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Oatmeal Whoopie Pies

Reviewed: Jun. 10, 2011
These were so sweet it was hard to finish a whole cookie. Also, I could taste the shortening. If I ever make again, I will reduce the shortening to only 1/2 cup.
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Baby Back Ribs

Reviewed: May 23, 2011
I misread the instructions and didn't know I was suppose to marinate the ribs for 8 hours. Since I planned to cook the ribs that night and didn't have 11 hours to spare, I had to go w/ plan B. I boiled my ribs for one hour in a pan with seasonings....garlic powder, seasoning salt, adobo etc. Then I followed the instructions wrapping the ribs in tinfoil but used 2 bottles of sauce instead of one. I baked the ribs for only one hour at 325 because I wanted my ribs tender but still on the bone (if you're like me, the best part is eating them off the bone). Let's just say they were soooo tasty that I have no desire to marinate them or cook them any other way. They were AMAZING!! If you're short on time, do what I did...even if you aren't, try it this way...boy, were they good. Don't forget to open the foil and broil them for 15 minutes before you take them out. IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE in terms of making sure the sauce sticks to the rib versus a soupy sauce falling off the ribs.
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Cream Cheese Cookie Cups

Reviewed: Mar. 29, 2010
DO NOT USE THE CALLED FOR AMOUNT OF SUGAR! I saw reviews that said too sweet, too much sugar. I decided to go w/ another reviewer and add sugar to taste. I added 1/2 cup for a double batch (2 doz) and it was was sweet but not overbearing. I would recommend only using 1/4 for a single batch and then, if needed, add more to your liking. I doubled my batch to make 2doz for a bake sale but only got 16 because I ran out of filling. For this reason, I recommend doubling the cream cheese filling whether making a single or double batch. Put filling in a plastic baggie and pump filling through small hole into cup which will be easier than filling by spoon and make the presentation neater. Definitely continue to flour your hands while preparing cooking dough or you will have a hard time shaping it. After I added the filling, I topped w/ mini choc chips. Although, there were only 16 cookies, everyone of them went and people raved about them. This is a keeper if you use these slight alterations!
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Puerto Rican Meat Patties

Reviewed: Jun. 19, 2009
A few people mentioned substituting the egg roll wrappers (and I agree after all this is a Puerto Rican dish) for Goya's "frozen wrap or yellow thing". The formal name is an EMPANADA. That's the name you should look for when shopping. Goya Tampas para Empanadas are frozen turnover patties. Put the mix in the middle, fold, and then take your fork and seal the edges with it leaving little fork imprints along the edges. Beef is very plain tasting, don't cheat yourself....season your meat liberally with garlic powder, sazon, seasoning salt, adobo and, if on hand, you can never go wrong w/ sofrito. Be creative and add what you like because you really can't go wrong w/ this's only beef in a patty.
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Taco Bake I

Reviewed: Jun. 28, 2008
My son loves this recipe. The first couple times I made it as the recipe as is then I changed a few things which made it way better. One, more meat is definitely needed at least 2 or 2.5 lbs to offset the other ingredients. After browning the meat and adding the seasoning, I mix in half the can of refried beans,half of the salsa, and some of the cheese (you can add more or less of these ingredients according to your liking and how much meat you used). Then I mix it on the stovetop melting the cheese. I put the meat mixture in the pan (w/o the cheese) and bake it about 20 minutes, then add some cheese to the top layer and bake the last ten minutes so the cheese on top isn't burned. To me this is way better than layers. The flavors blend together very well. I definitely prefer this way better!
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Pan-Fried Asparagus

Reviewed: Apr. 11, 2007
QUICK, EASY, AND DELICIOUS! Did I say delicious? I didn't have garlic on hand so I put the asparagus in the pan and sprinkled liberally with garlic powder! It tasted great and full of flavor. The best part is that you have a side dish in less than 10 minutes. I didn't cook for 10 minutes because I like mine with a lil crunch so I just watched/ turned them until they were the texture I wanted and took them out. My 13 y.o. raved and said he couldn't stop eating them and my neighbor who was over for dinner commented how good the asp was. Definitely a keeper!!
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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Reviewed: Feb. 12, 2007
I left out the cheddar cheese as most reviews said it was not needed. This is rich enough so keeping out the cheddar didn't seem like a bad idea. The thought of canned chicken turns my stomach so I bought a package of chick. breast (3 is enough), seasoned with garlic powder, seasoned salt, and pepper, threw them on my foreman grill, and then into the chopper. I used celery sticks and also frito scoops which was perfect. I was looking for a dip to make for a gathering and because of the reviews I thought I should try this. It went over very well..I was even asked for the recipe.
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Strawberry Spinach Salad I

