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Baked Potato

Reviewed: Nov. 14, 2005
Nice recipe when you have 1.5 hrs to bake them. My version is similar, but much quicker and the potato is fluffy and never 'hard'. I cut the ends off the potato and prick with a fork, then I microwave them first, but ONLY until they are tender but still very firm when you insert a sharp knife. Then I bake them about 15-20 mins. at 350* until skins are dry and the potato is very tender. Then the KEY to my famous baked potatoes is this: *After removing from the oven take each one and squish it a bit by lightly squeezing it between a towel because they are so hot! The result is the potato becomes crumbly and fluffy and then lather on the toppings! People LOVE my bakers. Try it! (By the way I normally HATE microwaved potatoes, but by baking these after starting in the microwave they are superb!!).
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Easy Pesto

Reviewed: Jul. 24, 2007
Excellent! Loved this one & easy to make too. One thing about the almonds that I really like instead of the pine nuts is the COST! The toasted almonds were very tasty & so much less $$. Also...a tip on toasting the nuts, don't bother with the oven, simply heat a (dry) non stick heavy skillet on the stove, and saute' the nuts until toasted with no butter or oil. They are super easy & quick to do this way. Great recipe!
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Perfect Pressure Cooker Pot Roast

Reviewed: Nov. 3, 2004
Incredible! Very tasty, we really loved this one, and so easy to prepare. I just invested in a whole new Pressure cooker set and this worked beautifully. I made some slight changes that I think really improves the flavor. I cut most of the fat off the roast first. Then I mixed the only the Italian & Ranch dressings together, then I used only half of the mixture and rubbed them into the raw Chuck roast & let it sit all day refrigerated. The meat really absorbs the flavors this way. Then I browned the meat as described, and then spread the rest of the dry dressings & the brown gravy mix over the meat & added the broth and onions as called for. Mine was a 4.5 lb roast, I pressure cooked on high pressure 55 minutes, and used the natural release method. I removed the meat, defatted the juice & served! Perfect!
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Oh So Tender Brisket

Reviewed: Aug. 8, 2004
**WOW** This is the BOMB! Love this recipe! I don't know how the previous reviewer ended up with Shoe Leather??? I have used this many times with success every single time! Fork tender, great flavor and EASY! What could be better? I did make very slight additions: I used a dash of Thyme, onion powder & brown sugar (maybe 2T of Br. sugar) along with the soup mix and the rest. I put all the dry ingredients on the meat & 'patted' them in before I load it into the bag. Then I pour over the Liquid Smoke after I place it in the bag. I placed 1 whole large sweet onion in large slices over the top, then threw on Red Potatoes cut in half. Seal it up. I was short on time so I cooked at 325* for 4 hours. PERFECT!!! Rave reviews from all 8 people at the table...I call that success! I Like the potatoes this way too...makes it so easy to open the hot bag, throw together a salad, and you have dinner!
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Winter Fruit Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

Reviewed: Dec. 31, 2005
I served this 2x in the same week! LOVED it! I made my dressing the day before so all the flavors would blend. Great! I used feta cheese (no swiss)and used Red Onion. I also cut up the fruit a few hours before and drizzled on some of the dresing, NO brown spots at all because of the lemon juice. I used a fresh lemons...the Best! Yeah it makes too much dressing for this serving...but it keeps well to throw on more salads, or it would make a great chicken marinade ... don't ya think?!!
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Black Glutinous Rice Porridge

Reviewed: Mar. 31, 2008
I'll be the first one to review this great recipe! I did not have the pandan leaf & I revised it a bit. I rinsed rice, 2 cups in rice cooker with almost 4 cups water. Meanwhile I took one 14 oz can 'lite' coconut milk, 1/4 c brn sugar, 1/2 c white sugar, 1/2 t salt cooked on stove simmered about 5 mins. Individual rice servings, add sauce on top as desired. The rice cooker makes it so easy to get the rice perfect. Thanks for the basic recipe...delicious!
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Grilled Shrimp and Apple Skewers

