Mint Oreo Truffles

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"It's the same concept of the regular oreo truffles, but I use mint oreo truffles and I only use the white chocolate, turns out great every time I do it."


30 min or so. 36 servings
Serving size has been adjusted!

Original recipe yields 36 servings



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  1. Puree oreo cookies until the consistency of coffee grounds. then mix in cream cheese until the mixture turns into a paste like texture. Roll into balls about a nickle size wide. (or a quarter size if you want them to be two bites). set in freezer until they are frozen through.
  2. Melt the white chocolate down at low heat if you use gas, and stir constantly, you can't leave the chocolate alone once you start melting it. Once you have only a couple of small chunks of chocolate left in the bowl.. stop stirring. Then take out you truffles and dip with either a slotted spoon or a regular spoon.
  3. act quickly in the dipping, however the cold from the oreo balls will help the chocolate to set better.
  4. after you finish with dipping a good majority should be dry already. then add either dark chocolate drizzle on the top or whatever you desire. ^_^ Enjoy!
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