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Be an Allrecipes Allstar!

Is your idea of fun finding the newest recipes? Telling everyone you know exactly how you made "The World's Best Lasagna" even better? Then you are a super-fan, and joining the Allrecipes Allstars is for you!

What Makes an Allstar?

The Allrecipes Allstars are members who love to tell everyone about their favorite website. They're always cooking, rating, and reviewing recipes, posting photos, and telling everyone about it on The Buzz, Facebook, and Twitter. Have a blog, too? That’s another great place to show your love for great recipes, great food, and a great website.

    Allstar Bonus

    What do you get when you become an Allrecipes Allstar?

    • Get a sneak peek at Allrecipes’ newest features, promotions, and products.
    • Tell Allrecipes what you think. Consider this your chance to turn on that megaphone and be heard.
    • Be part of a team. Engage with other Allstars around the country who love to talk about their passion for the Allrecipes community as much as you do.

    Don't forget the swag, either. The Allstars get:

    • A free Supporting Membership. Use all the extra features available to Supporting Members--no charge!
    • Promotional items. We’ve got swag, and it’s got to go somewhere, right? Who better than an Allstar to show it off?

      Aug. 18, 2011 11:55 am
      I've loved being an "AllStar"!
      Aug. 18, 2011 11:58 am
      I'm fortunate enough to be one of the current Allstars. I've found it to be an amazing perk to my love of cooking. I only wish that I could join the Allrecipes team permanently!
      Aug. 18, 2011 12:00 pm
      Being an AllStar is tons of fun! We've been trying many new recipes in our house, and are exploring features of allrecipes that we hadn't before. This program is "win-win!"
      Aug. 18, 2011 12:02 pm
      I absolutely love being an Allstar!! I've been able to try so many new recipes and have had a blast! Plus I have had the great fortune to talk to some of the warmest and funniest people from my region...we're like a family! I can't wait to see what's in store for us in September!
      Aug. 18, 2011 12:07 pm
      I love being an AllStar! Allrecipes gave me even more reasons to cook and share! Plus I got to meet wonderful cooks from all over!
      Aug. 18, 2011 12:31 pm
      Being an Alreipes Allstar, has been a ton of fun! Love trying new recipes and being able to meet new Allrecipes staff and members :)
      Aug. 18, 2011 12:32 pm
      Dang *Allrecipes* hehehe
      Aug. 18, 2011 12:35 pm
      It's fun! ... I enjoy cooking something new, taking a picture and providing a review. I find it relaxing and it takes my mind off of other things. I have found some really nice recipes when being challenged to do so.
      Aug. 18, 2011 12:51 pm
      I have loved being an Allrecipes Allstar! The Allrecipes site and being an Allstar has greatly improved my cooking abilities and expanded my palate! Thank you Allrecipes, thank you cooks and thank you to the lifelong friends I've made along the way by being involved in this wonderful "cooks community!"
      Aug. 18, 2011 12:55 pm
      HI guys, I really enjoy being an Allrecipes Allstar. I received, as a gift from AR, an insulated bag with the AR logo on the side. It's not big, just about lunch bag size, but since I am retired and have no need for a lunch bag, I take it with me when I go shopping and have been asked several times about what "" means. And, then I get to brag on how great AR is and how much fun and how helpfull it is to be a Buzzer. I have also found and tried some new recipes I doubt I would have otherwise found. And, I was honored to be among the group of the first Allrecipes Allstars.
      Aug. 18, 2011 1:33 pm
      It was an honour being chosen for the Allrecipes Allstar Program! If you love to try new recipes...and rate recipes...and photograph recipes...then you will love being in this program! Also the chance to win a monthly prize is a nice perk too!
      Aug. 18, 2011 2:14 pm
      Being an Allstar is great! I've tried lots of new recipes I wouldn't have otherwise. It's an honor to be in the first group of Allstars!
      Aug. 18, 2011 2:37 pm
      Being a part of Allrecipes just keeps getting better and better - and being part of the first group of Allstars is just another example! Not only have I tried recipes I probably wouldn't have tried, but got to "meet" some great people. It's been a lot of fun! Having a chance to win a monthly prize isn't bad either - LOL!
      Aug. 18, 2011 3:30 pm
      I LOVE being an Allrecipes Allstar! It really gives me a chance to try new things and be a part of an AMAZING website, doing what I already love to do! I was truely honored to be asked to be in the first group of Allstars, and I am really having a great time! THANK YOU, ALLRECIPES!!!!! :)
      Aug. 18, 2011 3:35 pm
      I joined Allrecipes in 2003, I was still pretty new in the kitchen, and on one of my many recipe searches I cam across I've tried over 900 recipes to date, and I always come to this site first when I'm in the need of a new and trusted dish. I now Love being a allrecipe allstar! This has been so much fun! I'm now in the process of adding the recipes I've tested onto my blog. This program has allowed me to try so many new recipes, that I would have honestly just looked over. The experience has been very enjoyable. I've met other amazing cooks whom I may now call friends. Thank you Allrecipes for this amazing opportunity!
