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Alfredo Sauce

Reviewed: Nov. 12, 2007
Bland & throughly uninspired. My husband was none too pleased, and my children were less than enthused which is a far cry from their usual elation with my Italian cooking. I made this for my family yesterday, and recognized the taste right away as being a recipe I've made before though not from this site (copy cat recipes; the book actually). I added 1/8 tsp ground pepper since the flavor was sadly lacking. While I know that I'm am a tough critic having lived for 3 years in Italy this wasn't even passable to my husband who has only visited there with me. This alfredo is fine for someone with a bland palate, but if it's flavor you crave then move on to a recipe more original and authentic.
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Costas French Market Doughnuts (Beignets)

Reviewed: May 8, 2010
This took a bit of trial and error to get right. The oil on medium high is way to hot and the beignets just burned. My perfect temp was medium low. Dont cook more than 2 - 3 inch squares or 4 triangles at a time or it will lower the temp of the oil to the point that they will not puff up. When cooked properly they will first sink then puff up and float, then turn golden, if they start to spot your oil temp is to high. When I finally got the temp right they seemed a bit bland so I added brown sugar and cinnamon in my next dough ball and rolled it out so it had a marbled effect (this is so the way to go and I will continue to do that). If you put your paper towel and cooling racks on a cookie sheet you will be able to powder them there too and clean up will be a breeze. I made 3/4 of a batch and froze the rest. My 3 kids consumed them all only letting my husband and I snag 2 a piece so I will make a whole batch next time. Please also note that if you use the packets of yeast that it is only equivalent to 2 1/4 tsps and that would make your beignets not puff up as much.
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Golden Pork Chops

Reviewed: Oct. 29, 2007
These looked terrible coming out of the oven. My husband made a face and said what is that??? But after he bit into one he was sold, even my 7 & 1 year old loved them. I was asked to make this agian and again. I did do as other reviewers suggested and heavily season the pork chops before browning them. I also used an 2 cans of cream of mushroom and one of celery. I think 2 cans would be plenty next time. I also added extra onions since my family is such a big fan of them, and omitted the extra mushrooms as I'm not a big fan. Thanks for the tasty recipe! I've also made this by chopping up the pork, seasoning & browning then slow cooking and serving over egg noodles or rice.
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Mom's Easy Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast

Reviewed: Apr. 18, 2010
It important that you use Carl Budding Beef and not roast beef as AR added into the review page narrative. You can also you dried salted beef but you must omit the salt from the recipe and soak your beef to remove some of the salt (not as quick and easy). I use 2 heaping tablespoons of flour per cup of milk (AR calculates that at about 3/4 cup). They changed my directions also. Add the entire milk mixture to butter and whisk constantly until thickened (5-7 min). For thinner cream chipped beef use pre warmed milk before adding the flour for thicker use cold milk.
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Egg Breakfast Pizza

Reviewed: Jan. 17, 2009
I was not about to throw some bacon bits in with celery soup and call it a day so... I halved the recipe to make 1 pizza, used a pizza crust mix instead of a pre-made crust. REAL maple bacon!!! Omitted the green peppers (just because I was out but next time if I have them I will certainly toss them in) sauteed the onion, of which I used sliced pearl onions. And last but in my opinion the winning change... I made my own white sauce as if I were making Cream chip beef on toast. Heres how to do it: Melt 2tbs butter, over med high heat add 1 cup of milk and 2 heaping tablespoons flour whisk and cook over med heat until thick. Add salt and pepper to taste. Everyone ate it up exclaiming over how good it was. "Much better than the schools breakfast pizza" says the 8 yr old =)
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Breaded Toasted Ravioli

Reviewed: May 31, 2009
This was good but it has a lot potential to be made great. I added a little garlic powder to the bread crumb mix and since plain bread crumbs were not specified I used Italian and added the spices listed. I also spray with pam olive oil spray. The egg wash didn't look to be nearly enough but it was perfect. My recommendation is to use fresh not frozen ravioli and maybe brush EVOO on or add a bit to the egg wash so its not so dry. Lastly I highly recommend turning your ravioli on the rack half way through. The underside was still a bit soft and undone with the top was perfectly browned.
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Abby's Chicken Rollatini

