Texicajun Chicken Soup with Mucho Gusto Gnocchi Dumplings

Texicajun Chicken Soup with Mucho Gusto Gnocchi Dumplings

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"This is a Texicajun Take on Chicken and Dumplings. It has my Southwestern Seasoning Mucho Gusto infused in the Gnocchi Dough."
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10 servings
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Original recipe yields 10 servings



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  1. Soup
  2. 1.) Add Corn, Poblano, Carrots, Mushrooms and Green Onions and 1 TBSP of Mucho Gusto with some Olive Oil (Enough to Coat all ingredients) into your pot and begin to sauté
  3. 2.) Once they begin to become soft, Add sour cream and enough Chicken Broth to create a gravy consistency and let simmer for a few minutes while stirring.
  4. 3.) Slowly being to add the remaining Chicken Broth stirring constantly.
  5. 4.) Add Cilantro, Chicken and the remaining 2 TBSP of Mucho Gusto and stir...Simmer on Low Heat for about 10 Minutes
  6. For Gnocchi Dumplings:
  7. 2 cans Biscuits
  8. Mucho Gusto Seasoning
  9. Directions:
  10. 1.) Layout Bisquits on a Lightly Floured Cutting Board
  11. 2.) Liberally Coat them with Mucho Gusto on both sides and work the seasoning into the dough. (Add flour as needed to prevent sticking)
  12. 3.) Once they are infused with Mucho Gusto, Roll each Biscuit in flour and begin to cut them into piece about the size of the tip of your thumb (They will swell when they hit the water)
  13. Bring Soup to a Medium Heat where it is Roiling Lightly and begin to drop each Gnocchi Dumpling in 1 at a time to avoid clumping. Once they are all in the pot, pull heat back to low and cook until dumplings are done (about 15 minutes)
  14. Salt to Taste with Sea Salt..Be Careful not to overdo the Salt as they will get that once they bite into the dumplings.
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