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Kettle Corn

Reviewed: Aug. 24, 2007
I don't have one of those neat hand-crank popcorn-making-thingys. I have absolutely zero experience making popcorn on the stove. What I do have is a pot that I normally use for chili and pasta, a fondness for kettle corn, and a heck of a of a nerve on me. Here's what I did, mistakes and all: I did the 3-kernel test, and then added the sugar and the popcorn at the same time. (I'm not going to call that a mistake, but I think next time I'll add the sugar, let it melt, and then add the popcorn - the way I did it this afternoon, the popcorn started to pop before the sugar was melted.) I used canola oil and thought it was fine. I added 1 tsp of salt plus a pinch or two to the sugar; next time I might stick to just 1 tsp, as I found some pieces to be a little salty. I did the three-seconds-on-the-heat/three-seconds-off-the-heat thing, shaking the entire time, and I probably pulled it a little early because I'd rather have a few unpopped kernels than burned sugar and popcorn. The end result was very, very tasty. Some of the pieces carmelized quite a bit, others didn't; I preferred the ones that didn't, but that didn't stop me from eating the entire batch by myself. Cleanup was no problem; the cooled sugar melted right off again with hot water. Thanks for the great recipe! Edit: Later, I tried letting the sugar melt before adding the popcorn. I thought the sugar carmelized too much - it tasted burned instead of sweet. I'll add them at the same time from now on.
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Keon's Slow Cooker Curry Chicken

Reviewed: Feb. 14, 2010
I have to admit, when I mixed the sauce for this dish together, I was pretty skeptical. Two cans of condensed soup and a packet of onion soup mix is a lot of processed food, and mixing it with coconut milk just seemed . . . odd. Odd and a little wrong. But I'm always on the lookout for interesting slow-cooker meals, so I gave it a shot. Really, it's not half bad. Completely unlike any curry I've ever had, except for the curry powder, but not half bad. Taste-wise, it probably deserves four stars, but I'm giving it three because I still find the heavy reliance on processed ingredients disturbing (as well as the sodium content - yikes!) That said, it was easy and my husband liked it, so I might make it again. Definitely doesn't need that extra 1/2 tsp of salt, though; there's plenty in the three soup products.
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Simple Ranchy Breaded Fish Fillets

Reviewed: Jan. 2, 2008
You know, we liked these, but I can't give them five stars. I used about 3/4 of the ranch dressing package, and it was pretty strong; I was using flounder, which is maybe the mildest fish in the entire world, so that might have contributed, but I couldn't imagine using the whole package. I like the ranch breading idea, but I think next time I might try a different method - maybe people who are dredging the fish in milk first have the right idea. My oil-and-dressing mix never came close to anything like a "paste" (again, I didn't use the whole packet) and I didn't have enough for all of my fish. Anyway, though, good flavor - particularly for people who don't like fish. I baked at 375 for 10 minutes. Edit: I tried it again with tilapia, baked at 375 for 10 minutes. This time I mixed the dressing mix with the breadcrumbs and lightly brushed the filets with olive oil - delicious! Just the right amount of tang. I'm upping my review to 5 stars. Thanks! EDIT AGAIN: just printed out a copy of this to give to somebody else, and realized that I don't actually follow this recipe at all. My version is 5 stars, but I'm sending this one back to 4.
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Baked Bar-be-Que Chicken

Reviewed: Mar. 21, 2008
No snowstorm (thankfully) but we still enjoyed this. It's pretty basic - as another reviewer pointed out, it'll be exactly as tasty as the sauce you use - but as a cooking method, it works nicely. I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts, baked them covered for 30 minutes and uncovered for another 15. Also, I messed up and added the barbecue sauce in the beginning; it still turned out okay, but next time I'd like to try it as written, and see how it turns out. I used pre-made grilled chicken seasoning, garlic powder and a little cayenne, as well as salt and pepper, to flavor the chicken. On a side note: nonstick aluminum foil is the best invention since slow-cooker liners. Seriously. Buy it.
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Chicken Casserole Del Sol

Reviewed: Sep. 9, 2007
I'm generally a little reluctant to use canned cream-of-whatever soup because of the sodium, fat, preservatives, etc., but for a recipe that's good enough I can be swayed. This one is good enough. First of all, the recipe cuts in half quite neatly, and will then fit in an 8x8 dish, which is completely reasonable for two people and provides a satisfying amount of leftovers. I used pre-cooked chicken and swapped half of the mayo for sour cream (a trick I've done before and liked in other recipes); I also used frozen green beans defrosted in the microwave, and jarred mushrooms. (Which, by the way, I won't repeat: the texture is awful. Next time I'll saute fresh shrooms instead, and will thus avoid having to pick them out of the finished product.) I used fire-roasted veggie Kashi crackers because they were what I had, but I don't think I'd do that again, either; the taste was too strong. I thought the curry was perfect. It's not really enough that the recipe could be called "curried;" if you know it's there, you can taste it, but if you don't, it just sort of enhances the chicken flavor. I think next time I might use corkscrew pasta; the rigatoni was good, but corkscrews would catch all of the sauce. And, finally, instead of parsley, I used chopped scallions on top. I served it with a salad with a strawberry vinaigrette dressing; the sweet-tart dressing cut the creaminess of the casserole nicely. All in all, a great, easy recipe that I'll make again.
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Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan

