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Firehouse Chicken Enchiladas

See how they do it down at the station in South Pasadena, California. In this video, you’ll meet Rob Crew, fireman and occasional cook at Station 81. He’ll walk you through the local grocery store, as he picks out ingredients for his grilled chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce, grilled corn, and roasted chile peppers. Then back at the station, he’ll share his tips and tricks for building layers of amazing flavors in his crowd-pleasing grilled chicken enchiladas. Watch the video, then find your favorite enchilada recipes.

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  • Kbrussa

What does Rob do with the Las Palmas sauce? Does he add it to the tomatillo mixure?

  • anne22

is the recipe listed?

  • adelarojas/pamperedchef

I really like this recipe and the ingrerdients I will definately have to try it.