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Basic Biscuits

Reviewed: Dec. 17, 2010
Had these biscuits tonight with friends. I made 2 batches and the first one didn't rise hardly at all and suspected my baking powder was the problem so I added an extra heaping teaspoon of fresh baking powder in the 2nd batch that I already had assembled and waiting for the milk. The 2nd batch rose a lot more than the first so I feel that the next time when I use the full tablespoon of fresh BP the biscuits will rise even better. I wonder if this could be the main problem with other reviewers that didn't have good lift in their biscuits. My BP was in what I thought was a very tightly closed container and didn't even think it wouldn't work. Live and learn! UPDATE 12/25. Made 3 double batches this morning. I made them per the recipe and found that 3/4" thick on the bread board made a nicer looking biscuit than patting out to 1/2". My dough was quite moist and used a spatula to get it on to the WELL floured board. Put a bit of flour on my hands and a bit on the top of the dough and just patted it out about half way to what I wanted and then flipped it over onto more flour and patted to thickness I liked. Used a 3 1/2" cutter and got about 11 nice biscuits. Don't twist the cutter when you press it down. I did once just to see if it did make a difference, and yes it did, it sealed the edge and didn't let the biscuit rise hardly at all. Also clean the cutter in between batches. The hardening dough will "crimp" the edge like twisting the cutter. All in all a great, simple recipe!
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Black-eyed Peas and Ham Hocks

Reviewed: Oct. 9, 2009
Made this tonight. I read the reviews and made a few changes and saved them in a custom recipe file. This is what I added and the quantities: 8 cups water 1 pound dry black-eyed peas 1 1/2 pound smoked ham shanks salt to taste 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 2 bay leaves 1 medium onion minced 2 cloves garlic minced 1 tsp of Cajun spice 2 carrots chopped 2 Tbs cooking oil 1/4 tsp Tabasco sauce Cooked for about 3 hours. It tasted so good! Went along great with the cornbread made from this site. I'll be making this for sure on New Years day!
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Flaky Food Processor Pie Crust

Reviewed: Nov. 11, 2011
Finally I got a flaky pie crust! Followed the recipe almost to the letter. I put the flour, salt, and cubed fats into a bowl and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours while I took care of other stuff. When it came out of the food Processor, I put into a bowl lined with plastic wrap (idea from another reviewer, thanks!) and formed it into a ball and into the fridge for about an hour. Rolled it out between two sheets of wax paper. Easiest pie crust I've worked with but you need to keep it very cold. **UPDATE** I made this pie crust again today but didn't bake it. I just put the flour, salt, and fats into a zip lock bag and put several into the freezer. This being the beginning of the "pie" season, all I have to do now is get the frozen ingredients out of the freezer and throw it into the food processor! Almost an "instant" pie crust! Just can't say enough good things about this recipe!
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Sunset Sangria

Reviewed: Nov. 25, 2011
I've never made a sangria before and didn't know what it should really taste like. I did the recipe as close as I could to begin with except I used Zinfandel instead of Rose' because I couldn't find any in 4 stores here in Hawai'i. After the initial double recipe was made I knew it wasn't going to be enough, so I add 1/2 bottle of leftover Merlot, 1 bottle of Chardonnay, another 1/2 cup of vodka, and 2 extra cups of pineapple juice. The party was BYOB, but the punch bowl was empty before the party was over! Was asked several time where the recipe came from.
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Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake

Reviewed: Nov. 14, 2011
OK, I made some changes but I don't think it would have changed the out come of this wonderful cheesecake. First I doubled the whole recipe so I could make a larger dessert. Used a 9" spring pan with a graham cracker crust made with 1 1/2c crushed crackers, 1/2c butter, and 1/2c white sugar. I didn't pre-bake the crust and just put the filling right in on top. I baked it at 325 for one hour with out a water bath. When the 1 hour was up, I added the double topping mixture and baked for five more minutes to set the topping and melt the sugar. Turned the oven off and run a knife around the edge of the pan a put back in the oven to cool and set for 5 hours. Put in the fridge over night and enjoyed the most wonderful flavors this evening at a party. The pumpkin butter was so good here. There were no leftovers! BTW. I got the baking idea (cooling in the oven) from another cheesecake recipe on this site and used it because of the good success of cheesecakes with out the usual cracks in the top and no water bath to mess with.
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Sweet Restaurant Slaw

