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Chicken Honey Nut Stir Fry

Reviewed: Mar. 9, 2006
This was SO GOOD!! Absolutely the best stir fry recipe I have tried yet. The only changes I made were the addition of peas (next time will probably add broccoli, snow peas, etc.) and i didn't have cashews so i toasted some almond slivers and sesame seeds and i think they were a fine substitution. i added a litle more ginger than called for. I thought the blend of flavors in the sauce was just outstanding and everyone said it smelled and tasted fabulously. very good recipe, only change i would make would be the addition of more vegetables.
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Roasted Garlic Cauliflower

Reviewed: Jul. 23, 2006
I thought this recipe was soooo good. I love cauliflower and like finding new ways to prepare it that don't involve a heavy, dairy-based sauce. This was fantastic. I only used about 1/4 c of parmesan cheese, which seemed like enough. I used Kraft Parm Plus so it has garlic, basil, and some other stuff in it and it was VERY tasty, but I think regular parmesan would be just fine. I also added about 1/4c. of italian breadcrumbs. This was so easy and tasty, I will definitely make this again. Oh, after reading about some people haveing problems with burning garlic, I kept the dish covered with foil for the first half of cooking. And I didn't find it undercooked at all; I thought it was perfectly cooked.
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Wonton Soup

Reviewed: Oct. 6, 2005
Especially after a recently awful attempt at a similar wonton recipe, I was wary to try another, but was pleasantly surprised. Omitted the shrimp, don't care for it much. I love that the pork loin is finely chopped instead of using ground pork, it gives it a great texture that isn't pastey or chewy like some recipes. Used rice vinegar instead of wine because I had it on hand, not sure how much this effected the flavor. Also, I would recommend to anyone who wants to try this to either chop the ginger VERY finely, or simply grate it. I got the occasional bite of a small chunk of ginger, not so good =). Anyway, a fantastic wonton recipe that I will use all the time. Btw, I accidentally chopped a little more than 1 tsp ginger, so I added the remainder to the stock. Wouldn't recommend doing something like that unless you REALLY love ginger. It ended up being a little overpowering, and I think I only probably added about 1/4 tsp to it. Edit: if you have complaints about the broth, that is not the recipe's flaw: it's mediocre broth. Consider adding some kick with a splash of rice vinegar and a little grated ginger (have invested in a grater since my earlier post, what a fantastic tool!)
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Super-Delicious Zuppa Toscana

Reviewed: Jul. 2, 2007
Just made a few little changes to this recipe. I used turkey sausage, 7 potatoes, and ready-to-use bacon crumbles, better than bouillon instead of cans of broth, and milk instead of heavy cream. It was absolutely fantastic, better, I dare say, than the soup from the chain.
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Mandarin Chicken Pasta Salad

Reviewed: Sep. 16, 2007
Absolutely fantastic. I can't stop eating it! The dressing is phenomenal. Quite a bit of work chopping all the veggies and dicing the chicken, but my goodness is it totally worth it. I doubled the recipe but regret I didn't triple it!
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Barbeque Beef Casserole

Reviewed: Jul. 5, 2006
This recipe is really good, but with some modifications. We halved it and put it in a 9x9. The smallest can of corn I could find was 8.5 oz, and I ended up using the whole thing, and used the whole can of diced tomatoes instead of half of it (and I think the results were very good). Ended up adding more bbq sauce like everyone else. Also, one box of cornbread was just enough, butI can't imagine using 3 on the full recipe; I think it would be way too much. Don't be scared of having the cornbread bake on top, only the bottom 1/4" or so will absorb any liquid, and it's a good thing! That part tastes the best! I really liked how quick and easy this recipe was, and great "bang for your buck" in terms of flavor. The bbq and cornbread go together beautifully, not weird at all. would like to try a little cheese next time.
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Cherry Cobbler II

Reviewed: Jun. 26, 2006
I made quite a few changes to this, following some of the others recommendations, and it still needed more work than what I did. It was a good starting point I guess, but if prepared as specified, I think I would have been VERY unhappy with the results. first, I halved the butter called for, and found it to still be too much. I cut back on the sugar and it was still a little too sweet (and I used fresh cherries so no added sugar there). Putting it in a 9x9 was absolutely necessary; it would have been pancake thin in a 9x13. I added a healthy dash of cinnamon and allspice to the batter and it was very nice; I think if I hadn't done this it would have been pretty bland. So... this recipe can be a success only if you follow everyone else's advice about it. as is, no way.
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Chicken Vegetable Stew

