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Firehouse Chicken Enchiladas

See how they do it down at the station in South Pasadena, California. In this video, you’ll meet Rob Crew, fireman and occasional cook at Station 81. He’ll walk you through the local grocery store, as he picks out ingredients for his grilled chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce, grilled corn, and roasted chile peppers. Then back at the station, he’ll share his tips and tricks for building layers of amazing flavors in his crowd-pleasing grilled chicken enchiladas. Watch the video, then find your favorite enchilada recipes.

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  • Leta Franklin Rogers

My 17-year old son, who will be starting a fire fighting program in the fall, and I watched this this morning. Love it! My son will be making this tonight. I re-watched the video and jotted down the ingredients/technique for him. Do let me know if I got anything wrong! Rob Crew's Firehouse Chicken Enchiladas GRILL all this, should require two batches: Five ears corn; chicken (1/2 dark meat, 1/3 white meat, I think he used about 2 lbs each skinless boneless thighs and breasts, pre-season chicken with cumin garlic salt, and ground coriander); anaheim chilies; poblanos chilies (I think I saw some of those; I would definitely use some!); tomatillos in husk; tomatoes or round red chilies (wasn't sure what this was in the close-up). Make the Tomatillo Sauce with the grilled tomatillos (peel the husks off), some cilantro, chicken stock, and las palmas brand green enchilada sauce. Mix everything in a stock pot and cook a bit, then blend with immersion blender (or several batches in bl

  • cinnamon54917

Good grief, there is a video and for all of you fussing about having a recipe, WATCH THE VIDEO! It's listed under 'FIREHOUSE CHICKEN ENCHILADAS' and was filmed for a young man named Rob Crew. If you're a little bit patient and don't mind replaying the video quite a few times, you will have all of the ingredients and how to make them. I'm doing them tomorrow! It takes a lithe extra time to do this, but it looks like it is worth it to me. If you can't find it, I have a list of the ingredients and if you let me know, I'll write them down for those of you who need them. The instructions I wrote down, are not all in his order, but it will get the sauce and enchiladas made and that's the important part.

  • Coco&Bailey's

it was fun to watch! he is amazing cook! Why fire fighters has good cook at station? I would like to watch his cooking video more,how can I find them??