Grilled Artichokes - Best way to eat Artichokes!

Grilled Artichokes - Best way to eat Artichokes!


"Easy Recipe for the non-culinary school folks who just like to eat artichokes. Boil & Grill. My wife & and I just can't eat artichokes any other way now. Read the recipe, then be sure to look at any comments for any improvement or preferable changes."
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90 m servings
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  1. Trim artichoke by taking a big knife and cutting off the stem and the top 3/4", approximately. Then trim whatever leaves are left that have thorns with scissors.
  2. Boil artichoke for at least 1 hour (longer for large artichokes). This is much longer than normal artichoke recipes. I find it just makes the artichoke that much softer & you can eat more of every leaf, without losing flavor. We find we can't easily overcook it with boiling too long.
  3. Drain. Cool 15-30 minutes (optional)
  4. Get a Vegetable Griller (see picture). If you don't have a Vegetable Griller, you can put two sheets of tin foil together, fold up the edges, and pokes some holes in the bottom with a fork. Good time to start pre-heating that Grill to 400 degrees.
  5. Remove all leaves from the artichoke. Be sure to remove inside leaves (with thorns) and the "hair" and throw away. To remove the hair, gently scoop out with a spoon by tracing the edge of the hair where it touches the heart and ONLY scooping out the hair. With light pressure and moving back and forth, the hair will dislodge from the heart if you slide the spoon in between the two.
  6. Place all leaves and the heart on the Vegetable Griller. Slice butter into 1/4" slices, and slice those in half--basically, make small bits of butter and sprinkle butter on top of artichoke leaves.
  7. Sprinkle Garlic and Lawry's Seasoning Salt on top of artichoke leaves. Place Griller, with all its goodness, on Grill. Shake it around occasionally like you are making popcorn, old-style. Be careful of flare-ups when the butter melts. Grill until edges of leaves are lightly charred, about 10 minutes. If you grill too long, the artichoke can start to toughen.
  8. Dip leaves & heart in melted butter or Ranch and enjoy.
  9. You can easily cook 2 at a time this way.


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