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Country Pumpkin Muffins

Reviewed: Nov. 1, 2007
I gave this five stars even though I made a few modifications, but the muffins would have been awesome either way. I don't think you could mess this one up, and it's easily adjustable to personal preferences. I used 1.5 cups white sugar and 1/2 cup light brown sugar. I used Enova oil. I used one 15 oz canned pumpkin and cut the water in half to 1/4 cup because of the moisture in the extra ounces of pumpkin. I used 1.5 cups all-purpose flour and 1.5 cups whole wheat flour. I omitted the raisins just as a personal preference but used the full cup of chopped walnuts. The bag of walnuts already said "chopped" but I chop them a little bit smaller. Everything else I left the same. These were WONDERFUL. Great warmed up a little in the micro for 25 seconds at 50% power and with a hot cup of coffee. There was enough batter that I made 12 regular sized muffins, 16 mini muffins and 2 jumbo muffins. My husband brought some to work and they raved about it. This was a really easy recipe and you can do a lot of different things with it. I'll make it again and bring some to my office. Thanks!
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Grandma's Peach French Toast

Reviewed: Nov. 4, 2007
One of my sisters sent this recipe to me about a year ago. I've made it many times since. If could give this 10 stars I would. Don't let the overnight stay in the fridge scare you, I've done it both ways, the night before and morning of and they are both fantastic. One time I even forgot the peaches and it was STILL Great! I used a French baguette and slice it about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick, and because we like it "eggier" I use 7 eggs (have even used egg substitute with success) and a dash more vanilla and a dash or two more of cinnamon. This is a great dish for overnight company, holiday brunches, and it's even been requested for dinner! Today I made it and I had some peach brandy on hand and added about 3 tablespoons to the sugar & butter mixture while it was cooking. To DIE FOR. Thanks for this new family favorite! I made it again for a brunch at work today and everyone RAVED and wanted the recipe. I don't understand the reviews saying to add milk, I don't add ANY milk, it's not in the original recipe, I just add an extra egg or two and it's perfect. Milk will make it soggy.
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Blackened Salmon Fillets

Reviewed: Aug. 26, 2005
This is about the only salmon recipe that we ever really use. It's fantastic. In fact, I mix the seasoning together in a double batch and keep it in a container in my spice cabinet. You can use it on chicken or steak too. It's just better than any prepared cajun spice from the store. You can lay it on lightly or heavily depending on your taste or mood. You can sprinkle it in soups and stews or chili. But it's especially good on salmon cooked exacly as this recipe says.
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Meat Pie (Tourtiere)

Reviewed: May 4, 2007
Fantastic! Tasted like someting right out of the 18th century Scottish Highlands! I made this last night, taking into consideration some of the suggestions from other reviewers. I made a few modifications. I used 1 pound of ground pork and 1 pound of very lean ground beef and did not drain it. I used instant spuds (Idahoan) instead of a baking potato but making them a coarser consistancy like the inside of a baked potato and I used some of the meat "juices" in place of the margarine in the spud recipe. I used a medium onion and one whole shallot minced. I used half the amount of cinnamon but doubled the allspice. I reduced the 1/2 cup of water to a 1/4 cup water and added 1/4 cup red wine to it. Finally I used refridgerated pie crusts. I made the instant spuds and added them to the simmering meat mixture during the last 10 minutes of simmering. This thickened it up nicely. While it was baking I had 5 hungry guys from 48 to 16 years old asking when it would be ready. They polished off the entire thing but not before I got my piece out of it. This pie made the most delicious crust I've ever had. Next time I'm making two pies. The flavor was just amazing and one son thought it tasted like something we would have for Christmas, so I'll keep that in mind. This recipe is a keeper!!!!
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Amber's Sesame Chicken

Reviewed: Feb. 27, 2006
This was excellent! I took others' advise and tripled the sauce, it cookes down quickly so I'm glad I did this. I paired this with the Chicken Lo Mein submitted by Michelle on this site and substituted some of the chicken in that with shrimp. These dishes went great together. It was Asian night at our house. Amber's Sesame Chicken was easy to prepare and the flavor was excellent and just as good as leftovers. I served it with the lo mean and some white rice. YUM!
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Bacon Wrapped Dates

