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Its just me... Carrie C.

I'm Blue! 
Jan. 17, 2012 1:11 pm 
Updated: Jan. 21, 2012 8:52 am
I'm Blue, I'm Blue! I have been a member sine 2005 and this is the first time I have ever been BLUE! Do you think I am a little excited? What are your favorite features? Which one do you use the most? I am not sure where to start, any help would be appreciated!

Ok now that I got all that out of me I will tell you a little about me and my cooking background.

I am 36 years old. I have been married to my DH Jim for 16 years now (I don't know where the time went!) We have three children, DS- Christian, my 14 year old who can't seem to eat enough EVER!, DD - Cassie, my 10 year old who couldn't be pickier if she tried and then theres my DS - Cameron, my 8 year old that is always up to trying new things!

Living with us are my parents who can never be pleased! I swear my mom went to the school of CAN'T COMPLIMENT ANYONE! She is not into trying anything new and thinks her meat should be dry and charred. My dad is a little better as long as you don't throw any different smells his way...I cooked with soy sauce the one day and you would think I put a dagger through their hearts! Some of this is real and some psychosomatic on their parts... I remember one day making mini meatballs in gravy to put over noodles...purposely dulled it down and they swore I put soy in it and couldn't stand the smell and left! They drive me crazy! But they are my parents so I try to appease them much to the chagrin of my DH! He is by far my biggest supporter and hates when people say things that may hurt my feelings. I have hardened myself to their actions and reactions, I try to be the bigger person!

Growing up my mother never allowed us in the kitchen with her. The only time I got to do anything was at the holidays when she needed help mixing dough, even that I didn't get to do until my later teen years. I really started cooking when I got married...I remember calling my mom and asking her how to make this or that! She only really makes about 10 different dishes. As I got older I wanted to try new things and turned to cook books! I love looking through cook books! When I stumbled onto Allrecipes I was in HEAVEN! I spent an entire summer cooking something different each night! My DH had mixed feelings about it because I would never repeat a dish even if he loved it! Of course I was new to it all so never thought to write them down! Silly me!
Now - I still love trying new things but don't always get the opportunity to because of my parents staying with me. If I try something new it means double the work as I feel I need to cook them something separate...it again drives my DH crazy and we end up fighting about it! Its a catch 22 in this house...I'm darned if I do and darned if I don't! I can make my husband happy or I can make my parents happy...not sure which is the lesser of the two evils! Well enough of that!