      Aug. 18, 2011 3:37 pm
      I have grown as a cook through the friendships I have forged and advise that I have received from our fellow cooks on "the Buzz". The tools, videos and all of the Ar resources have been invaluable to me. Long before I was asked to be an AR All Star, I have been sharing this golden find we call Allrecipes with everyone I know. IMHO the best form of advertising is a happy customer, in our case, a happy cook! Since I live in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains, I can totally shout from the mountain top how much I love Allrecipes! And I do! (excerpt from my AR profile. Says it all!)
      Aug. 18, 2011 3:50 pm
      I am currently an AllRecipes Allstar and I have enjoyed the program and making new recipes that I wouldn't have otherwise considered! AllRecipes is a mainstay in my life.
      Aug. 18, 2011 3:56 pm
      Love being an Allrecipes Allstar! I've learned so many new things about this site. The various activities each month have pushed me to try new things and I love it. Its a pleasure to be apart of this wonderful group! Thanks AR! :)
      Aug. 18, 2011 4:01 pm
      Being an Allstar has been a wonderful opportunity to "meet up" with my AR friends on a different level. It is nice, too, to be able to have the phone conferences to hear voices of some of the regulars. Thanks, AR, for making this all happen!
      Aug. 18, 2011 4:22 pm
      You can't fully enjoy and not have the potential of being an Allstar. All you need is a whole lot of curiosity about how to make good tasting food, the willingness to try new recipes you might otherwise overlook, a digital camera, and an opinion. It's great fun, and — speaking solely for me — has added to my "routine recipe" box in a way I hadn't anticipated. There really are some fabulous recipes on this site which haven't yet gotten the focus they deserve. That's what the Allstars are for: to give that focus. It's fascinating as much as it is enjoyable.
      Aug. 18, 2011 5:23 pm
      I LOVE being an Allstar! It's introduced me to some new recipes I may not have found otherwise, and it's given me the opportunity to continue one of my favorite hobbies: photographing food. Allrecipes has been my got-to recipe site for more than 10 years, and I feel as though it's transformed me into the cook I am today ; )
      Aug. 18, 2011 5:37 pm
      I love being an Allstar! I realized I've been visiting the site for at least 10 years, but didn't join until a few years later! This is my go to site while my cookbooks just sit and gather dust!
      Aug. 18, 2011 6:19 pm
      It's been quite groovy being all Allstar :D
      Aug. 18, 2011 6:52 pm
      What a privilege to be able to be one of the first group of Allrecipes Allstars.
      Aug. 18, 2011 7:38 pm
      I have loved being an AllStar, it really gives me incentive to try new recipes and experience new fun that AP has to offer on the website that I probably wouldn't have explored I have learned more about food styling and photography!
      Aug. 18, 2011 8:01 pm
      I love being an AllStar too! I tell people all the time that I couldn't even boil water before I found AR and that everything I know about food/cooking and the enthusiasm for it has come from this site. I love AR so being an AllStar is awesome :)
      Aug. 18, 2011 9:08 pm
      I love being an Allstar! It's a lot of fun and almost makes a game out of surfing AR for new recipes. And the community element is great! I hope to do it again next round!
      Aug. 19, 2011 1:12 am
      Aloha all! Like so many others here, I love being an Allrecipes Allstar. This honor has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and try some new recipes. It has also taught me alot about food photography......though I still have much to learn in that department.
      Aug. 19, 2011 9:32 am
      It was an honor to be asked to be an AR Allstar. of course they had to ask just as I embarked on my DIE-t. it has still worked out well as I have enjoyed finding, trying, reviewing & photographing new recipes. Thanks AR.
      Aug. 19, 2011 9:48 am
      I am two months into the Allrecipes All-Stars program, and as soon as I finish the current monthly activities, I am looking forward to the next month's activities! I too love being an Allrecipes Allstar!
      Aug. 19, 2011 10:11 am
      I love that you have a community to "go to" with all your cooking questions! It's a great way to share ideas and tips and learn something new!
      Aug. 19, 2011 10:55 am
      My time as an Allstar has been a blast. One of the best parts has been connecting with the other Allstars across the country. I'm so inspired by their amazing photos and insights. I've enjoyed the opportunity to share my ideas and thoughts about the Allrecipes site with their fantastic team. Thanks AR!!!
      Aug. 19, 2011 2:47 pm
      This was so much fun! I really enjoy all the ladies who are in this with me. Cook on ladies, cook on!
      Aug. 19, 2011 6:14 pm
      Being part of the All Stars crew has been a great experience. It's really gotten me out of my rut and into trying new recipes. I'm having a lot of fun posting pictures and doing the activities. And it's been great meeting other AllStars - everyone's so friendly and have great ideas!
      Aug. 19, 2011 6:57 pm
      WEST COAST!!! Ha- my ALLSTAR GROUP is hysterical. I love them and I wouldn't have gotten to know them so well if not for this experience. THANK YOU ALLRECIPES! Not only do you make this a ton of fun, you have connected a great group of people! XOXO.
