Raspberry Coffee Cake

Raspberry Coffee Cake

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"A family favorite since I was a little tike. It's always a HUGE hit when I make it."
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2 h 40 servings
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Original recipe yields 40 servings



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  1. In a large mixing bowl, cut cream cheese and butter into bisquick until small peas of stickiness are formed (like you would with pie crust)
  2. add enough milk (8-12 tblsp) to turn the bisquick mixture into a moist sticky ball of dough.
  3. split dough mixture in half, roll each half between wax paper until you have two 9x13 rectangles of dough.
  4. place each rectangle onto a seperate piece of aluminum foil
  5. while looking at your 9x13 in landscape mode, mark a feint line 1/3rd of the way from the top. Then again 1/3rd of the way from the bottom
  6. Cover the middle 1/3rd of each with raspberry jam
  7. Once the raspberry jam is on the pastry, slice the top and bottom 1/3rds into 1in strips
  8. fold all the strips from the top down over the top of the jam. Repeat with the strips on the bottom, making sure to fold the ends of the strips over one another so that it seals.
  9. roll up sides of aluminum foil to make a spill barrier in case you used a runny jam.
  10. Slide aluminum foil onto a plain cookie sheet.
  11. bake in 350-375 degree oven for 15-30 minutes.
  12. You will know it's done when the pastry portion is cooked all the way through (you could test with a toothpick)
  13. Remove from oven and cool for 15-30 minutes
  14. After it has cooled a bit, add vanilla extract to 2 cups of powdered sugar. Add milk in 1 tablespoon increments until you have a slightly gooey frosting.
  15. Drizzle frosting onto slightly warm pastries and continue cooling.
  16. Once cooled to lukewarm, cut and serve.
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I've found that the milk can be replaced with heavy cream in both the pastry and the icing. It adds a little bit of loft and richness to both.