Reviewed: Dec. 11, 2006
I took this to our potluck for church and people were talking and asking for the recipe! It went super fast. The dressing is what makes this salad. The dressing seemed like such a weird combination on paper that I was skeptical. I cut out the almonds (personal preference) and didn't use the poppy seeds because I didn't have any on hand. If there wasn't something missing, I couldn't tell. It was FABULOUS! I brought the dressing in a separate container and poured over the salad right before the food was going to be served. I would recommend others do the same or else it will be a soggy mess after a while. I will DEFINITELY be making this again.
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Lana's Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Reviewed: Nov. 14, 2006
DOUBLE THE SAUCE! These were good. The meatballs themselves didn't have much flavor but the sauce made up for it. I see no point in using the was a waste of of my time to chop them. I made the mistake of buying crushed pineapples after reading a review...never again, the whole ones (which I ended up adding) added so much more color and flavor. I made these for a potluck and threw them in the crockpot, after a while, there wasn't much left for sauce and I had to make another batch of sauce to add to it which worked. Save yourself the trouble and double the sauce initially. There was nothing left to take home.
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Aussie Chicken

Reviewed: Sep. 22, 2006
This is the best recipe that I have made from this site yet. DO NOT USE CORN SYRUP and try to avoid using regular mustard but use dijon. I thought about just buying an already prepared sauce but realized people were raving about it. DON'T CHEAT YOUR TASTEBUDS. Make the takes 5 minutes. Avoid use of a ton of pans. I fried the bacon, drained some of the grease, sauted mushrooms in bacon grease, then sauted chicken (seasoned with garlic powder, salt, pepper, onion powder ) in that grease which added extra flavor to the chicken. Pound the breasts (they will cook faster and the bac/mush won't fall off) and make sure they are brown to avoid having to bake longer. This recipe says to bake 15 mins but I took others advice and did 30 to make certain my chicken was cooked all the way. It's safer that way especially if your meat is thick (tastier w/ thin breasts). I think you only need about 1 cup of cheese. Two cups is a bit much (whole bag) for 4 breasts. I made six breasts and I didn't use all my cheese. To avoid cheese from buring you could just add it 15 minutes before taking it out the oven. I baked mine with the cheese on and covered for 15 minutes then added more cheese,uncovered and baked another 15 or so till I knew the meat was done. My picky son rated this a 10. If you are serving guests know their tastes before trying this one but if they like bacon, mush, cheese...go for it!!!!
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Salvadoran Salsa (Chimol)

Reviewed: Sep. 18, 2006
I love this's very light and refreshing. I usually omit the radishes and red pepper flakes. My girlfriend's husband is from El Salvador and her mother-in-law gave me the recipe but there were no radieshes or red pepper flakes. Oh well, to each their own. To me radishes are very potent. The longer the lemon juice blends with the tomato juice the more flavor you get. The cilantro adds the perfect zing. I usually put this on top of yellow rice although it can be used with chips. I have even eaten it w/o anything else, lol!
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Easy Sugar Cookies

Reviewed: Sep. 11, 2006
I would like to spare some people the trouble of figuring out why these cookies didn't come out right. I read some reviews before I started and some people mentioned that there cookies were hard and the batter was crumbly. I can tell you why. MAKE SURE THE BUTTER IS COMPLETELY SOFTENED. I made 2 batches of cookies for a bake sale. When I started I thought my butter was soft (and it was). The mix became hard and brittle. The cookies after they cooled were hard. I was disappointed but had to make another batch as I promised. When I made the second batch the butter had been sitting the whole time and was super soft. The texture of that batter was completely different and those cookies were soft even after they had cooled. THE TRICK IS THE BUTTER. Don't start until it's like mush. My son tasted the first batch and said I don't like them. I had him taste the second batch and he thought those were good. I used two teaspoons of vanilla instead of one to give it a little more flavor. Also, you really only need about a teaspoon of batter for each cookie...they really expand while baking. Another reviewer mentioned that the secret to great sugar cookies is to use margarine which I did. Hope this helps some of you from making the same mistake I did! This is a good recipe however I gave it three stars because I realize I don't really care for sugar cookies..too plain for my taste.
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Cabbage Roll Casserole

