"Great pasta course. The sauce works great with fish, crab, shrimp, and lobster. The stock is very easy to prepare and makes a HUGE difference in the taste of the finished product."
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  1. 1. Over medium heat, sauté shrimp pieces for one to two minutes until almost cooked through. Remove and set aside.
  2. 2. Turn heat on under plenty (way more than you think you need) of water in a large pot to begin bringing to a boil.
  3. 3. Add one tablespoon of the butter to the pan along with the shallots.
  4. 4. When the shallots have just begun to sweat, add the garlic, lemon zest, salt, and pepper. Cook for thirty seconds until the garlic becomes fragrant. Do not overcook the garlic.
  5. 5. Add the white wine to the pan and scrape up all the browned shrimp bits from the bottom. Bring to a boil and reduce the wine by half.
  6. 6. Add the shrimp stock to the pan. Bring to a boil and reduce by half.
  7. 7. Water should be at a boil by now. Add plenty of salt (again way more than you think you need-the water should taste almost as salty as sea water) just before adding the ravioli. Cook per package instructions-usually 3-4 minutes for fresh pasta.
  8. 8. Add the diced tomatoes and cream to the pan and heat through. Add the shrimp back in and continue cooking until sauce is at desired consistency.
  9. 9. Taste the sauce at this point and season to taste with salt and pepper. If the sauce is missing something or if it is not as flavorful as you had hoped, it is likely missing salt. Add the salt little by little until seasoned appropriately. If you accidentally over season, add a little liquid (i.e. white wine, stock, or pasta water) to even out the sauce.
  10. 10. Remove the ravioli from the pot of boiling water and drain. Fold the ravioli into the completed sauce.
  11. 11. Place four ravioli onto each of four pasta bowls or plates and top with sauce.
  12. 12. Finish the plate by adding some fresh parsley, freshly grated lemon zest, or a gremolatta.
  13. Shrimp stock
  14. 1. Combine all ingredients in a stock pot.
  15. 2. Cover with water and bring to a boil
  16. 3. Reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, for one hour. Scrape the top of the simmering liquid every now and again to remove impurities that have risen to the surface.
  17. 4. After simmer is finished, strain liquid into storage container. Use immediately, store in the refrigerator for up to seven days, or freeze in ice cube trays for future use.


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