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Terrific Turkey Chili

Reviewed: Apr. 8, 2006
Excellent recipe--but I don't know that I would've given it 5 stars without the addition of 1 can each of black and garbanzo beans. It needed a little more "body" and the beans were just the thing. Probably a can of corn in place of one of the beans would've worked well also. The spices were perfect--however, I always like a touch of sweetness to tomato based recipes, so I added 1/4 cup of brown sugar....YUM! I would highly recommend this chili recipe---and for anyone that never usually tries ground turkey in place of ground beef, believe me, you'll never miss it.
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Gramma's Old Fashioned Chili Mac

Reviewed: Sep. 28, 2005
The previous reviewer needs to be a bit less negative and read the explanation of the recipe; it is NOT intended to be like regular chili--I take no responsibility for the name "chili mac"---the recipe is over 50 years old, who knows why they called it that?? That's why I explained in the intro that IT'S NOT SPICY! And, by the way, macaroni is the main ingredient in macaroni and cheese, and, I don't know about you, but I would consider that dish to be pretty all-American...not Italian.
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares

Reviewed: Dec. 23, 2006
I've been making these for the past year and can't believe I never took the time to give my review of them to say how fantastic they are! The only change I made was to add more chocolate; to the 1/2 c. of butter I add 1 c. milk choolate chips and 1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips. That seems to balnce it out perfectly. I have to say, this is probably the BEST recipe I have ever gotten off of this site!
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Monte Cristo Sandwich - the Real One

Reviewed: Aug. 5, 2004
IT'S DELICIOUS! Do not bother with other Monte Cristo recipes unless they're deep fried like this. (I know it's not the healthiest, but hey, if you want healthy, eat a salad.) The only change I would make is to add a bit more ham & turkey to each sandwich. Also, it's just not complete without a side of seedless red raspberry jam for dipping. YUM!
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Best Ever Meatloaf II

Reviewed: Nov. 13, 2008
It always amazes me how many people on this site change up the recipes before trying it the original way the first time and then wonder why they don't turn out as they had hoped! As written, the recipe is very good and flavorful. However, next time I think I will add an egg or two with the hopes of binding it all together a bit more since mine pretty much fell apart when I tried to serve it, even after leaving it sit out for 10 minutes to "set". I added a couple of tablespoons of salsa to the top during the last 15 minutes of cooking, and it added a nice zip to it (it's not necessary, it's just that I grew up with my mom's meatloaf always having ketchup on the top of it, so I guess it's just something I'm prone to do with all my meatloaf recipes) I would recommend this recipe; the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it didn't hold together when I tried to cut into it.
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Apricot Marinated Eye of Round Roast

Reviewed: Nov. 4, 2006
This is a very good and flavorful recipe that I plan on using again and again.I used my meat tenderizer to poke lots of little holes in the meat ($24.99 @ Bed, Bath &'s a great gadget!) and I marinated it for the full 24 hours. While I still didn't consider it to be as tender as I would've liked, it's ok if you slice it thinly. The combination of flavors is different and wonderful with a pile of mashed potatoes drenched in the gravy on the side. I also had to thicken the gravy up somewhat (I used 1/3 c. flour; cornstarch would be fine too), otherwise it would've been like soup on the plate. I think this actually had a better flavor the second night I served it (we always have leftovers now that our son is off at college!); the cider vinegar had less of a "bite" to it. I cooked it to 170 degrees, which was perfect. Thanks for a great recipe that's different from all of those mushroom or onion soup ones!
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Sesame Pasta Chicken Salad

Reviewed: Apr. 27, 2011
I thought the flavor was fine, but as other reviewers suggested, the addition of snow peas, water chestnuts, etc. would definitely help out an otherwise pretty plain looking pasta salad. The problem I had with it that no one else commented on is that because the dressing is a liquid base and not creamy, it doesn't stick to the pasta at all. When I was done mixing it, the dressing immediately just kind of sank to the bottom of the bowl. I think the recipe is certainly worth playing around with; I think I'll trying heating the dressing ingredients on the stove and add just a bit of cornstarch to thicken it up so that it stays on the bow tie pasta. I'm giving some to my husband in his lunch tomorrow for work, and I've already warned him to make sure he stirs it before he eats it, because all the dressing will be in the bottom of the container.
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Onion Cheese Biscuits

Reviewed: Jan. 27, 2012
I always find it a lttle funny when reviewers always feel like they have to change up a recipe before they even know if it's any good as written. Well, this one is PERFECT as written! I'm sure garlic would be a fine addition to these, but if you want garlic biscuits, then make another recipe like the Cheddar Bay biscuit recipe on this site. These have a subtle, just-enough onion flavor that's not overpowering. Great and easy recipe--thank you!
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Sweet Tooth Treats

Reviewed: May 10, 2008
These were delicious, however I decided to leave out the coconut, just because there was already so much sugary stuff in the ingredients. I'm not sure why it would be needed anyway; the pure splendor of the chocolate/peanut butter combination doesn't need to be muddled up with the flavor of coconut. Definitely refrigerate these for awhile before serving, so they're not mushy. Great recipe that I'll be making again!
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Almond-Raspberry Meringue Bars

Reviewed: Mar. 11, 2011
OK, these aren't even out of the oven yet, but just a word of warning to bakers out there that are going to try this recipe: Use the Meringue II recipe on this website and not the meringue instructions that come with this recipe ~ they DON'T work!! I wasted 3 egg whites and 1/2 cup of sugar...down the drain. It never set up even stiff peaks. The Meringue II recipe started forming nice peaks almost immediately, so I knew it would be right. It looked ok when I put it in the oven; let's hope it tastes good, 'cause right now I'm kind of ticked; I don't like wasting time or money, and tonight I did both.
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Winter Fruit Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

