heat on baking sheets until the glaze is absorbed and the pecans appear dry. You’ll see a great tip for separating out the pecans after baking. Find top-rated nut appetizers.

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  • dolor21

I think it would be better to make the recipe ready to print as the non-video ones are.

  • Lisa Duane Hafertepe

I made mine with cashews instead of pecans and I left out the ginger. Really, really good.

  • Liz

Would also like print copy of recipe!