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Sour Cream Pork Chops

Reviewed: Feb. 9, 2006
I'm giving this five stars for this recipe w/ modifications. I think you will really love this if you try it the way I did! I seasoned the chops w/ s,p, and garlic powder, then dredged in flour seasoned w/ pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and some Emrils all-purpose seasoning....& browned in olive oil. On the stove, I boiled the water w/ one large chicken bouillon cube, then reduced, and added one can of cream of mushroom soup. I wisked together about 4 T flour in some cold water and added it to this saice. I let this simmer a little. Poured over chops and onions in crock pot. Right before it is finished, or even after it is done, then add 8 oz. sour cream and stir around. This was tasty, creamy and great served over wide egg noodles and freshly steamed green beans sprinkled w/ lemon pepper. Hope this review helps someone. I think the blandness some complained of will be alliviated w/ the extra seasonings in the flour mixture and the cr. of mushroom soup!! Try it!
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Thai Red Chicken Curry

Reviewed: Jul. 29, 2007
Well, I think I have found that "missing ingredient" in this recipe! I read all of the reviews saying it was missing something, so I went on a quest to find it. First of all, I saute'd the chicken in hot sesame oil, but regular sesame oil would probably be nice also. This added a nice kick and flavor. I added lots of carrots, cubed potatoes (a must), onions. Then I threw in a can of bean sprouts and a generous handfull of unsalted peanuts (yum!), but you could easily use cashews. I used a regular can of coconut milk, cilantro, 1 T fish sauce, about 1/3 t of corriander, 1-2 t sugar, and some s and p to taste. Here is the secret ingredient: a couple of dollops of creamy peanut butter! It gives it a beautiful satay flavor, and somehow balances out the spicy with a more smooth, peanuty taste. I would love to hear feedback on some of you who try this added ingredient. Made this way, I will certainly make again, over and over. My husband adored this! I served over asian coconut rice from this site (something else that balances out the spicyness). Delicious.
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Easy Apple Crisp

Reviewed: Feb. 9, 2006
I had to write a comment on this! I have made many an apple crisp, and this seems to take the cake as everyone's favorite! I gleaned from previous reviewers and this came out fabulously yummy! First, I used a "golden (or yellow) butter recipe" cake mix, and did mix it w/ 3/4 c. of oats. I used the amt. of butter the recipe called for. For the apple mixture, I sprinkled w/ nutmeg, cinnamon and a bit of allspice! With the water (about 1 C. I think), I added 4 T caramel ice cream topping and 1 egg. No added sugar. It wasn't too sweet and we even had it for a late, special breakfast (the kids are still talking about our "special breakfast!") Thanks for my new favorite! This is a great treat to bring to a neighbor, by the way...straight out of the oven!
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Broccoli Chicken Casserole II

Reviewed: Jul. 17, 2008
Like another user said, this is the Chicken Divan I on which I grew up. With my changes (the same or similar to others) this dish is truly PERFECT! First, only use 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, with 1 C of sour cream, and 1 C of mayonaise. I added 3 t of curry (I simply can not imagine less) as well, and doubled the lemon juice. As for the chicken, I boil then debone an entire chicken, then shred all meat but the breast, which I save for other recipes. I also add a can of chopped, water chestnuts. If you have not tried this addition, some people say it makes the dish! Per another user's recommendation, I layered all of this over 4 cups of cooked, white rice. This just puts it over the top, as the rice is more flavorful than if served over the rice cooked separately. On top, I do a layer of buttered breadcrumbs with a light coating of Parmesan cheese. I suppose my recipe looks much different than this original now that I see all of my changes, but I will post this here in hopes it will be a blessing to someone who is wanting to make the most scrumptious dish of broccoli chicken casserole they have ever tasted!
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Lobster Pasta

Reviewed: Feb. 18, 2007
Well, I have now tried this recipe two ways. The first time I planned to make it I could not find lobster, so I substituted steak (broil first till med. rare, dice, and add to sauce in the end). It was excellent. The second time I did use lobster, and it is excellent both ways. I would like to offer my suggestions for an even more enjoyable taste experience. I used many more cloves of garlic called for, used extra buuter, and added fresh, chopped mushrooms. I did not use the amount of cinnamon called for, as only a hint is what it needed. Just maybe 1/2 a teaspoon. The most important ingredient I added, and someone is bound to thank me for this, is Sherry (Marsala can also be used). About a 1/4 cup of this truly completes the taste. It makes all the difference. Also, only a few dashes of salt is needed. The 2 t called for I believe is way too much. I also used a 28 oz sized can of Pureed Tomatoes, instead of diced, for a smoother sauce. Can top with freshly grated parmesean. I would love to read someone else's review who tried making this with the sherry, or substituting w/ a good cut of steak. I would hate to be the only one to savor this recipe with the additions. Wonderful with a crusty bread and a caesar salad.
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Chicken Divan