Reviewed: Mar. 13, 2010
I served this salad with our uncle's 96th birthday dinner, and everyone loved it! It reminded me more of spring than of winter--the fresh tart/sweet flavors of the lemon juice/sugar mixture on the crisp greens woke my taste buds up and put them in a happy mood for the rest of the dinner! If you don't have a pear, just put in extra apple; and instead of just the dried cranberries, I used a dried berry mix consisting of cranberries, cherries and blueberries, which were great. I will definitely be using this as one of my main salad recipes, and I would imagine this will taste awesome on a hot summer day on our screened porch in August.
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Chunks of Glass

Reviewed: Feb. 8, 2007
Very tasty and light dessert. I totally omitted the whole graham cracker part; it didn't even appeal to me. I cut the recipe in 1/2 since it was just for my husband and myself, and put it in an 8x8" pyrex dish. I cut it into 9 squares, and it turned out perfectly!
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Simple Spinach Lasagna

Reviewed: Mar. 20, 2012
There are a few things with this recipe that I thought needed changing, so I just couldn't see giving this 5 stars like so many others did. First, the recipe doesn't state to "squeeze dry" the spinach, which I did, but others might not know to do so. As I was making the sauce, it just seemed as if it needed more flavor, so I doubled the onion, spices and garlic, and it was better. I used the cottage cheese as stated, which I felt was fine. However, here's where I think the recipe could be improved: Since it said to assemble this in a lasagna pan, I did just that, but then it takes much more than only 8 ounces of lasagna noodles! I used up almost an entire 13 oz. box, making this probably drier than it should've been. Next time, I will definitely use a 9x13" pan and go with the 8 oz. of noodles. Also, since it states to finish the layering with the sauce being the last layer, that's what I did, but as it bakes, the spinach in the sauce takes on this gross grayish-black color, making it pretty unappealing. Maybe a top layer of parmesan cheese would help the appearance. Anyway, I had to make WAY too many changes to rate this 5 stars.
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Curried Quinoa

Reviewed: Feb. 19, 2010
Sorry, but after trying other quinoa recipes, we just weren't fans of this one. First of all, it makes enough for 3-4 people as a side dish, instead of 2 as stated. Our main problem was that it had a slightly burned flavor, and that, combined with the overpowering chile powder drowned out the great curry taste that we expected. I'm not sure why it tasted burned; I think it might have something to do with the fact that it was "toasted" for 5 minutes (which I've never had to do in other quinoa recipes). I won't be making this again.
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Brown Sugar Smokies

Reviewed: Jan. 27, 2009
These sounded so good, but for people that like their bacon actually COOKED and CRISP instead of white and rubbery, this isn't the recipe for you. However, I will try it again, but I'm going to experiment with frying the bacon till it's partially done and still maneuverable, let it cool slightly, and then wrap it around the smokie. Since I had to keep it in the oven for so long to cook the bacon (which never did get really cooked through), I ended up with a bunch of hard, crispy burnt brown sugar on the bottom of each appetizer. Not too appetizing!
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Awesome Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing

Reviewed: Sep. 1, 2008
I made this in a casserole dish because I didn't make a whole turkey to accompany it, just turkey tenderloins, and I've always been skittish about the bacteria hazards of putting the stuffing inside the bird anyway. The flavor was very good;I wouldn't change a thing as far as spices go. However, it didn't hold together the way my other stuffing recipes have in the past. When I dished it out onto the plate, every single little piece separated, which made it difficult to actually get a complete forkful. Maybe more broth would be the answer if cooking it outside of the turkey? I'm not sure I'm going to bother to find out...There's a Slow Cooker Stuffing recipe on this website that I've been using for several years that's just as tasty, less work and foolproof.
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Iced Mocha Fusion Shake

Reviewed: May 22, 2004
This drink is scrumptious! Very refreshing...I wasn't sure if it would be OK made with skim milk, but it was great. I cut back to 2 T. sugar and I couldn't even tell the difference. There's only one someone else said earlier, it's ADDICTIVE!!
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German Chocolate Bars

Reviewed: Aug. 30, 2009
Sorry, but these were so sweet. To say they're "rich" is an understatement. I love German Chocolate cake, but the flavors in these are so concentrated that they just taste like 100% sugar. In addition, the recipe says to refrigerate them for 4 hours before cutting them. When I did that, it was like trying to cut through hard cement! We ate about 3 of them.
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French Onion Soup I

Reviewed: Apr. 8, 2009
Sorry, but as french onion soup goes, we thought this was really flavorless. I think the 2 1/2 cups of water in the ingredients ruins it; there was no explosion on our taste buds of onion, rich beef broth or even a hint of wine. Also, the swiss cheese didn't have the cheese flavor I'm used to in restaurants, and I see that in other french onion soup recipes on this site additional cheeses such as parmesan and provolone are called for. This was pretty much of a letdown for our tastebuds, unfortunately.
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Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

Reviewed: Dec. 27, 2008
Sorry to only give this 3 stars, but I think it confused my guests. I served this at one Christmas party (as an appetizer) a couple of days before Christmas and NO ONE touched it. I guess they were going after my more traditional, savory tasting appetizers. I thought I would try to serve it again (since it was untouched) at my Christmas dinner. One person out of 7 tried it and did not go back for seconds. Sooooo....I don't know, I can't explain it...I tried it and it tasted good, and it looked ok, I just didn't have much success with it. I explained to people that it tasted to me a bit like chocolate chip cheesecake (which I thought would get them to try it since they could get a good feeling for what flavor they were going to be tasting), but they all gravitated to my cajun meatballs, the bacon-wrapped smokies, the spinach dip, etc. I'm not sure if I'll ever try this again.
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