Cream Of Wild Mushroom Soup

Cream Of Wild Mushroom Soup

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6 servings
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  1. Get your veg stock in a pot and on a medium simmer dont season this just let it reduce a bit. Or chicken or veal stock whatever you wanna use veg stock is nice with this because is vegitarian friendly. In a large pan melt 4 tblsp of butter on low. Kick the heat up to medium, medium-high and add carrots sweating them at a high rate if you start to get browning lower your heat! Add your leek, onion, celery, and continue to sweat. NOW, in the event that your feeling there isnt enough fat in the pan feel free to add some. Add your zucchini and sqaush, sweat and place in stock pot LOWER temp on stock pot as low as possible you just want to keep this warm. Now with the rest of you fat back in the pan along with all the mushrooms sweat or saute whatever you like now add flour creating a roux. Throw that in the stock and stir. Add your cold heavy cream and let simmer on low for about 8 min. Now if your soup is to soupy and you want to tighten it up you could make another seperate roux and add it. Or you could make a Beurre maniƩ (in french means kneaded butter) which is raw flour and cold butter kneaded together (its just a raw form of a roux) and with this tool you can little by little add pieces WHILE WISKING OR STIRING to prevent undesirable lumps to your soup to thicken some times I find this alil easier than creating a new and seperate roux. Its an on the fly fix and doesnt work for everything but this soup if does. Salt and Pepper to taste, now to serve sprinkle a smigg ah cayenne on top aesthetically pleasing and warm with flavor. Chop them chives and toss 'em on top or leave them whole (signifying grass blades) with a mushroom cap hanging out as a garnish looks nice ya know. Hope you enjoy