      Aug. 21, 2011 2:50 pm
      Being part of the West Coast Allstars has been really fun...I really like the conference calls and I like how this is teaching me to really navigate the AR site, not to mention, making new friends!!
      Aug. 23, 2011 10:23 am
      I can only echo all the above compliments for the AR Ambassador program. I am done with August's assignments and am eager to find out what we are going to be doing next month! By participating in this program I have unearthed some hidden recipe gems - Thank you AR for the honor of being a AllRecipes Allstar. :)
      Aug. 23, 2011 7:06 pm
      I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the first Allstars group! It has been a lot of fun trying new recipes and meeting other Allstars. The Allrecipe's crew is great!
      Aug. 26, 2011 12:29 pm
      Love being an AllStar, was very honored to be picked for the pilot program, encourage everyone to submit! Meeting the AR group and the other ladies has been great!!!
      Aug. 28, 2011 3:52 am
      Thank-you for having me as the Charter Group! I LOVE BEING AN AR ALLSTAR! XOXO
      Aug. 30, 2011 6:07 pm
      I was honored to be asked to be part of the first "Allrecipes' Allstars". It is such a wonderful group of people who share the same love of cooking. I am so happy I chose to participate.
      Oct. 27, 2011 2:04 pm
      Being a current AllStar has been GREAT!! Not to mention all the wonderful people you get to meet across the us and try all the new types of food you get to cook.....
      Dec. 26, 2011 8:04 pm
      So excited to start my AR Allstars stint! Especially after reading how much you all enjoy it.
      Jan. 19, 2012 9:15 am
      Round 2 as an Allstar. This has been a blast!
      Jan. 19, 2012 10:20 am
      It was great being part of the inaugural Allstar group. Looking forward to another fun-filled year!
      Jan. 19, 2012 12:28 pm
      I'm very excited about being a part of this, it was great talking to everyone this morning!
      Jan. 21, 2012 6:26 am
      I have been a member for 11 or 12 years and I am and was one of the first Allstars. I have shelves of cookbooks but in the end I always end up finding my needed recipe on Allrecipe's website. I can't express enough how much I love this site and the great Allstars involved. Huge kudos! Jesse Crum
      Feb. 1, 2012 6:13 pm
      I just started with my first month down-truly fun!! "Meeting" some of the AR members, getting info, putting voices, faces and names together!! Ivory really rocks!! I can't wait for the next adventure!!
      Apr. 19, 2012 5:14 pm
      Being an Allstar has been amazing! I love the monthly suprises, the fact that I have incentive to make recipes I normally wouldnt and finding lots od great new staple recipes! I feel blessed!
      Apr. 19, 2012 5:34 pm
      I love being an Allstar and being a part of the community. I look forward to each month. It has made cooking even more fun for me. My husband is enjoying all my cooking too!
      Jul. 29, 2012 9:34 pm
      I've been an Allstar now since Jan. of 2012 and am having a ball doing the projects each month! I just returned from Seattle where I got to meet many of the other Allstars as well as those employed at the AR headquarters. What a blast! I consider it an honor to represent Allrecipes and spread the word that this is a place where home cooks can find great recipes and instruction through articles and videos.
      Aug. 18, 2012 9:39 am
      I just got my acceptance as an Allstar for Round 3. I am SO excited! I can't wait to see what all comes from it and let everyone know what I think :)
      Aug. 22, 2012 3:22 pm
      I love being an Allstar too! I originally started coming to the site looking for new recipes for the restaurant I cooked at & just couldn't stop coming here to look & prepare the recipes. That was 11 years ago & I'm still here! I have only been in the Allstars Program for the past year, but enjoy it so much. We all interact & share recipes & photos, etc. a lot of us on here just love to take pictures of food & share them. Love the swag gifts too!
      Oct. 5, 2012 7:38 am
      Newbie Allstar here. 2nd month in and I am enjoying every minute. Allrecipes has given me the opportunity to talk to cooks from all over the world and just getting to share ideas of not only cooking but all aspects of life is rewarding on its own. I'm breaking out of my comfort zone of cooking and finding out all these years of cooking were preparing me for this. I hope I am up to the challenge. Thanks for letting me try.
      Dec. 24, 2012 4:37 pm
      Being an Allstar is a whole lot of somethin' goin' on! Never a dull moment & a whole lot of fun!
      Jan. 10, 2013 9:55 am
      I have really enjoyed being an Allstar and it has truly been an honor to represent a website I believe in! I have met some amazing people and the program has helped me step outside of my cooking comfort zone and try so many new things!
      May 22, 2014 2:39 pm
      Hello everyone ;) I am so excited to get started! I can't wait to try new and delishious recipes!
      Aug. 6, 2014 10:26 am
      I love being an AllStar!! :)
      Sep. 30, 2014 3:22 pm
      I love being an Allstar. It has helped me to be a better cook and all the perks are a bonus. My husband loves it too as he gets to enjoy some amazing dishes.
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