Reviewed: Jul. 17, 2008
This is basically the marvelous chicken divan recipe I make regularly and is so coveted by my family. However, I add 1 c of sour cream to the soup/mayo/lemon juice/curry layer, and this is such a must! I can't imagine it without the sour cream. I always add about 3 t of curry, since it is just so yummy and seems the perfect amount. Also, I never add the mushrooms, as I've never heard of chicken divan w/ mushrooms. I also top this with a layer of buttered breadcrumbs and then lightly cover w/ a layer of Parmesan cheese. I think you will find the breadcrumb topping makes it so much better. This is a family favorite by almost everyone who makes it!
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Cherry Enchiladas

Reviewed: Jun. 13, 2010
I must say this was exceptional. I took another reviewer's advice and am so glad I did. I spread a mixture of 8 oz cream cheese and 1/3 c powdered sugar, whipped together, on each tortilla, then doubled the cherry filliing (2 cans) and doubled the tortilla count to 10. I also added 1 t almond ex. to both the cherries and the syrup. Let sit in fridge for 5 hrs, covered with much more cinnamon/sugar and omitted the almonds. Baked for 40 mins. It was crispy and lovely on the outside and perfect on the inside. Top with real whipped cream.
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Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding

Reviewed: Jul. 17, 2008
I just made this and think it is wonderful. I will still give it 5 stars despite my additions. I doubled recipe, which I recommend for a family. Also, I used 1/2 and 1/2, doubled the vanilla, added some cinnamon and nutmeg, and cooked with a cup of raisins. I also added some cornstarch to thicken (2 t for my doubled recipe). I am sure it would still have been wonderful even without my changes, and highly recommend this recipe for a true, warm, comforting dessert. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Scalloped Cabbage with Ham and Cheese

Reviewed: May 18, 2007
I just made this and had to come and give it a review. With the changes I made, it is really special. To this I added a can of corn. I also used a mixture of Velveta and cheddar cheeses. When making the sauce in the pan, I only used a bit of milk and threw in a can of Cheddar Cheese Soup. I added a few dashes of nutmeg, cayenne and onion power and black pepper. On top of the breadcrumbs, I did sprinkle paprika and parsley, as taken from another reviewer. Delicious and makes a lot!
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Shepherd's Pie VI

Reviewed: Dec. 8, 2006
Such a winner with my entire family. My small changes make it perfect...I hope they are a help to someone...as I took many other tips from other reviews and combined them. First, I used 1 C of sour cream, butter and some milk (just a tad) in making the mashed potatoes. They, according to my kids, are the best part! The sour cream really does make the difference. I also season them with Lawry's season salt. I sauteed the onions with the beef (used half beef and half turkey..about 1 1/2 lbs. in all) and seasoned w/ garlic powder, worchestershire (about 3 T), ketchup and a bit of steak sauce. I then made homemade gravy: brown flour in oil and make a roux (I do a good bit)...add s and p and garlic powder. Once brown, I add a can of beef broth, then milk to consistency of choice. I mixed the beef mixture with the gravy...so delicious. This was the bottom layer. Next was a layer of corn, then the coarsly smashed carrots, then the potatoes, and a goodly layer of cheddar cheese. Sprinkle w/ paprika and you have a beautiful and savory meal that will be on everyone's request list! This is delicious with a ceasar salad. Note, you can also use green beans or peas in this, in addition to, or instead of the corn. You almost can't go wrong with this!
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After-School Gingersnaps

Reviewed: Feb. 18, 2007
Thanks for this submission. Actually, when I rolled it out and tried to take the cut-outs off the counter and on to the pan, they sort of smushed together and did not retain their form. I ended up having to roll them in a ball, then smash them into a circle with my hand in the pan. They actually turned out nicely. My kids loved them. I would still love to find a recipe that will give me a sharp, pungent ginger taste and crispy, like from the store. My kids, however, prefered these. Thanks again..
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Sand Tarts

Reviewed: Dec. 19, 2005
This is my families traditional Christmas cookie since my childhood. I lost my recipe and this one is the same, except we call ours pecan sandies. It do think they could be just a tad bit more sweet though. I may use 3/4 c powdered sugar next time. Real butter makes these fall apart soft...like I like them. You can also use one t vanilla and one t almond or lemon extract for a little more variety in taste. My kids liked it w/ the almond extract and a little lemon rind mixed in. Enjoy!
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Beef Pot Pie II