Reviewed: Jul. 24, 2011
Just finished making a double recipe of slaw for 2 parties today. (gota love being retired in Hawaii!!) Tasted it before the rest in the fridge and I'm here to say this is one "broke da mout" "Ono" slaw! The onions do add a wonderful layer of flavor to this recipe that I wouldn't have thought to try. If you make this for a party, you may as well double it, because it won't last long. What I did for a double recipe: 1) 3# Head of cabbage, 4+TBS) onions, 1 1/3cups) Mayo, 5 TBS) vegetable oil, 2/3cups) sugar, 4TBS) white vinegar, 1/2 tsp) Salt, and 1 tsp) poppy seeds. I tasted my store bought (Kraft) stand by to compare, and found that this recipe wasn't quite as sweet as what I've been using. I always like the KFC slaw but now, It's this or nothing for this guy! ****UPDATE**** Next time I make this I'm not going to add the wet ingredients to the slaw until just before I leave for a function. As I mentioned above, the flavor was very good when I first added the dressing. After two hours the dressing broke the cabbage down to the point that it was swimming in juice. Didn't look real appetizing at all but still tasted good. I noticed a couple people poke at the juice in the bowl and walk away. Still keeping it at 5 stars though!*****UPDATE 9/12) Made this salad again today. I used less of the sauce on this salad and still there was more than enough to make a great slaw. Next time I'm going to cut the dressing in half. I'm sure it will still be a 5 star recipe with less waste!
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Potato Potluck Dish

Reviewed: Jul. 18, 2011
Gave this recipe 5 stars for such a good base to start from. Read lots of the reviews and came up with the changes listed: 2 1/2 pounds potatoes, diced , 1 onion thinly sliced, 2 teaspoons onion powder, 2 teaspoons minced garlic, 1 TBS rosemary, 2 cups sour cream, 2 1/2 cups condensed cream of chicken soup, 2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese, 2/3 cup shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese(for the top), The extra sharp cheddar cheese on top gave it a very nice look and a lot more flavor than mozzarella would. This is so good that if you needed a quick main dish all you need to do is at the meat/chicken of your choice to the dish and you'll have a happy family!
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World's Best Scones! From Scotland to the Savoy to the U.S.

Reviewed: Apr. 5, 2010
First time making scones and I think I used the right recipe! Made 4 batches yesterday morning for beach day and potluck here on the big island. Made 2 batches of sweet and 2 of savory. I did make some changes due to what I read in the reviews. For both I cut back 1 t of the baking powder and used 6T of butter. I also put the dough on my floured bread board and formed into a 3/4" thick round patty using my floured hands (the dough is very sticky!) and used my bench knife to cut the rounds into 8 pie shaped wedges. I sprayed Pam on my bench scraper to help keep the dough from sticking and deforming the scones. I then used a thin spatula to transfer the wedges to a baking sheet lightly sprayed with Pam. For the sweet scones I brushed on milk and sprinkled cinnamon/sugar on top for the plain ones and just sugar on top of the blueberry. The savory I left out the sugar, added herbs of choice, 1/2c each of finely dice ham and grated sharp cheddar. Did an egg wash and added more cheddar on top. They turned out soooo good! I wish I had realized how easy scones could be! Out of the 32 taken to the beach, zero came home and there was only about 12 people there!!
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Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Reviewed: Aug. 31, 2009
What a wonderful recipe! I followed the recipe pretty close but did add some finely chopped calamata olives to the mix. After I basted the chicken with the butter I dusted the top with coarsely crushed salad croutons. As this was going to a large group, I cut each breast on a bias into 5 pieces and plated on a bed of lettuce. Looked great and tasted even better! I'm getting into this cooking thing!!
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Lightning Gravy

