Salmon Chantment

Salmon Chantment

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Swiss Phil 158

"A salmon and prawn terrine that is simplicity itself. (Other fish may be used - this is not restricted just to Salmon)"
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overnight 12 servings
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  1. Wash the spinach thoroughly, then dry it off (salad spinner is easiest). In a large medium hot skillet, stirring and turning as it wilts, cook the spinach. We want it wilted but not actually starting to get watery. (About 3 mins) You may need to do this in batches. When done, squeeze as much water out as possible and then finely chop it along with the small pat of butter and some freshly ground black pepper. Spread out evenly on a chopping board to be the same size as the terrine form (use the lid as a guide). Allow to cool.
  2. Flake the salmon filet into a bowl
  3. Chop the prawns quite roughly, and add to the flaked salmon
  4. Start to prepare the gelatine by soaking the required amount
  5. Add the lemon zest and lemon juice to the fish bowl
  6. Add the cayenne and finely chopped thyme
  7. Add salt to taste (experience will dictate), I use around 3/4 teaspoon
  8. In another bowl, lightly whip the cream and then fold in the contents of the fish bowl
  9. Add the prepared fluid gelatine; remember that this will start to set, so work relatively quickly now
  10. (Optional) Line the base, the ends and the sides of the terrine with Clingfilm (Saran wrap)
  11. Line the base and sides with some of the slices of smoked salmon. You can choose to do the ends as well; definitely do this, if you have NOT used the Clingfilm
  12. Pour half the fishy mixture into the terrine
  13. Top this with the spinach layer
  14. Pour the remaining fishy mixture on top of the spinach
  15. Fold over any of the smoked salmon slices that stick up; finally completely cover with the rest of the smoked salmon slices
  16. Place lid on terrine, refrigerate (minimum 8 hrs, up to 2 days)
  17. To serve, loosen round the edges, and invert the terrine onto a serving platter. Cut finger-width slices, 1 or 2 per person. Watercress and lemon garnish is great!
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