Reviewed: Dec. 6, 2007
This recipe was fantastic!!! If you rate this anything but 5 stars then you've done something wrong and try it again! If you used Parmesan cheese other than fresh dont bother to rate this recipe as I'm sure it would be bland, dull and tasteless. Kraft makes a "grate-it-fresh" Parmesan that comes with a container and can be found next to the shredded and blocks of chesses in most markets. Its easy, less expensive and VERY good cheese. I did alter it slightly for ease of cooking though did nothing to change the flavor.I use the garlic that is preminced in a jar (I always keep it on hand in the fidge) it's not as strong of a garlic taste (though I love garlic) so I sprinkled it with garlic powder before adding the cheese and procuitto. I also used a little less cheese because I bought the slices. I had the procuitto sliced VERY thin so I was able to roll 2 slices inside and then wrap 2 around the outside so I didnt need to use a tooth pick. The effect was delish, the procuitto browned and was somewhat crunchy like bacon would be! YUM The wine and oil gave it a nice subtle flavor. But remove the chicken to a serving plate as the pan is only meant for it to be COOKED in!
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To Die For Blueberry Muffins

Reviewed: Aug. 6, 2008
The muffin/crumb ratio was perfect when I doubled the muffins and kept the crumb the same. I also added 1 tsp of vanilla, and 1 tsp cinnamon per batch to the muffins and they were even better! After 10 months of making these I also add a pack of instant apple cinnamon oatmeal to the topping and its fabulous! ****Update**** I made 5 double batches this week while my parents are visiting and I just cant keep them in the house, I make 22 before bed and wake up to 6-8 missing, the longest they took to eat was 24 in 2 1/2 days and out of all the bathes I was only able to snag 1. My family is very picky and light eaters so the way they shovel these down is quite a feat. I will make this for MANY MANY years to come.
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Cupcake Graveyard

Reviewed: Nov. 1, 2007
My Husband and I made these for our sons 1st grade Halloween party yesterday. They were such a hit!! And so easy to make. My previous cupcake decorations took a few hours to create but this was so cute and simple. I used Milano cookies for the tombstones and wrote RIP in black with little orange crosses I also added a little candy pumpkin next to the grave. The looked and tasted great. I also used french vanilla cake mix instead of chocolate because it tastes so much better.
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Brown Sugar Meatloaf

Reviewed: Aug. 21, 2007
I wasnt exactly impressed with this recipe for the simple fact that I have been topping my meatloaf with equal parts of brn sugar & ketchup for years. The meatloaf its self was pretty boring and I think I was looking for some umph. So I made it a second time added kc masterpiece BBQ seasoning, garlic worcestershire, and some italian bread crumbs, chopped green pepper, red onion, paprika, oregano, basically I kept adding until I had the smell I wanted . Turned out better with more zest to match the topping. My family thought it was spot on. Save yourself the hassle mix the brown sugar and ketchup and just top your meatloaf halfway through. So much easier with the same taste result. So I will continue to make with these changes and that vaults this into a 5 star in my book. My 8 and 5 year old boys ate more than I did exclaiming how I should make it again. BBQ seasoning in the meatloaf is a must! Make in cupcake pans and top with mashed potatoes that have been died with pureed beets for the perfect April fools dinner.
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My Best Clam Chowder

Reviewed: Sep. 26, 2008
This is now my best clam chowder. It was fantastic! I made it pretty much as is with only slight changes. I used 4 cans of clams, next time I will use 5 because the hubby loves a lot of clams and use whole BABY clams. I will nix the carrots as it is I just used half a cup but the hubby dislikes like cooked carrots so he wasn't crazy about that and quite frankly I've never had carrots in my chowda. Next time I will try it adding some bacon as was the other half's suggestion and I didn't even mention the other reviews to him. And I used clam juice instead of water. An 8oz bottle with the juice from 4 cans of clams was enough to cover the veggies. The red wine vinegar in it was outta this world! never in a million years would I have guessed it. What a superb super secret ingredient! This is getting written in my family favorites book tonight! I served it it warm bread bowls, perfect for a cold rainy new england day. Side note: we like our chowda thick so I cooked it a little longer to where it was thicker than pancake batter before adding the veggies and juice. Perfect! If its to think for you then it can be thinned with a little milk. ****Update**** I entered this in a Contest and took second with it after my husband said there was no way a flatlander could win in New England with Chowder. It was my first time trying to reheat it in a crock pot, I made the night before and didnt add the clams or red wine vinegar as well as left the potatoes and veggies a little more firm. 3
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Chicken Fried Chicken