Reviewed: Nov. 8, 2011
Nice gravy. I read many of the reviews and did make some changes because of those reviews. I used chicken stock instead of water with 6 tsp of the granulated chicken bouillon. I thought it was a little salty (should have used the unsalted chicken broth) but the people at the party liked it a lot. I also add a generous dose of black pepper and a dash of sage. flavor was nice but I think next time I'll use the unsalted chicken broth and try flour instead of corn starch. Maybe it would look more like chicken gravy then. Would I make this gravy again?? You betcha! It only took as long to make as boiling water!! I don't think it took more than maybe 10-12 minutes to make 4 cup of great tasting gravy. Oh, I did this on the stove top as it was easier than fiddling with the microwave and worrying about a boil over to clean up.
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Apple Crisp II

Reviewed: Oct. 25, 2011
First let me thank Diane for a great recipe. A truly wonderful dessert. I paired this with the "Rum sauce" from AR and got outstanding praises at the potluck I took it to on Sunday. I did read the reviews and did make some changes. I think the recipe as written would still be a 5 star Plus but the changes made just made it even better. Now the changes I made. First I doubled the topping. and put about half on the bottom of one of my lasagna pans and the rest on top. Another change I did was cut up all the apples with the Cuisinart and put them in a bowl with the sugar, flour, cinnamon mixture WITHOUT the water. The apples made more than enough liquid for this crisp. When I looked at the apples in the bowl and compared them to the pan I added more apples. I think I ended up using about 10 medium granny smiths that were peeled. The last change I made was to the ingredients to the topping. I added 1 1/2c of finely chopped pecans and mixed that in before adding the butter. My oven is pretty much dead on the mark as far as temperature goes and baked for the 45 minutes called for. I checked it and added about 5 more minutes to compensate for the extra apples (made it a bit thicker in the lasagna pan) and also wanted to be sure the topping was starting to brown to get the desired "crunch"! Watch it close or it will burn quickly at that point. I was asked to make this again for Thanksgiving. Oh, the Rum Sauce.... caught a couple of ladies going after JUST the sauce!!
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Maja Blanca (Coconut Pudding)

Reviewed: Aug. 29, 2011
Nice recipe. I made this as a double recipe for a large group. Did read the reviews and made some changes. I used milk instead of water and cutback 25% on the sugar (1/4c on a bubble recipe) At the party I presented this at was a man from the Philippines, and he said this was just about what his mother made back home. Nice compliment! He also said that quite often his mom would add a little coarse sugar to the top. He also like the creamier texture from using milk rather than the water. Next time I will use the full amount of the sugar as I felt that for a dessert it just needed a little more. Also I would use a bit more coconut on top and add some coconut extract to the mixture. Very quick and easy dessert to make. One other thing I would like to try with this recipe, leave out the corn and coconut topping and add some raspberries with a raspberry puree drizzled on top! Yummy sounding??!!
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Candied Yams

Reviewed: Dec. 25, 2010
Very easy recipe to do! I doubled it with 2 large cans of yams in a 9x13 glass dish. Doubled the rest of the ingredients and added about 1 heaping teaspoon of Cinnamon just a dash of allspice. Wonderful flavor and enjoyed by many!
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Flan Mexicano (Mexican Flan)

Reviewed: Jul. 11, 2011
This is a very nice recipe. Made it exactly as written and it came together perfectly. The next time I make this flan I will us about 1/4c less sugar in the caramel sauce because as another poster experienced too, not all the sugar liquefied during the bake. I don't know how big a flan pan is, and I didn't think all of the mixture would go into any of my pie pans, so I used one of my 9" cake pans. Seems to work out pretty good too.
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Uncle Bill's Chicken Strips

