Third Baby Food: Chicken, Sweet Potato and Spinach


"My son loves this combination! It's good for him to get the protein from the chicken and nutrients from the spinach with the tasty goodness of the sweet potatoes. (I've tried it too, it's not so bad!) Feel free to try other veggies that you have around the house too! I've used carrots or green beans with success as well. Such a time saver for busy moms and dads!"
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4 h 8 servings yields makes about 20 cubes
Serving size has been adjusted!

Original recipe yields 8 servings



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  1. Steam the sweet potatoes for 8-10 min until they soften.
  2. Meanwhile, poach chicken pieces in a pan until they are completely cooked.
  3. Add spinach to the sweet potatoes and cook until easily mashed, about 5 more min.
  4. Blend everything in blender or food processor with milk or formula and water until it's creamy.
  5. Spread in a clean ice cube tray and wrap in plastic wrap.
  6. Freeze for at least 2-3 hours or until frozen solid.
  7. Remove frozen cubes and store in a zip-top bag for up to 2 months in freezer.
  8. Heat up cubes when ready to serve in microwave (30-45 seconds). Check for hot spots before serving to your baby!
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