Reviewed: Jul. 23, 2006
This stew was fantastic! The only change I made was the addition of a 1/2c of chicken broth, and a can of corn towards the end of cooking. I thought it was an aweful lot of potatoes, but they really helped thicken the liquid and make it hearty. I think the turmeric made all the difference. I was really iffy about how it would taste but oh it was wonderful! I will make this all the time. So easy and flavorful and filling.
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Chinese Sizzling Rice Soup

Reviewed: Sep. 18, 2006
We loved this soup! It was so easy and flavorful, it will definitely be a regular dish for us. I made a few changes, but nothing to dramatically change the original dish. I used a 4oz can of tiny shrimp. I browned the chicken in the pot in a small amount of vegetable and sesame oil, omitting the deep frying step and the egg. I used 4 cups of broth, 2 of chicken and 2 of vegetable, and even with all of the liquid from the can of shrimp, I wanted more broth. If you used canned shrimp either do not drain them (and skip frying them) or reserve the liquid because it adds SO much flavor. I used half a can of bamboo shoots, diced water chestnuts, and bean sprouts. Instead of green beans I used snow peas. I used a handful of fresh shitake mushrooms, sliced. I also added in a handful of shredded napa cabbage right at the end of cooking. I can't purchase sherry or rice wine, so I substituted a healthy splash of rice vinegar. Even though it probably changes the flavor considerably, the results were tasty so I dont mind the switch. I tried some others' advice about the frying of the uncooked rice, which to me sounded greasy and unappetizing. I steamed 1/3c. of white rice to get about 2/3 cooked. I put the rice in a bowl and poured on about a tsp each of vegetable and sesame oil, and stirred to coat. I spread the rice out on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven at about 400. It took ~15 minutes to get to a desired crispiness. Just check it often to make sure it doesn't burn =)
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Spicy Thai Vegetable Soup

Reviewed: Jul. 4, 2007
I really dislike the texture of pureed soups, so I skipped that part. I omitted the saffron because it's a bit pricey. I also had to cut the pepper garlic sauce and fish sauce because I couldn't find them. I didn't simmer for quite so long because I didn't want the vegetables to get soft. Everything else I kept the same though and WOW! It's a very thin soup, but with the rice it's quite filling and sooooo delicious! oh the flavors are just fantastic, and we didn't miss the meat at all. It's a fantastic main dish all by itself. The coconut milk is slightly sweet, which balances out the peppers and ginger. Absolutely wonderful, and I definitely plan to make it again. Edit: stll haven't gotten the garlic sauce, but did get some fish sauce. would definitely recommend NOT using the amt listed in the recipe. fish sauce is ridiculously potent and a little goes a long way. 3tbsp is obscene. 1 tbsp is more than enough, maybe even too much.
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Hawaiian-Style Chili

Reviewed: Apr. 17, 2007
This is absolutely my new favorite chili recipe. I only made a few changes to suit our preferences. I halved the amount of meat (and used grnd turkey instead of beef), but left all the veggies at the full quantity except onions, of which I only used 2. I really cannot imagine, even if i had used 2lbs of meat, using 6 onions. Also, I didn't drain the pineapples, which were packed in juice. The light sweetness really helped to balance out the heat. I will make this again, for sure, and often.
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Gypsy Soup

Reviewed: Nov. 29, 2006
WOW this was so good. so so so good. It was very hearty and filling, the sort of soup that warms you to the core. Next time I make this I will use more sweet potatoes because they really shine here. I upped the broth to 4 cups. I couldn't find any good fresh tomatoes so I used a small can of diced tomatoes. I included the juice, which gave a really nice acidity to the broth. I really like that this soup lends itself easily to flexibility. People have added squashes, apples... I htink i'd like it with diced carrots. I will make it again, for sure, and maybe I'll get a little adventurous with the ingredient
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Chicken in Every Pot Pie