Reviewed: Nov. 29, 2007
I have another version of this recipe that has either goat cheese or cream cheese (take your pick) piped into the center of the dates with a frosting bag, then wrapped in bacon. It's the cheese flavor that makes the difference, I think, and I prefer the goat cheese in this.
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Buddy's and Bubba's Homemade Dog Food

Reviewed: Feb. 6, 2013
I am the author of this recipe and I just wanted to respond to Teresat and the issue she had with the loose stools in her dogs. Canned meats and fish contain a lot of sodium and that can definitely cause loose or runny stools. Even with the canned beans I rinse and drain them thoroughly, or I use dried beans, just takes longer when I have to cook them. Also, some dogs with delicate digestive systems react better to a change in diet when it is introduced gradually over a period of a week or two before fully implementing the change. I hope this works for you!
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Thai Green Curry Chicken

Reviewed: Aug. 24, 2007
I would give this recipe 10 stars if I could! We have two really good Thai restaurants in our area and this recipe tops any of their green curry dishes. I followed the recipe exactly, used Jasmine rice, it was absolutely perfect. My husband RAVED about it, we brought leftovers for lunch the next day. I think this sauce would also be very good on fish, like tilapia or another mild white fish, maybe even salmon. This was just perfect!
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Kielbasa Alfredo

Reviewed: Oct. 17, 2007
I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 but I think that ingredient choices could have something to do with that. I used Ragu Lite Alfredo sauce and a turkey smoked kielbasa sausage. I used mini penne pasta because that part didn't really matter. The flavor was good, but the sauce I think was a little thick or rich even for a "lite" sauce. I should have thinned it with some milk and/or dry white wine. I did add garlic while sauteeing the sausage and also to the sauce. I think some Italian flat leaf parsley would work with this and maybe even a smidge of spinach that is wilted in the pasta water. I may try that next time. This is a little bit like spaghetti carbonara, but I like the carbonara better.
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Southern Baked Yellow Squash

Reviewed: Jun. 27, 2011
This was fantastic! I did tweak it just a tad for our own tastes. We grew our own squash and used that. I used plain whole wheat bread crumbs and added about 1 tbs. Italian seasoning to it. To the chopped onion I also added 4 small cloves of garlic that I pressed through a garlic press. Then, for the top coating of bread crumbs I substituted crushed up Ritz crackers in place of bread crumbs for a little different, crunchy flavor. This also makes great leftovers. Will be making this again!
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Sesame Green Bean Salad

Reviewed: Jan. 21, 2009
This is a perfect dish to go with just about anything, Asian inspired or not. It is great at room tempurature, warmed or even cold. The flavors come together nicely and the toasted sesame seeds add a nutty flavor. I have these beans with the Asian Fire Meat on this site, served with jasmine rice. Yummy keeper! Thanks!
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Famous Pork Chops

Reviewed: Jan. 6, 2010
Instead of garlic salt, I went on Food Network and found Paula Dean's House Seasoning recipe and used about a teaspoon or two of that as the seasoning for my Ritz cracker crumbs. Covering these while cooking keeps them moist so they don't turn into saw dust chops, but they do look kind of wet and anemic when they're done. So, when they were nearly done cooking I removed the cover and turned the broiler on medium-low and broiled the chops for 2-3 minutes each side or until they were a light caramel brown and slightly crispy. They were absolutely perfect after that. Will do these again and again!
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Butternut Squash Soup

Reviewed: Nov. 11, 2007
Fall Yummies! I made this soup yesterday. I had two good sized butternut squash. I used another reviewer's suggestion and halved them lengthwise and roasted them cut side down on a large cookie sheet in the oven for 45 minutes at 350. This was perfect for scooping out the pulp. I sauteed the onion in olive oil and a little butter. I added 3 cloves of roasted garlic to that. Another reviewer used chicken stock/broth in place of the water. I did this also and it lent a richer flavor. I used about 4 cups of broth because I had more than six cups of squash and the soup was still very thick and hearty. I used only 3 boullion cubes. I took the advise of several other reviewers and used only one 8oz. pkg. of cream cheese and I'm glad I did this because it would have seemed more like a cheese dip with another block of cream cheese in there. I also added a couple of dashes of curry powder and that along with the cayenne gave this soup a robust flavor. This was perfect for a fall afternoon pre/dinner appetizer. This is being added to my recipe box for sure.
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Greek Green Beans

