Buffalo Tofu "Wings"

LucyDelRey 86

"These make delicious appetizers or a great sandwich filling. They won't fool anyone but they are satisfying and delicious!! When feeding to young children, simply omit the hot sauce at the end. They make yummy "chicken" fingers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do."


0 4 servings yields 12
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  1. Slice tofu block into 6 slices. Lay flat onto a clean kitchen towel on counter. Fold towel over so the slices are completely covered. Lay cookie sheet over and place a weight over them. I use several dinner plates. This is the easiest method for pressing the tofu. Meanwhile, combine the dry ingredients into a shallow bowl. After the tofu has pressed for 30 minutes, cut each slice in half. You should have 12 "wings". Dip each slice in soymilk and then the breading mixture and set on a plate. When they are coated, place them in a hot frying pan with the canola oil. Fry until all sides are crispy. Pour in the margarine and hot sauce mixture into the frying pan. Serve with a vegan dressing.
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