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Lemon Lush

Reviewed: Dec. 18, 2009
I have this same recipe and the lemon cheese cake is a definite show stopper. Except one thing, for the bottom crust I use 1 1/2 cups chopped pecans or walnuts and 1 cup flour and 1 stick of butter. The rest is all the same and it is fantastic. I call a recipe like this, an Impressor. Guaranteed to impress.
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Pineapple Pie V

Reviewed: Oct. 24, 2009
This pie is very good. Not wanting to waste pineapple and not having a small can of crushed pineapple, I used a 15oz can of crushed pineapple. It had a great flavor and we didn't notice a big lemon flavor. Maybe that was because of the extra pineapple. I love pineapple and pineapple pie and to me this is a keeper recipe. it goes together quickly so when time is short, this is a good one to pick.
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Southern Style Fried Okra

Reviewed: Aug. 7, 2009
This is an awesome recipe for fried okra. I have also made this without the potatoes and it is just as good. Something about the okra being fried in the cornmeal that really sets it off. I have also used this same recipe with out the corn muffin mix just using corn meal and flour. Wanted fried okra and didn't have the corn muffin mix. Fried okra is just good eating. oH, the Yukon Gold potatoes are fine but I have used what ever potato I have on hand and works great. Just good.
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Iced Coffee Syrup

Reviewed: Jun. 21, 2009
I don't care for cold coffee but my daughter thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread. If she didn't love a Diet Coke so much, she could live on Iced Coffee. I made some for her and she just raved about it. She said it's great the way it is but also is just perfect for adding your own personal touches. This is a winner. I'd serve this one to company.
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Lemon Streusel Muffins

Reviewed: Jun. 14, 2009
We really enjoyed the muffins. They were really good. Tasted like summer. Not heavy or overly sweet. I made then twice, once the way written and the second time with adjustments. The first ones were good, okay, light, flavorful but jsut tasted like they needed a boost. The second time I added the zest of one lemon, used Splenda instead of sugar and whole wheat flour. I had to add a teaspoon of baking powder for each cup of whole wheat flour I substituted an add more liquid which I did in the form of 2/3 cup of lemonade. I also added chopped pecans to the topping. I also made them in my huge muffin pan. It held almost two batches. Everyone has asked for them again. I am giving this one 5 stars. I would feel quite ocmfortable serving them to guests. Good job.
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Breaded Toasted Ravioli

Reviewed: Jun. 9, 2009
I made these as an app to go with spaghetti night. I coated them with pankp bread crumbs. I think all the reviews said they tended to taste rather bland so, I raided my new erb garden and added everything not nailed down. basil, oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, cilantro, onion and garlic powder and a healthy amount of Parmasaen cheese, We liked them. Next time I will adjust the heat because at the 15 minute mark they were pretty crispy. I made a second batch and shortened the cooking time and they were much better. Mine were not frozen maybe that makes a difference. We will definitely have these again. I would like to get a more Italian taste to them next time. We didn't worry about sauce, we just used the pasta sauce.
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Refreshing Watermelon Salad

Reviewed: May 31, 2009
Well, I liked it. My family, mistakenly thinking there is a food better than watermelon, thought it was okay. They said it is an attractive salad and the comment was made that those flavors together will take some getting used to. I agreed there. I think I will try it again and play with the flavors a little and see if we can't make it a little less savory. I think that could be accompolished by leaving out the salt, pepper and some of the cilantro and adding some herbs from my herb garder of lemon and cinnamon basil. Over all I think it is good but I love watermelon any way at all. I'm still thinking about the cheese. I'm giving it four stars.
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Oatmeal Whole Wheat Waffles

Reviewed: May 9, 2009
These waffles are very flavorful, tender and I willmake them again
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Ultimate Chicken Sandwiches

Reviewed: May 7, 2009
These were a hit with our family. The chicken was very good and had no problem with the breading. I pounded the chicken breasts out longer than wide so we could use them on French bread rolls. The coating on the chicken seems quite verstile and I'm am considering using it for other breaded baked foods. The recipe didn't suggest any bread spreads so I offered the old stand-by of different mustards, and mayo and also Olive Aioli, oh, minus the jalapeno. That was by far my favorite. For lunch or a casual dinner, these were great. And the breading?, I'm thinking about using this idea for baked chicken fried steaks sandwich with steak sauce. These were a winner with our family.
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Real Welsh Rarebit