Reviewed: Jul. 24, 2007
GREAT shrimp! I pretty much followed the recipe except I made a little more of the marinade by adding a bit more of this and that accordingly and I also added salt to taste, and I used 2 lbs of frozen uncooked large white shrimp that were peeled & deveined. I thawed them in cool water, tossed with the marinade & made the rest of dinner. Threw them on the 'barbie' and they were perfect. Only use fresh basil please, and double the basil amount. YUM!!!! I also made them again about a week later and I sauteed' them in a hot skillet over the stove. They were great! Cokking them this way only took about 2 minutes, and I seared them along with the marinade.
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Garlic and Dill Salmon

Reviewed: Nov. 13, 2005
Very tasty (if you LOVE garlic!) which we do. I only used 1/2 head garlic, it was about 12 cloves, and the whole pkg. of fresh dill just as called for (1 oz). I used fresh gound sea salt, and put some lemon juice and some sprinkles of brown sugar (about 1T. total) on the salmon first. Then I topped it with the dill-garlic paste, and let it sit at room temp about 1 hour. Baked @ 400* for 15-20 monutes. It was great. (I pitty the poor people I have to see tomorrow...garlic breath YIKES!!!)
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Honey Curried Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Reviewed: Oct. 31, 2005
Had this last night and LOVED it! Very tasty and fairly quick too! Moderate changes: I used cut up chicken pieces, sprinkled with Johnny's seasoning and pepper & bit of Olive oil. Baked the chicken at 400* for 15 mins, turned down to 350* for 30 mins. Meanwhile I cooked the sauce which I doubled, cut back on honey a bit, added more garlic. Microwaved only the carrots & potatoes until tender but still crisp. Dumped all veggies around the chicken as stated, poured on the sauce over all, baked 15 minutes more to carmelize sauce! The chicken cut up cooks quicker than the whole bird. Total time baking was 1 hour. Served with Jasmine rice with the yummy sauce on top! YUMMY!
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Garlic Ranch Chicken

Reviewed: Aug. 1, 2004
***WOW*** My family LOVES this recipe! I've been using Allrecipes for well over a year, and I just joined so I can finally rate this recipe! I've used this SO many times, and it is the BEST! I use regular Ranch dressing (not non-fat), more fresh basil,(about 1/2 cup chopped),and fresh ground pepper to taste. I also pound the chicken first, then marinate. The longer the better, sometimes overnite, but a few hours works as well. It is fork tender, cooks quickly, and does not get any easier than this. TRY IT!! For those that thought it was bland (?) try a pinch of cayenne possibly. :-)
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Geneva's Ultimate Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Reviewed: Oct. 26, 2009
Loved this soup! This gave me the base for what ended up being one of the best soups I think I've made! I had to adjust because my hubby is allergic to dairy & wheat (so no flour, milk or sour cream) and I added extra spices for personal taste. I bet it is wonderful just as it is but here are my additions for those that may like them. Used soy flour, plain soy milk, cubes of firm tofu, 1 can of stewed tomatoes & extra chicken broth. Spices were dashes of curry, smoked paprika (along with the sweet Hungarian paprika as listed) seasoned salt & pepper. Fantastic!!
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Rice Stuffing with Apples, Herbs, and Bacon

Reviewed: Nov. 24, 2004
I am in the process of making this seemingly wonderful stuffing for Turkey day tomorrow, and it says nowhere in the recipe what to do with the 1.5 cups of the chicken broth! Yikes! I guess I will wing it, and let you all know later with a rating as to how it turned out.
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Sweet & Sour Brussels Sprouts

Reviewed: Dec. 15, 2010
Brussel Sprouts are in season...perfect time to try this! My hubby and I just recently have started eating them (and we are over 50!) and we tried another carmelized recipe from here and we are now hooked! So so good! These are a great variation of the other one. I changed it up regarding how I cook them and you might want to try this method as well! Steam the Brussels until tender but still crisp and set aside. Saute a sweet onion in the oil using the same skillet I steamed in on med-high to brown & carmelize the onions. Then add the sprouts and continue to saute adding the vinegar. When almost done & 'roasted looking' add the maple syrup, Dijon mustard & cashews if using them plus salt & pepper to taste!
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Unbelievable Chicken