Reviewed: Aug. 30, 2006
This is a cheap (less than $10.00) and great recipe IF you like cabbage. Note that this serves 12 so unless you want to freeze or throw away you might want to scale it to feed 6. If you don't scale the recipe you will need two pans to bake in as all ingredients won't fit in one. I used roasted garlic tomato sauce, beef broth w/ onion, and browned my beef with the onion instead of mixing it after. The only thing this recipe lacks is seasoning. If you season properly you will be happy. Vinegar, Worcestire sauce, garlic-onion-chili powder, cumin, and a dash of hot sauce are some suggestions. Also, once you remove the cover I would suggest stirring frequently to avoid the cabbage getting dry and burning on the top layer. Many people mentioned their rice not cooking. I poured in one bag of Uncle Ben's rice in a bag (1 cup even though I scaled the recipe) and my rice was completely cooked. Again, I scaled the recipe which could be why mine was cooked...I can't imagine throwing double all in one pan and thinking the rice would be done??
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Six Can Chicken Tortilla Soup

Reviewed: Jul. 21, 2006
This recipe is so quick, easy, and cheap...just open the cans and boil. I only spent about $10.00 on ingredients. My company thought it was really good. After reading the other reviews, here's what I came up with which was perfect: I only used one can of chicken broth (not condensed or it will be too salty), I added 2 cans of condensed cream of chicken soup so it wasn't too watery as other reviewers suggested, used a milder version of tomatoes with green chiles (Rotel tomatoes with lime/cilantro work well). Be sure to rinse the beans and make sure to season with garlic powder, salt, peper, chili powder, and cumin otherwise there won't be much flavor. Many reviewers suggested adding cilantro which I will try next time. Top with sour cream, cheddar cheese and some tortilla chips and it is perfect. You really can't go wrong with this one.
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Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs

Reviewed: Jul. 12, 2006
These were really's the bacon that really adds flavor to these eggs. Feel free to omit cheese if it's not on hand because as many other reviewers can't really taste it.
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Becky's Chicken Salad

Reviewed: Jul. 7, 2006
This was very good and I got a lot of compliments however next time I will not use the whipping cream. I do not see a need for it. It made the salad runny and I was not able to taste the mayonnaise no matter how much I added. I will definitely make again but w/o the whipping cream.
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Easy Red Beans and Rice

Reviewed: May 19, 2006
This was good and a cinch to make. I made it for a potluck and there was nothing to take home. I would make 2 suggestions. This recipe has way too many beans. I would cut the beans in half otherwise it's overwhelming (still good but overwhelming especially for kids) or you could use 2 cups rice instead of one. Also, I would follow the other user's suggestion and use a can of diced tomatoes.
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Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup

Reviewed: Feb. 23, 2006
This recipe is a keeper....amazing! I cut out the beer but if there was anything missing I couldn't tell. The only complaint my picky son had was that there were too many beans and there were quite a few beans so maybe next time I will reduce the amount of beans. Even with that complaint he still asked for more! This makes a lot of soup (serves 8) so there was plenty left over with just the two of us. You may want to scale the recipe down if you're only serving a few people. Make sure you add shredded makes a big difference...hmm, hmm, good. PS-don't forget to rinse the beans well!
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Super Easy Fruit Dip

Reviewed: Jan. 20, 2006
I use two single serving yogurts for one container of cool whip. I usually buy Yoplait's strawberry/banana yogurt. The combination is out of this world. If you have time (although not necessary) chill overnight...the flavors are much more rich the next day but it's still good served immediately. Have fun and use your favorite flavors of yogurt.
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