Reviewed: Apr. 19, 2009
Well, it reminded me of old times. The first time I tried this was in high school cooking class in , well never mind but it was a long time ago. Still tastes the same. Think some of our younger reviewers, not being famililar with Welsh Rarebit, don't realize it is not just a cheese sauce. it is an entree. I liked it, it reminded me of home, not so much my home, but of high school. Family liked it and we are ging to have it again. I've never had it with beer, I just used milk and some cream.
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Mini Mushroom and Goat Cheese Tarts

Reviewed: Apr. 12, 2009
Well, this was an adventure for us. I have never had goat cheese. Just couldn't quite bring myself to use goat cheese. I used the feta. As usual, I made two batches. The first one exactly as written and a second time with some changes. The isntructions are pretty simple andwe really enjoyed them. The second time I made them I added some onion, a little garlic powder and a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash Tomato, Basil & Garlic seasoning. All said both versions were quite tasty and would like to have them again.
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Betty Baker's Strawberry Salsa

Reviewed: Apr. 4, 2009
Well, this certainly was different for me. I have never made a sweet salsa but I found I liked this one with certain things. This one we served with dipping crackers and chips plus I served it with some BBQ'ed pork chops and chicken and everyone really liked it. When I plated the pork chops, I just made a trail of salsa across the chops and on to the plate and it made a very attractive presentation. I did the same way with the chicken and I also had some salsa in a dish for those who wanted more or some with dippers. Like usual, I made two batches. One exactly as written and the second one I changed slightly to accomadate personal tastes. I added less hot pepper, half the vinegar, and less mint. I can't do hot peppers so I didn't try the hot one but the ones who did said it was great. They would have never thought of mixing hot peppers with strawberries but they said it sure works. As for the toned down version, I though it was very good. It reminded me of summer and back yard BBQ's and picnics. Yes, I will prepare the Strawberry Salsa again. My family has ordered it.
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Steak Fajitas

Reviewed: Mar. 27, 2009
Now, that was good. Thsi is my first time to have fajitas. All the rest of the family has had them plenty of times so they helped me with mine.I made the fajita strips in my new Geroge Forman Grill. I put the strips on one side and the veggies on the other side. It tool longer for the veggies to cook so I put those on first then the steak. When they were done, I slipped them off the grill onto a platter and mixed the veggies and meat. I warmed the torillas, we used whole wheet tortillas, trying to eat healthy, and added the steak and peppers and it was very good.It took me less than 5 minutes to cook everything. Boy, talk about yoyr fast-food. We will definintely have these again. Easy to prepare, great tasting, sounds like a winner to me.
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Jagic (Assyrian Cheese Spread)

Reviewed: Mar. 27, 2009
And the winner is... This is so different from what I susally make, my guests were pleasantly surprised. I reduced the amount of butter I used because of health reasons. That's the only change I made. We are definitely dill fans and the dill flavor was very refreshing. I don't do hot, so I made two versions. One as written with a mild amount of minced jalapeno pepper and the second dish had only a slight amount. Since more of the spicier version was eaten, I think my guests may have perferred the spicier one. I put the spread in the center of my Lazy Susan and around it I placed triangles and other shapes of a variety of very flavorful breads. I used Dill Rye, Sundried tomato & Basil bread, Smoked Swiss cheese bread. I had bread sticks, pita triangles, and several kinds of crackers. The spread has almost a summery, back yard taste. This certainly is a keeper for our family.
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Poached Eggs Caprese

