Guava Spread

Guava Spread

Jessica Diaz 1

"Just like Rolando's mom makes it, apparently. US guavas, Costa Rican style. Add red food coloring only if desired. Finished product will be light brown or deep rose."
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1 d 30 servings yields 2 cups of puree makes 2+ jelly jars of spread
Serving size has been adjusted!

Original recipe yields 30 servings



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  1. Gather:
  2. 1 large pot for canning (start heating water)
  3. canning tools and jars/lids
  4. knife and cutting board
  5. peeler
  6. blender
  7. mesh strainer
  8. wooden spoon
  9. mixing bowl
  10. large glass measuring cup
  11. small glass measuring cup/bowl
  12. table spoon
  13. measuring cups
  14. small plate (place in freezer)
  15. Clean the jars and lids. Set aside for later.
  16. Clean the guavas, removing the end flaps and washing off bugs if organic.
  17. Cut ends off, peel skins, cut into halves (or smaller for large guavas), and place in blender.
  18. Puree.
  19. Place mesh strainer on top of large measuring cup, and strain out seeds from guava puree. Stir and shake strainer as necessary.
  20. For every cup of guava puree, measure 1 cup of sugar, set aside in mixing bowl.
  21. For every cup of guava puree, measure 1 tblspn. lime juice and set aside.
  22. Pour guava puree into medium-sized saucepan and add sugar and lime juice.
  23. Bring to low boil, stirring constantly with wooden spoon. Reduce heat if it begins to spit.
  24. Add food coloring if desired, approx. 2-3 drops per cup guava.
  25. Continue cooking and stirring for about 20 minutes, or until liquid has decreased by half.
  26. To check for done-ness, place a drop on the frozen plate and return plate to freezer. Time for one minute, then check to see that the preserves are setting up. If not, cook a few more minutes, but do not over do it or jam will be hard to spread.
  27. Remove from heat.
  28. Carefully reheat the jars to bring temperature up so they will not crack upon sealing in the boiler.
  29. Pour guava jam into jar, leaving 1/4" headspace.
  30. Clean off rim for proper seal, and place lid on jar, tightening to hand tight. Place jar into water for 5 minutes. I keep the tongs on and hold it to ensure jar does not touch bottom.
  31. Repeat with next jar, and remainder can be used unpreserved.
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