Reviewed: Jun. 27, 2011
OK, I screwed up! But, they still turned out great. I ended up making chicken strips "Local" style. That is, here on the Big Island you don't see chicken breast served that much. It is usually thighs and legs! So when I went to the store to get the chicken I bought boneless thighs instead of breasts! LOL! The spices were right on and the meat was so juicy and tender! served them up with Uncle Bills Sweet and Sour sauce from this site. Great combination. I may even try it with the white meat next time! A Hui Ho!!
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Kalbi (Marinated Beef Short Ribs)

Reviewed: Nov. 22, 2010
I used the marinade for some Korean style spare ribs and then put on the BBQ. My guests really liked the flavor and took the recipe with them. There is nothing I would change in this recipe. BUT, if you were so inclined, you could add hot spices to this to kick it up a notch or two! I'm not into heat but some of you I'm sure are! Aloha!
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Cracked Wheat Bread I

Reviewed: Jun. 21, 2010
Nice recipe. The people I bake bread for gave it 5 stars. I made a few changes that were mentioned in the reviews. Butter instead of margarine, 2 cups of bread flour, 1 cup whole wheat flour, and just a bit more cracked wheat. I did make one mistake and that was I soaked the cracked wheat in water that wasn't part of the bake so the hydration of the loaf was a bit wetter and had to add a bit more flour to compensate for that. Next time I'll read the directions a little better!!
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Flan de Coco (Coconut Flan)

Reviewed: May 5, 2010
First time making Flan fun, making Flan the first time for others to enjoy, nerve racking! Smiles on guest faces and compliments... Priceless! I read through the reviews first. I'm glad I did. Adding the 1/2c sugar to the custard would have been way too much! As is was the flan was quite sweet. When I made the caramel I had started the oven and put the pan that the flan was going to be assembled in on the oven vent to get hot. When the sugar was melted to the color I wanted, I poured it into the hot pan and tipped it to evenly spread the mixture and set aside to cool. I made two versions of the flan. One with condensed milk and evaporated milk for a plain flan and topped it with some dark chocolate peels and a raspberry sauce. Flan 2, I used the condensed milk and coconut milk, with the shredded coconut in the mix and then topped it with toasted coconut peels. Several people asked for the recipes and couldn't believe I've never made flan before! Had to admit that I was so nervous when it was time to turn the flan out onto the serving plates with so many people watching! I thought for sure the caramel was going to stick to the pan!! But all the Oooo's and Ahaaaa's said it all though! Thanks for a great recipe to work with!
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Burger or Hot Dog Buns

Reviewed: Mar. 17, 2010
Nice recipe! I made one batch of Hamburger buns and a batch of hot dog buns. The hamburger buns were "prettier" than the hot dog buns but all tasted good! Will make them again! ***UPDATE*** I made this recipe again today. I needed hoagie rolls to put BBQ beef on. I just dropped the risen dough out of the bowl on to the floured bread board and just lightly flattened it out and left it in it's round shape. I cut it into 8 pieces like cutting a pie. I rolled up each "wedge" from the small end to the big end, and at the same time was pulling tension on the doughs surface. I let these roll up sit and rest for about 5 minutes and then rolled them out the length I wanted (about 9") I covered them with plastic wrap sprayed with Pam and let them proof about a half hour. Brushed them with an egg was and sprinkled sesame seeds on top and then made 4 diagonal slashes on each bun. Baked on a stone at 375* for about 12 minutes. 16 buns (double batch) and 7 adults for dinner, only 4 buns left over! Very good sandwich rolls! Sorry for the long review, but they were good!!
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Green Punch

Reviewed: Mar. 24, 2012
This is a great punch ***IF*** you cut back on, or cut out the sugar. I made this for two different parties this last weekend. First one I made as written but used only one cup sugar per some of the review. It was way too sweet and I couldn't fathom ever using two cups! People liked it and none was left but again, not for me. For the second party I made per the recipe and left out all the sugar and it was fantastic! I would have given this recipe 5 stars if it didn't call for the sugar. In each batch I used about 1 and 1/2 bottles of rum.
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