Reviewed: Mar. 20, 2009
I think we have a winner here. I made this for a Brunch. We had 10 people over for Brunch so I made 14 servings. I knew the taste of some of our guests and so I knew I was going to have to offer more toppings other than just the pesto. Also, 4 of them I left the tomato off, just in case and it's a good thing I did. I made the muffins and placed them on a heated platter. I did everything except put on the psto sauce. I made 6 sauces to go with them. The pesto sauce, a hollendaise sauce, a cheese sauce, a Italian flavored sauce, a cream sauce, and a salsa. Those I put into my old fashioned Lazy Susan with dipping spoons so each could top theirs with what ever they liked. Most of the guests took small servings of several sauces. The ones without the tomato, I put sausage/bacon patty. The guests ended up using the sauces almost as dipping sauces. Taking a piece of muffin and dipping it in a different sauce each bite. The muffins/cheese/eggs were a hit. The ones with the sausage and no tomato were a hit. The sauces were a hit. Gotta' tell you, it was one of my better offerings. If you want a winner, this is it.
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Roasted Garlic Cauliflower

Reviewed: Mar. 17, 2009
This is awesome. I made the cauliflower twice. The first time I followed the recipe exactly. My family said it was great. The second time I made it I added juliened red and green bell peppers, a bit of basil, thyme, and some grilling spice. Oh my goodness. it was great. My family liked it also and said both are good and both are going inot my recipe book as regulars.
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Cabbage Fat-Burning Soup

Reviewed: Mar. 8, 2009
I am boiling the bejeezus out of a HUGE pot of Cabbage Fat-Buring Soup. All the reviews, well, maybe not all, there are 235. Let's just say the first 2 or 3. Weeellllll. The reviews I read say it has the ability to be pretty bland. NOT THIS TIME!! I put 5 tsp. minced garlic, a whole stalk thing...bunch of celery, and EVERY herb known to modern man. Well... maybe not guite that many but, everything I could get my hands on. I just tasted it, Oh MY GOOD LORD. I've died and gone to stew Heaven. I can't put the cabbage in it 'cause some of the little ones here don't have a hankerin' to eat cabbage. So, I am boiling the cabbage in another pan with some tomato sauce and onion and will put a bed of cabbage in my bowl then add the soup over that. This is gonna' be so good. I've browned some smoked sausage for those who don't need the fat burning properties. Gotta' go check my masterpiece!!
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Apple, Brie, and Walnut Salad

Reviewed: Mar. 6, 2009
What a treat. And it is so pretty on the table. I have never used Brie cheese so that was an adventure. I found it very similar to cream cheese. I'm not sure I like the gooey-ness of the Brie on the salad. The rest of the salad was a sure hit with the family. It was light, not over powering and just very enjoyable. I used Blasamic Vinegrette Spritzer dressing. I made the salad a second time later in the week and with the few changes I made, it goes to the head of my recipe bos. I used fresh Mozzarella cheese slices and toasted pecans and macadamian nuts. I especially like the lightness of the dressing. This will show up at our table often and I would have no problem at all serving it to guests. I highly recommend this salad.
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Chicken Sandwiches with Zang

Reviewed: Feb. 26, 2009
We liked these sandwiches. The sandwich was pretty simple to make. Like another reviewer, I also flattened the chicken breast a little by lightly poundimg them. I also made enough chicken breasts so I could use "Everything" Hogie Rolls. I put the Italian seasoning and the grilling seasonings in a paper bag, added the breasts and shook them. Boy, were they coated. I used Mesquite BBQ sauce, our favorite and grillled them inside on the George Forman. When I sauted the veggies, I used olive oil. And I did cook the veggies one at a time, as suggested, so they would be done at the same time. I forgot to get cheese so I used a smoky swiss and cheddar. We will probably have these again but, I will probably rethink the seasonings. Maybe leave out the Italian seasoning and along with the grilling seasoning, add some Mesquite Grilling seasoning and onion and garlic powder. Oh, I cooked the chicken at a higher heat so they would cook faster. I didn't want them to dry out, and they didn't.
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Fresh Tomato Shrimp Pasta

Reviewed: Feb. 25, 2009
This is very good. I used whole wheat pasta. And, I didn't mix the sauce with the pasta. I was afraid the sauce would run to the bottom of the dish and all we'd have is pasta with some veggies. I added the aromatics but, I didn't run them through the blender. I wanted the veggie pieces to be recognizable. We served the pasta in bowls and spooned the sauce over the pasta. When I plated the pasta and shrimp, I added 4 or 5 cherry tomato halves on top and sprinkled it with Parmasean cheese. We will definitely have this dish again.
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