Reviewed: Jun. 3, 2014
Ok...where do I start?? This recipe is the BOMB!! Everyone needs to try this one. Hate mustard? Not to worry, it does not end up with a mustard taste. Hate Vinegar? No problem, no vinegar taste. Hate Lime & Lemon juice? Ditto once again. We sat down to eat, my hubby said "Oh my Gosh! This chicken is Unbelievable" I just about died..I said what did you say, and he repeated it!! So....he loved it so much that he called it by it's name...without knowing the name!! It is truly amazing. I marinated for 24 hours, and it was perfect to throw on the grill when I got home from work. I've never had chicken like this before. I grilled it 2 minutes each side on very high heat to sear it, then basted a few times and grilled for about 4-5 minutes more per side. My breasts were about 3/4" thick, I pounded them before marinating, which I did for 24 hours. I probably added more garlic, but personal taste. Turned out perfect!! Dry? NOT! Difficult recipe? NOT! Things I have on hand? YUP! Taste: The best we have had! This will be at least 1x week for us during summer & all year long. Thanks for the great recipe!
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Chicken Apple Sausage with Cabbage

Reviewed: Jul. 24, 2012
Only 2 reviews? Don't worry about that take my word for it. This is SO good! I've made it twice already and it is a hit! I changed a couple of things but basically stuck to the plan. I did not use the the Dijon or parsley, not needed. I did it the same except instead of cooking on the stove for 25 mins, I baked it in a covered enameled cast iron Dutch oven. I saute'd the sausages, then onions & I added a shallot with the garlic saute. Layered it with sausages & potatoes on bottom, then cabbage on top. Baked for about 45 mins covered at 375*. I thickened it before serving with whole grain organic baby rice cereal while on stove. No gluten!
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Prime Rib

Reviewed: Dec. 26, 2010
Loved this recipe but I had to change the roasting method because I realized that I would not have been able to bake my appetizer since the oven could not be opened! Glad I thought of that before I started! I wanted to mention that we LOVED the seasoning with the mustard. I cooked a 7.5 lb roast and I stuffed in 8 garlic cloves slivered, sprinkled with Montreal Steak Seasoning and the Dijon mustard. I laid fresh thyme sprigs on top. Roasted in covered pan @ 500* for 20 minutes, uncovered and continued @ 350* about 15 mins per pound. It was very rare and everyone LOVED it!!
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Apple Stuff

Reviewed: Feb. 6, 2006
I made this last night and it was pretty good, however this morning trying it cold from the refig. it tasted better. I felt that there was not enough of the topping, if I make it again I will add cinnamon and make more topping! Thanks for submitting...I just may try it again sometime!
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Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Pistachios

Reviewed: Nov. 17, 2010
I am eating these right now as I type and I have NEVER made fresh Brussells before and I picked these up @ Trader Joes they looked so good! Decided to use this recipe and I am very pleased! I scaled back the portion size and I think I could have added more onion (I think I simply did not add enough) and I added more vinegar. Really tasty and will make again. I made sure to really carmelize the sprouts so they looked like they were 'roasted' with a nice browned color. I did cut them in half after steaming before browning them so when they were carmelizing the flavors would soak into the open leaves of the veggie. Great!!
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Pepper-Honey Cedar Plank Salmon

Reviewed: Sep. 20, 2009
We just got done doing the dishes after eating this fabulous salmon outside right before the sunset...ahhhh. Loved it and I will make it again. Because of me not watching it closely the only mistake I made was allowing the plank to catch on fire on the grill...I over heated it thinking I would get more 'smoke' before cooking the salmon. I got more smoke all right!! At any rate the salmon cooked wonderfully and taste was great. I did not have the pineapple juice, used apple juice so I doubled the amount of lemon juice, & I simmered it longer. I wanted a thicker sauce. Too bad I did not see this one at the START of summer!
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Bud's Potato Salad

Reviewed: Jul. 2, 2008
Potato salad lovers...GO with this one! Excellent with no leftovers on a boat party! Minor changes personal taste. Scaled it back to half recipe, using one 5lb bag RED potatoes, scrub, leave peels on (easy!) cubed to about 3/4" size, simmered in tall large skillet salted water until firm (not mushy!)about 12-15 minutes. Marinated overnight in ziplock bag. Used 1 small bunch green onions (only 1/2 green parts) & some red onion. I had to add eggs (5) & celery for crunch! Do NOT be afraid to marinate the potatoes...this is what makes this recipe so special! Maybe some posters did not drain the marinade off when they posted it was mushy or vinegary??? Just a thought...
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