Reviewed: Jan. 31, 2007
So savory and yummy! Where I live I can not obtain beau monde seasoning, so I used thyme instead, per another reviewer's suggestion. I cubed last night's roast, along with the left-over carrots, onions and potatoes from the pot. I made a nice amount of home made gravy, which is so superior to store-bought and so easy as well. Mixed all and covered with the batter for a home made biscuit mix (can be found easily on-line or on this site). Lovely, and fills a huge casserole..Quite a comfort dish and great served with green beans and a jello salad.
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Roasted Squash Soup

Reviewed: Dec. 30, 2007
I can't believe I'm just now getting around to rating and reviewing this soup. From the first time I made it, it has been my favorite. At the end of cooking, I add a pint of heavy whipping cream to give it a more creamy consistency. It is lovely. When I just made this I just used acorn and speg. squash. I also add several carrots that have been cooked till soft. You could actually add sweet potato or pumpkin to this as well. It would all work well with the flavors. Just work with what you have or what you can find. I think leeks in lieu of onions would also be very nice. I do up the curry and add a bit more cayenne and garlic. Just keep playing until you find your perfect flavor for your family. We tend to like things with a bit more kick and flavorful bite. This is great with baguette and a nice salad. Try it with the pear and roqfort cheese salad from this site (can't remember the proper name of that recipe, but it is wholly wonderful with this soup). Lastly, I much prefer this recipe room temperature, rather than heated. It is just my preference. It is also nice topped with cilantro.
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Hamburger Steak with Onions and Gravy

Reviewed: May 12, 2006
Excellent!! The gravy this produces (which I doubled) is good enough to eat alone in a bowl! I couldn't stop sneaking spoonfulls of this gravy! The only thing I will add is that even though I tripled the amt. of everything for the gravy (ie, 3 cups of broth) it was still a bit thick. I made a note to quadruple the broth next time, to thin it out just a bit. I served this over oven-roasted potatoes, and it was just divine. Also, as a note, I did not have beef broth, so I made homemade broth w/ ONION SOUP MIX, which makes a lovely, savory broth w/ onion flavor! I highly recommend this route...it adds even more delicious flavor! Try it..I think you will be delighted with the taste it produces! Thank you, and am planning on making this for visiting relatives in a couple of weeks, as it has now become one of my all-time favorite recipes!
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Cranberry, Apple, and Fresh Ginger Chutney

Reviewed: Dec. 11, 2007
I just made this to serve with rosemary chicken the other night. It is delicious, different and so lovely with poultry. Will make again. I did as written. Don't be afraid of the minced onions and celery. It is a wonderful flavor and balance. You will love it.
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Pink Sauce for Pasta (Shrimp)

Reviewed: Apr. 16, 2010
This is actually really delicious and different. I have made it with shrimp and grilled chicken. If you make it with chicken, add peas. It's just great. Now, the actual recipe of this that originated with a renowned Indian chef calls for a full cup of tomato sauce (omitting the water) with the cup of heavy cream, so that is what I did, and I loved it. He also states the use of olive oil instead of veg. oil, so that is recommended, as it is healthier. I use the full amounts of everything, spices, etc. I wouldn't change the amounts at all. It is a rich, mouth-watering experience. Lovely and one of my new favorites. Not for the bland of palette. Great with a nice bread.
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Clark's Quiche

Reviewed: Feb. 12, 2011
This has made me famous! :) The big change I make is I only use Swiss cheese, no other kind. I use 16 oz total and people love it. I also add a little nutmeg to the egg mixture. When I have been out of sour cream, I have subbed for (very) softened cream cheese with the same great results. I also make this with home made pie crusts. Very time consuming in all (including the time to make the crusts) but always worth it!
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Creamiest Rice Pudding

Reviewed: Oct. 8, 2010
I actually cooked this in my crock pot on low all night. In the morning it was very thick and nice and ready for the egg mixture, which I tempered and to which I added 1/4 c heavy cream and about 3 or 4 T of butter. Stirred and let cook for another 1/2 hour. Here is the winning piece: I soaked about a cup of golden raisons in same amount of O'Reilly's Caramel Cream Liquor overnight, then in the morning while it was finishing off I simmered it on the stove to really plump up. Add these to the pot, and surely brought this winning recipe up to the gold standard!
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Creamy Carrot Soup

Reviewed: Apr. 21, 2010
I reviewed this a few years ago, basically creating a new recipe I changed it so much. However, today I made it basically as is with only a few personal touches and feel it merits another review. This is lovely keeping the spices as is. I have fresh rosemary in my garden so it was especially lovely using fresh herbs. I did add an extra potato and onion, several cloves of garlic and a stalk of celery to the "onion sautee." I feel they all complimented nicely. After pureeing, I, in addition to the ginger, added about 1/4 t of white pepper, 1/4 t tabasco sauce and lastly, as the crowning touch, a toppling tablespoon of sherry at end. Ahhh, it doesn't get much better.....
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