Reviewed: Mar. 30, 2006
I did make a few changes to this recipe. I used a bag of frozen peas and diced carrots so i wouldn't have to chop carrots. On top of those I added sauteed celery, boiled diced potatoes, and canned corn (any vegetables i could get my hands on, basically). Instead of cream of mushroom soup, which i'm not a fan of, I made a gravy out of chicken stock, butter, and flour (which i'll venture was healthier than canned cream soup). all in all though, I stuck with the basic feel of the recipe with great results. I really loved the top crust, the biscuit mix was fluffy and delicious-i love the addition of celery seed!
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Catherine's Spicy Chicken Soup

Reviewed: Sep. 5, 2007
Definitely a keeper. Nothing to knock you out of your chair, but darn good and with so many ingredients that you can keep on hand, it's a real go-to recipe. Used drumsticks instead of breasts. Replaced the can of whole tomatoes with another can of diced (think next time I'll omit one of the cans. it was very tomato heavy). Left out the soup, seeing how tomato-y it was. Added a can of hominy and replaced a can of chili beans with black beans. Didn't drain the corn (because corn is soooo tasty!). choose a good chunky salsa because it imparts a lot of great flavor to this. Put the sour cream as a dollop on each bowl, instead of mixing it in.
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Pineapple Chicken Tenders

Reviewed: Oct. 2, 2005
This is the first 5* recipe I've given, and it is WELL DESERVED. Let me just start with the modifications I made. We used boneless skinless chicken breasts that I pounded flat so they'd cook about as quickly as chicken tenders. Also, we live in an apt. so no grilling, so we just did it on the stovetop. I think I only used about 1/3 c. of brown sugar and a little more pineapple juice instead. It was AMAZING. The chicken was juicy and flavorful. I boiled the marinade for a few mins until it had reduced by about 1/3 and poured this over the chicken and a side of white rice and it was just fantastic. We will definitely use this recipe again and again. It's so simple and so delicious. Thanks!!
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Sesame Chicken

Reviewed: Sep. 12, 2006
SO good! We omitted the hot pepper and mushrooms out of preference, and had to replace rice wine with rice vinegar. next time i will probably make more of the marinade because it was soooo good. i loved the combination of flavors; the lemon really gave it some fantastic kick. served it with white rice and wonton soup. will definitely make this again
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Chicken and Pumpkin Lasagna

Reviewed: Nov. 30, 2005
My roommate didn't really like this, but he isn't a big pumpkin fan. Unlike other reviewers, I thought this did have a considerable pumpkin taste. I liked it a lot though; it was a unique take on a classic dish.
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Spicy Sausage Casserole

Reviewed: Oct. 10, 2005
I'm giving this 5 because I loved it so much and it was so simple. I also took many liberties with this recipe, but since I followed the main idea of this recipe it deserves the credit. I cooked some chopped bacon in the bottom of a large pot, then cooked 1/4 of a med white onion, chopped (replaced shallot, bc I had the onion on hand already and wanted to use up the last of it) the garlic, and some diced raw carrots I had. I cut my sausage into quarter circles about 1/2" thick and put those in the pot to brown. I added a can of diced tomatoes, some leftover spaghetti sauce (maybe about 1/3 c.), and whatever frozen veggies I could dig out of my freezer. Peas, corn, green beas, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach. I thawed and strained the spinach most of the way. I like the taste of spinach so I did leave it somewhat moist and it added a nice flavor. I added the green onions last, and then seasoned with a large bay leaf, italian seasoning, sea salt, and pepper. I simmered everything for about 10 or 15 minutes, until all the veggies were warmed through and some of the liquid had cooked off. I decided to not do this in the oven because I didn't want to risk overcooking the vegetables. I liked the addition of the spinach and would recommend it. Served over white rice. Wouldn't have thought to make a goulash like this. Very tasty.
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Cornbread Stuffed Chicken

Reviewed: Mar. 28, 2006
I really loved this stuffing; very unusual and unexpectedly delicious. I was very uncertain how it would turn out but was pleasantly surprised. I think I will make the stuffing alone as a side, as it stood out to me more than the chicken.
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Maui Chicken

Reviewed: Sep. 1, 2007
Made the recipe as written (*gasp!*). Very good =) The mushrooms were a bit underwhelming, I think. In the future, I will try out the addition of other vegetables. Quick, easy, filling, reheats well.... it's a darn good recipe.
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