Real Fig Perserves

Real Fig Perserves

Delanna 1

"Figs are naturally sweet and very flavorful, however, the taste should not be bland. It's okay to spice it up a little."


2 d 45 servings yields 4 or 10 jars full (depends on jars used)
Serving size has been adjusted!

Original recipe yields 45 servings



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  1. Clean figs with baking soda and water and rinse well, and add to a pot that can hold up to 7 cups of liquid.
  2. Add all other ingredients to the pot except salt.
  3. Put the pot on medium high heat and let simmer constantly stirring so that figs do not stick to the bottom.
  4. In the meantime, boil some water in a pot and start sterilizing the jars, lids, and bands. (make sure you have a lifted metal liner at the bottom of the pan).
  5. Jars should take about 10 mins, lids and bands about 5 mins. Place on a napkin to dry upside down, DO NOT TOUCH THE INSIDE OF ANYTHING STERILIZED!(use tongs to grab)
  6. Figs will take abut an hour to cook, however do not leave unattended.When the mixture is thick and figs are coated and brownish in color they are done.
  7. Taste the mixture, and if it is too sweet add more salt, butter, and lemon juice.
  8. Pour the mixture carefully into the jars.
  9. Wipe off anything that landed on the rim of jar.
  10. Place the lid on the jar.
  11. Tightly screw the band on jar to secure the lid.
  12. Place in boiling hot water with liner at the bottom and boil for 15 minutes to completely seal the jar. (You don't have to use last step if you will eat them completely within a month)
  13. Now store in a cooled area, wait at least 2 days before opening.
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