Surf City Lime Daiquiri

Surf City Lime Daiquiri

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"A wonderful drink passed down through my family. Enjoyed mostly during afternoon summers on Long Beach Island, NJ. The limes here are the stars, and you must pick the correct limes. Concentrate, "fresh squeezed" bottled lime juice and other store bought lime juice will not work. Stop here if that is all you have available, with all due respect. I've been in foodservice for 25 years and I actually spend time worrying about these things, and I am here to to tell you that, in moderation, these small differences matter.....moderation is subjective."
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20 m 4 servings yields 1.5 cups + ice
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Original recipe yields 4 servings



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  1. Limes should be chosen by the taste and amount of juice they provide here. Most common in your supermarket are "Peruvian" Limes. These will work if Silver limes are not readily available. Sort through the pile and select the thinnest skinned, smoothest limes that feel the most plump and resemble a ripe avocado when gently squeezed. These limes will look unappetizing in appearance but just like juicing oranges, they provide the ripest, plentiful and most balanced taste. You may also have access to other varieties of limes, perhaps Key limes are your flavor? The key is to select the juice that is the most balanced. Think green bananas and brown spotted bananas. Their fruits taste completely different and you will have to decide what you like best.
  2. The sugar is an approximation. Basically, 1 tblspn per lime, depending on its sweetness and its production. Use your favorite brand of white granulated sugar, not fine or powdered...however you may have success with any number of variants so as long as you decide on the best ingredients.
  3. Preferably, use ice crushed and cubed through a filter, or better yet, store bought ice that has been purified. The little things make a difference. Have you ever made ice cubes from bottled water? Yes....I have.
  4. Choose a hard, stable cutting surface and roll the limes under your palms. The idea is to crush the pulp inside without breaking the skin. Some lime oil will appear, don't be frightened. Halve them across the equator, and squeeze all available juice, however you wish - pulp or no pulp, your choice.
  5. Combine the total amount with 2 times rum and allotted sugar. Blend 2 minutes, reserve. Cool.
  6. For each drink: blend 3 ounces mix with 3 ounces (by volume) crushed ice for 30 seconds. Serve immediately over cubed ice.
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