Reviewed: Jul. 22, 2008
I can't really fault the flavors here - very tasty! - but I'm not so sure about the presentation. I think I'm with the reviewer who suggested using this method as a casserole instead; my eggplant "shells" were only edible on the bottom even though I covered it with foil. Maybe I should have used more sauce, but next time I think I'll just chop the entire eggplant and follow the recipe from there without stuffing - less waste that way. Still, a great idea!
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Lime-Curry Tofu Stir-Fry

Reviewed: Apr. 12, 2010
Great recipe - but not quite perfect. To avoid frying my tofu, I marinated it in the soy sauce, maple syrup and lime juice for about an hour and a half, and then baked for an hour at about 325 degrees, turning over once halfway through. (Sounds excessive, I know, but it totally transforms the tofu - makes it chewier and more flavorful.) Since I wasn't frying the tofu, I only used one tablespoon of oil. I used lite coconut milk and it was fine. I somehow managed to resist the incredibly strong urge to use fish sauce instead of soy sauce, figuring that (at least the first time) I should trust the recipe author; next time, I'll save my willpower for something with chocolate in it. Although the soy sauce was totally fine, fish sauce would be better. And I'm looking forward to adding a greater variety of veggies. Still, this was a really good, simple recipe, and my favorite use to date of curry paste! Thanks so much! EDIT: The second time I made this, I tried it with all fish sauce. DON'T DO IT. It's too much. I had to throw the marinade away and start over. 2 T of soy sauce and 1 T of fish sauce seems to be about right; a pinch of salt really livens things up. Still a great recipe!
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Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, and Lettuce Sandwich

Reviewed: Mar. 5, 2008
If you ever want a laugh, spend some time on AllRecipes browsing all of the different peanut butter sandwich combinations. I love how many different "weird" sandwiches were family favorites, and considered totally normal! Ours was this one, with a slice or two of american cheese added. Use real mayonnaise, and super-crisp iceberg lettuce. For some reason, this has always appealed to me on the kind of not-so-good mornings that sometimes come after really, really good nights out. I think it's the combination of the rich, salty mayo and cheese, the sweet peanut butter and the crisp lettuce. Just seems to hit all the right spots.
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Calabacitas con Elote (Zucchini with Corn)

Reviewed: May 14, 2010
This was an excellent, flavorful dish, with lots of awesome veggies in it! My market was out of poblanos so I used a jalapeno, which was fine. Wish I could have found the cotija, but we're a little far north for that, so I used a good mountain feta instead; if you go that route, I'd recommend adding it to each serving as it's plated, since it kind of disappears in the pan. I'd also definitely recommend not sauteeing the garlic with the onions for more than a minute or so, since the heat is so high; mine was starting to burn before I could pick my spoon up off the counter. And next time I might halve the recipe since it makes a ton. Still excellent, though; thanks so much!
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Mock Chicken Fried Steak

Reviewed: Dec. 6, 2007
I really get a kick out of "mock" anything, but I must admit I was kind of surprised at how close this came to real chicken fried steak! I used ground turkey instead of beef, but in every other way I followed the recipe to the letter. The chili powder is definitely noticeable, but since we like chili powder that was no problem. And I actually think it's the combination of the chili powder and the saltines that makes this so steak-like. I used a nonstick pan with a light coat of olive oil, and fried them on 7 minutes for the first side and 5 for the second (covered so that the meat would "bake" while it fried). I served it with brown rice and a mushroom cream gravy - very tasty! Thanks!
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Lemonade Cake II

Reviewed: Aug. 14, 2007
This recipe is sweet. I mean, really, really sweet. Almost too sweet. And I'm the girl who eats brown sugar out of the box with a spoon, so when I think something's too sweet, that's saying something. The cake was definitely well-received - I served it with fresh strawberries, like another reviewer on this site - but I think we all felt a little dirty afterward, like we'd just eaten a meal composed entirely of Nerds dipped in pre-sweetened Kool-Aid and wrapped in Laffy Taffy. I think that the glaze was really what sent it over-the-top. Concentrated lemonade is already pretty sweet, so adding sugar really ups the cavity-factor. If I make it again - which I very well might, since I love lemon anything - I might try making a glaze from lemon juice and sugar, or just using the lemonade without extra sugar. Still, not a bad recipe. (By the way, one of the earlier reviewers was right when they said that they could taste the mix here; with all of the pre-prepared foods involved, you won't be able to pass this off as a scratch cake. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, just something you might want to keep in mind.)
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Pear Salad II