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2009
I added some extra seasonings, a little extra seasoning salt, garlic powder and paprika. My 8 year old who is only 50 pounds and is a REALLY small eater ate 2 whole chicken breasts and my 2 1/2 yr old ate 1 whole one. Rarely do I see them dig into dinner with such gusto. This will go in the recipe book for future generations for sure! For all who said their meat was tough... pound your chicken breasts out first. As a general rule of thumb always expect them to be tough unless you pound them, you have to break down the membranes that make them tough. And if you batter is falling off in cooking its because you did not dredge your meat in flour before dipping in the egg. If you want any batter to stick to anything ever insert that step into every recipe you batter. If it burns, your cooking it with your oil at to high of a temp, it takes just as much practice to fry chicken as it did at 16 learning to parallel park, if its brown and still not cooked just toss it in the oven at 300-325 to finish, a low heat will keep it moist and allow it to cook through which is probably safer and easier if your using bone in anyways, I petrified of serving raw chicken so I almost always throw whatever chicken I'm making the oven at 300 for a little while and have NEVER over cooked since the heat is low.
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Hoagie Dip

Reviewed: Sep. 14, 2008
Growing up north of philly there are 3 things I know from birth, real cheese steaks, stromboli's, and Hoagie's. I must say this totally hit the mark. I did add some vinegar to the mixture as any hoagie I've ever had contained it. It was terrific!. I did scale this down to 4 servings and it made about 2 1/2 cups of dip even then. I chopped all the meat and cheese up rather than tore, it was faster and more uniform. I will be making this again.
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Mom's Sushi Rice

Reviewed: Dec. 6, 2007
Excellent rice! I actually made this with Adobo chicken tonight to test it out before I make sushi and I found it to be wonderful! I did heat the rice vinegar and sugar until the sugar dissolved, The directions seemed to be missing that step or maybe it was just implied.
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Monte Cristo Sandwich - the Real One

Reviewed: Jul. 21, 2008
I made these for dinner last night and wow heart attack heaven! The batter needs to be doubled if you plan to make the whole amount. My kids and husband liked this but we all agreed it was really to oily and heavy. We could each only eat 1/4 of the sandwich and we felt pretty lethargic from it.
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Crispy Orange Beef

Reviewed: Oct. 12, 2008
Turned out fantastic. I did as others suggested and doubled the sauce while cutting the sugar in half. I also omitted the orange peel as it really didn't need it. Next time I will reduce the vinegar by 25% and use mixed OJ to replace the 25% vinegar omission. Really very good. I will make again.
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Adobo Chicken with Ginger

Reviewed: Dec. 6, 2007
I made this tonight (foreign cuisine night) and it was awesome! I used quartered chicken pieces, and rice wine vinegar. I almost threw in the onions I'd cooked like another reviewer recommended but after a quick taste of the cooked chicken I discarded that idea as the dish was very flavorful in its own right. I'm positive we will make the again and again. I served with warm Japanese sushi rice (practicing for next week's meal) and it paired very well!
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Carol's Chicken Salad

Reviewed: Aug. 5, 2006
We loved this chicken salad. So tasty!!! I did omit the water chestnust and added walnuts like others suggested also used chunky apple sauce instead of the apples that I was going to use because it seemed to dry if you wanted to put it on a sandwich and I didnt want to over load it with more Mayo (my husbands suggestion and right on). Delish!!! The more I make this the more I get asked for the recipe! So yummy!
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Perfect Sushi Rice

Reviewed: Dec. 12, 2007
This was great. I agree it would have been to much vinegar. I did reduce the Vinegar to 1/3 cup and I tasted the rice as I was mixing in the liquid and stopped when it had the right flavor (I didnt use it all). Half of cooking is tasting as you go and this turned out beautifuly for me.
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Crab Lasagna Roll-Ups

Reviewed: May 7, 2008
Ugh making this had to be my biggest kitchen mistake. My husband surprised us with lots of fresh Lobster and crab legs and I thought this would be a good way to use the leftovers. WAY WAY WAY to many seasonings. If you decide to make it cut the italian seasonings out altogether as that's basically what the rest of the seasonings are. and 1/4 c mix if you want to make 12 noodles. I used 1/3 and made 8. The roll up lasagna idea is great but the recipe leaves alot to be desired, and really needs to be reworked.
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