Reviewed: Sep. 14, 2006
These were QUITE tasty! I made it easier on myself, I'll have to confess. I used two cans of green beans (drained) and two cans of diced tomatoes (partially drained)and followed the recipe from there. It was excellent. Yes, that's a lot of olive oil but you can use a slotted spoon to serve. Will make again and again!
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Chutney Chicken

Reviewed: Aug. 19, 2005
This was awesome! I used only 5 thighs and 1 skinless/bonelss breast. I removed the skin from one of the thighs. I still skimmed off some of the fat when it was done. I put the smaller portion in a smaller casserole dish and it made a saucier recipe. I served it with Near East Mediterranean Curry Couscous and the combination of the flavors of chutney, onion soup mix and couscous were incredible. My husband brought some to work to share with a co-worker who is always interested in the food my husband brings from home. He loved it too! This is an easy keeper!
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Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

Reviewed: Mar. 29, 2010
I've made this several times, but the last time I did something a little different that everyone loved, I caramelized the onions first in a saute pan with butter and kept the rest of the recipe the same. Something about the sweetness of the caramelized onion really added a nice extra flavor to this dish. Still a keeper!
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Robin's Cheesy Chipotle Grits

Reviewed: Mar. 16, 2009
I made this last night to go with a rotisserie chicken and mesquite chicken wings from Costco. The grits were amazing! The smokey flavor of the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce adds a nice "kick" to it. You can adjust the spice level of the dish by increasing or decreasing the amount of peppers. You should be able to find the peppers (canned) in the Mexican aisle of your supermarket. These grits were wonderful, easy to make, and I'm having them with my lunch again today. This is a keeper!
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Amish Breakfast Casserole

Reviewed: Oct. 2, 2011
I cooked the bacon and prepared/assembled everything in the greased baking dish the night before, and baked it in the morning and it turned out perfectly. That was a great morning time-saver. When doing it this way I took the dish out of the refridgerator about 15 minutes before putting it in the oven to take some of the chill off, and I also baked it for the full 40 minutes since it was oviously cold going into the oven. It turned out perfectly and done throughout and everyone loved it. I served this with hot buttered coissants, and mimosas and it served 5 people easily plus left plenty of leftovers for at least 4 more people. It's great as leftovers too. I will try this with breakfast sausage the next time just to see which way works better. Susage needs to be cooked and drained throughly to render the fat out of it and prevent the casserole from becoming too greasy. This is a great recipe as is, I did not change a thing other than assembling it the night before. Will definitely make again!
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High Temperature Eye-of-Round Roast

Reviewed: Apr. 20, 2008
Perfect! For a relatively tough cut of meat, this method of roasting really does the trick. I bought a package of two eye of rounds from Costco totaling nearly 4 lbs. (I'm feeding six people). I crusted them both with kosher salt and cracked pepper and roasted them in a 9x13 baking stone (no roasting rack) for 9 minutes a pound since we don't want it screaming when we cut into it. The oven was on for 35 minutes, then off for 2 hours. It was perfect doneness for us, still warm, and tender and moist. I used some of the meat drippings for the Simple Beef Gravy recipe also on this site. Served with mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, it was a perfect dinner and all six of us loved it! I've used a similar method for a standing rib roast so this method did not seem odd to me and I expected good results. This is a keeper and going into my recipe box. Thanks Lyn B!
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New Year's Day Black-Eyed Peas

Reviewed: Jan. 1, 2006
I made this experimentally on New Year's Eve. I used my husband and one of our friends as guinea pigs. I used low sodium chicken broth in place of the water and filled the pot to cover the peas plus one inch above them, I used 3-4 crushed garlic cloves instead of powder, and I used three cans (drained) of black-eyed peas instead of dry but did not change the cooking time. I made corn bread to go with this. You can use a slotted spoon if you want more of a pea side dish or use a ladel and ladel the "soup" over your corn bread in a bowl. This was absolutely fantastic either way you serve it! Husband and friend gave rave reviews and insisted I serve the leftovers on New Year's Day. I had quite a bit left over and since today is New Year's day, we'll have it again. It's probably better the day after making it once the flavors really set in. We're having people over for dinner and a football game so this will be GREAT! Thanks Roxanna!
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