Artichokes with garlic balsalmic marinade (Healthy AND tasty!)

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"This was my attempt at recreating my favorite healthy appetizer at my all time favorite unhealthy BBQ place! The balsamic marinade is so good, there is no need for butter or aioli! It's sweet and smoky, a perfect accompaniment to any meal! This is a work in progress as I feel I can still improve on the recipe, but it's good enough to warrant posting now! Suggestions encouraged!"
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30 4 servings
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  1. Wash artichokes and cut 1 inch off the tops and trim the very bottom of the stem, trim sharp points and smaller leaves near the stem if desired.
  2. Using a steamer insert or steamer pot bring enough water to a boil to accommodate steamer/insert.
  3. Cut each artichoke in half and spoon out the furry insides and fine leaves with a spoon. Immediately coat cut/spooned portions with lemon juice to prevent browning (if desired).
  4. Place halves in steamer cut side down, put lid on, and let steam for 10 mins. Remove from heat (without lid).
  5. Heat olive oil, liquid smoke, and balsamic vinegar in large frying pan on medium heat.
  6. Finely dice garlic cloves and add to pan once vinegar begins to bubble. Add salt and pepper and cook until garlic begins to soften. Remove from heat.
  7. Preheat broiler to low setting.
  8. Take artichoke halves and add to pan, flipping and coating in the marinade until well coated.
  9. Take a foil covered cookie sheet and place a cookie cooler grate over it (alternatively, you can substitute an outdoor grill) This is just my quick and easy grill alternative.
  10. Place artichokes cut side up on grill/grate and pour remaining marinade inside cups made by scooped out fuzz.
  11. Broil/grill for 5 minutes but watch carefully as leaves can get charred very quickly.
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