Jim's Venison Summer Sausage

Jim's Venison Summer Sausage

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"Making your own sausage can be very rewarding and fun to do. One of the greatest benefits is that you know whats in it! With a little help and some decent equipment you can enjoy doing this year after year and save money in the process."


7-8 d 25 servings yields 25- 1 pound sticks
Serving size has been adjusted!

Original recipe yields 25 servings



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  1. Dissolve in 3 cups water and add to meat mixture. Cure in cooler in basement or cool dry area at least (72 hours)
  2. Grind once to coarse grind then a second to fine grind, stuff in casings and hang. Allow 24 hours to dry then place in smoker using good hardwoods such as Hickory,Maple,Alder or fruit woods such as Cherry and Apple.
  3. Smoke at 100 deg for the first hour, then increase to 125 deg for the second adding chips as needed to maintain a good smoke. To begin the second hour increase temp to 135 deg and maintain for one hour. Increase to 165 deg for the final hour again adding chips as needed. Continue smoking until internal temperature of sausage reaches 155 deg. Remove from smoker and bloom in ice water till cool 15-20 min. Hang in cool dry place for approximately 72 hours to dry and allow smoke to penetrate deeper into your sausage. Wrap in freezer paper and store in refrigerator or freezer. Will last several weeks in refridgerator.
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