Chocolate Creme Caramel

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"This tasty recipe is based off the brunch dessert I had at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead GA."
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6 servings
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Original recipe yields 6 servings



  • Prep

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  2. Put sugar and water in a small pot and cook until it reaches a caramel stage (a light to medium brown colour). Keep an eye on it — it burns very easily.
  3. Care­fully pour the caramel into 6 cups or ramekins. Be care­ful when doing this because the caramel is very hot! The caramel will turn hard, set the cups aside in a deep oven proof dish until ready to use (for bak­ing in a hot water bath).
  5. Pre­heat oven to 150C/300F.
  6. Boil about 3–4 cups of water for the hot water bath — keep hot until ready to bake.
  7. Whisk eggs and yolks with about 65 grams of sugar in a medium bowl just until incorporated.
  8. Heat milk and sugar in a another pot, turn off heat just before it boils.
  9. Cool milk a lit­tle and add Choco­late, whisk until mixed together.
  10. Add hot milk into egg mix­ture lit­tle by lit­tle, whisk­ing as you add. Don’t add milk all at once — you will risk scram­bling the eggs.
  11. Once the cus­tard is ready, pour it through a sieve into a mea­sur­ing cup.
  12. Pour the cus­tard into the caramel-filled cups/ramekins.
  13. When ready to bake, place the dish in the oven, pour the hot water to fill the dish until it reaches about half of the height of the cups/ramekins.
  14. Bake for about 20–30 min­utes. When the cus­tard is cooked, it should still be a bit “jig­gly” in the center.
  15. Cool cus­tard and chill in the fridge for at least 2–3 hours before serving.
  16. To Serve:
  17. Run a tooth­pick around the cup/ramekin. Flip the cus­tard over onto a plate, give it a light shake or two and it should come out easily.
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