Reviewed: Apr. 3, 2009
I've eaten this all my life so it seems normal to me, but I guess I can understand how some people might find it odd. Those people need to be braver. This is fantastic: the sweet pears, the rich mayo, the sharp cheese . . . unreal! Serve it with a little of the pear syrup poured over the top; the syrup combines with the mayo into pure deliciousness.
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Chicken Costa Brava

Reviewed: Jan. 9, 2008
This was very tasty, but I must admit that I mostly used a different recipe for Chicken Costa Brava that I found in an old cookbook. All of the ingredients are the same, but some of the quantities are different: 2 whole chicken breasts instead of 5, 8 oz of tomatoes instead of 14.5, 1 cup of salsa instead of 1/2 cup, 2 tsp of cornstarch instead of 2 tbsp, and a mixture of black and green olives instead of 2 cups of black. I used a medium-heat salsa, and whole tomatoes that I crushed before adding. I wonder if maybe it was these small differences that kept mine from being "bland," as some people are complaining? Anyway, the fella liked it - the pineapple bits were particularly spicy and tangy and delicious - so next time I'll make it the Allrecipes way and update.
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Lemon Garlic Tilapia

Reviewed: Aug. 7, 2007
This might be my favorite fish recipe ever. I took the advice of other reviewers on this site, increasing the butter and garlic and decreasing the lemon juice; I used 4 tablespoons of butter, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and 3 cloves of garlic. I drizzled the lemon juice over the fish first and then cooked the garlic in the butter and parsley. (You have to be a little patient with the garlic; since there's nothing else in the pan to absorb the heat, it'll burn really easily, so be sure to cook it on low heat and take it off before it gets brown. Burnt garlic = icky.) I cooked it at 400 degrees for 10 minutes and it came out perfectly. I served it with a salad made from mixed greens, grape tomatoes and herbed goat cheese with balsamic vinegar, and even my husband - who is disinclined by nature to notice such things - thought it was a nice complement.
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Puttanesca I

Reviewed: Dec. 18, 2010
Loved this - really good and spicy, and not hard! I used Pom chopped tomatoes and didn't bother sieving them, just tossed them in, sauce and all; worked out fine. Don't be scared of the olive oil. Makes the finished sauce nice and lush. Next time, I might try adding the whole can of anchovies, so it doesn't go to waste, but all in all - we'll definitely make this again, thanks so much!
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Chicken Tortilla Soup V

Reviewed: May 21, 2007
This was awesome, and will become a staple in our house. IMHO, the soup is way better when ladled over the chips. Rather than getting soggy, the chips will disintegrate, adding thickness, richness and body to the soup. When the chips are crumbled on top of the soup, all you have is spicy chicken soup with flat cornmeal croutons. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but which is a long way from the wonderful substance which is tortilla soup. Anyway, this soup is amazing. Great flavor, not horribly labor-intensive, and not horribly bad for you. (Except for the cheese. And the sour cream. And the deep-fried tortilla chips. Other than that . . . totally healthy.)
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Pat's Baked Beans

Reviewed: Jul. 20, 2008
Tasty! Ideally I'd love to find a baked bean recipe that doesn't actually include a can of baked beans, but until then, this one is good. If I made it again I'd add some Tabasco or cayenne to counter the sweet a bit (since they are really sweet). I swapped half the molasses for maple syrup (perhaps the source of the extra sweetness?) and next time will try it as written, just to compare. Cooked the bacon, sauteed the onions and garlic and then dumped everything in the slow cooker for 7 hours on low - the consistency was perfect. I find the garbanzo controversy in these reviews a bit odd - after all that cooking time, pretty much everything has the same flavor and texture, so it doesn't seem to matter which beans you use!
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Roasted Balsamic Cauliflower

Reviewed: Jun. 23, 2010
Quite good! Used nonstick aluminum foil and only half a head of cauliflower. Maybe my cauliflower was huge, but I didn't actually think the dressing would have coated much more than that. Roasting time worked well for us; in fact, I gave it a few extra minutes, and it caramelized nicely.
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Easy Creamy Peppercorn Chicken

Reviewed: Mar. 13, 2008
This was surprisingly tasty for having so few ingredients! I also used a packet of country gravy mix because I couldn't find peppercorn. I think next time I might brown the chicken before putting it in the oven; it was sort of unappetizingly pale. But the taste was great. I used reduced-fat soup and couldn't tell at all.
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Poor Man's Sandwich

Reviewed: Mar. 12, 2008
What can I say - I had to try it! This combination worked really well. I think the key is balance; too much of any one of the ingredients would have thrown it off, but if you don't go overboard on anything it all gets together and sings. Reminded me a bit of bread-and-butter pickles; tangy, but sweet, and with a little bite from the onion. I'll make this again!
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