I am Blue! I am Blue and I am so excited! Hit me with all your favorite things on this site! I look forward to figuring it all out with your help!
Jan. 17, 2012 1:29 pm
Welcome to the blue club ~ Great first blog. Other than blogging now and again, I don't really use any other supporting member features.
Jan. 17, 2012 1:30 pm
Oh the one thing I do use is the print feature, I like how I can print a past recipe I have made and then add my own photo along with my own review. Perfect for when I want to make the same recipe again in the future.
Jan. 17, 2012 2:02 pm
That is really cool! I didn't know I could print my pic alongside the recipe! I just assumed that you got what you got!
Jan. 17, 2012 2:27 pm
Nice blog Carrie..Wow, you do two dinners to please everyone..you are very kind and patient. Please keep us posted on how you like being blue; I'm on the fence..what to do? -Allie :)
Jan. 17, 2012 2:53 pm
Carrie, I enjoyed your blog. I was blue but it ran out. I feel for you having to please so many. It can't be an easy task. Don't know the circumstances but it is your house and they are living with you, not the other way around. My dad lived with us for about 7 years until he passed away. He was an angel an ate anything we had, sometimes even starting supper for me!
Jan. 17, 2012 3:16 pm
Aren't families just amazing, Carrie? We each have our own cross to bear, so to speak. I know you need to please your parents, but maybe you can please them only one night a week. You need to keep that hubby well fed. Sounds kind of old-fashioned, I guess, but it's the truth. Congrats on being blue!
Jan. 17, 2012 3:18 pm
Nice blog and thank you for introducing yourself and sharing about your family. The Ambassador Program has been great for trying new things and I can always pass them off as an "assignment"....whether they are or not! :) Remember - you are married to your hubby and you and he need to be a unit. You are sweet to have your parents - I don't know the circumstance but my father lived with us for a while, while he was ill. I got to play nurse-maid. I made it quite clear whose house it was. Once as I was making a cake he asked me, "Are you sure you know what you are doing?" LOL! Yep Dad, I am sure! Smile and hug your hubby. If your parents need to leave and eat else where then that is their choice. BTW - I love soy sauce and my very British father hated it! :)
Jan. 17, 2012 3:38 pm
Hey! I blog some and that is about it! I would like to try the menu planner/shopping list. I have heard there arent as many pop ups if you are a member. I think you will enjoy it! Good luck with the parents. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! This might be a good place to vent!
Jan. 17, 2012 3:40 pm
Congrats on being blue! Parents... wow, they can be a challenge. Mine are both gone now, but there were some "interesting" times over the years. I try so hard to NOT be like that to my kids and to my son in law and daughter in law. I just don't want our kids or their spouses to have to tip-toe around us and hope that they will WANT to spend time with us... not dread it. I guess we live and learn. Congrats on your first blog!!
Jan. 17, 2012 4:27 pm
I have a son named Cameron! He's 24 though, so he's been out of the house for quite a while. Love the name! The only feature I use as a supporting member is the menu planner...I used to blog, but don't like the format or the "ownership" of my writing by AR, so I took them all down.
Jan. 17, 2012 8:14 pm
It is a big burden at times. My parents lost their home and had no where else to go. They are both disabled and live on a very small income. I don't charge them to stay here but they sure act like they own the house. It drives my DH crazy. I just keep telling myself that someday they won't be here and I will miss them. So I do what I can to be a good daughter. My DH doesn't get that it stresses me out more when he gets upset about it...I have tried to explain but to no avail! @ Allie - I will definitely keep you posted, I am excited to try all of the features out! @ Skunkee - I wish often that my parents were that way but I guess they wouldn't be mine if they were! I need to try really hard to put my DH first...it has gotten very easy to push him to the backburner. I know he will always be there and I take that for granted a little too much! @ Marianne - Families are truly amazing...I often think I was switched at birth and my "real" family is out there and they are "normal"! @ BN - I am so excited to be a part of this...when I applied I never thought I'd get chosen. I love to cook and have kinda lost my way in the last two years since my parents came to live here! I get very down when I am always being criticised. I don't think my mom believes I even know how to boil water sometimes! So this will be a great way for me to find my way back. @ Shannon - I sure hope it gets rid of those pop ups they drive me nuts! @ Chris K. - I also try to do that with my kids on everything. I go out of my way to listen to the music they do because I remember how my parents were with my music and I don't want to be that mom! @ TSP - Has AR ever given you a reason to dislike the "ownership"? I am still trying to figure it all out!
Jan. 18, 2012 6:39 am
Hi Carrie... I understand, what u r going through.. I have seen it happen with so many of my relatives.. Fortunately, my grandparents who live with my mum are incredibly sweet.. Yes, they can be difficult sometimes due to their age but thats only occasionally.. My granddad passed in October so now its only grandma.. I miss him so much.. He was a sweetheart to everyone around him.. Just being with him would up our mood no matter how down we were feeling.. I couldnt go to sleep without kissing him goodnite & telling him loved him.. Even if he was being stubborn with the others about something, he'd always listen to me :) Always had a kind word and a smile for everybody.. Im 23 and lived all my life in d same house as him but I have never ever heard him get mad at anyone or complain about anything.. Its not just my love for him that makes me talk this way, everyone who knew him says this about him.. He was a true angel on earth.. My darling papa..
Jan. 18, 2012 10:09 am
Welcome Carrie. My mom likes ALL meats WELL done which we describe as Oklahoma Brown (Have no idea where we got that saying cuz none of us are from OK) She cringes when she sees us eat a med. rare steak or prime rib. I even do my pork loin medium these days. Luckily mom will eat anything I cook.....except for the "bloody meat". Congrats on your ambassador job. I have loved it and look forward to getting to know all of you this year.
Jan. 18, 2012 12:47 pm
@ cuppycake - I am sorry for your loss! Your grandad sounds like an amazing man and awesome papa!. The one thing I have always wished for my kids is that they have a relationship with their grandparents. Mine were distant with me but when I met my DH I got a great woman that I was proud to call Grandma and that was his! She has been gone for many years but she is still missed!
Jan. 18, 2012 12:49 pm
@ Mauigirl - I wish my mother would eat anything I cook! She used to be a little more open but as she gets older she gets worse! I am so tickled to have been chosen for this program. Thank you for being so welcoming.
Jan. 18, 2012 12:58 pm
Congrats on being blue! I'd have to say my favorite thing about AR is I can always find an answer here be it on the buzz, the recipe search, tools & tips or their video tutorials. Trying to please your parents might make you nutts. Make up what they will eat, freeze it and then heat and serve. Your family needs to come first. Great first blog!
Jan. 18, 2012 1:10 pm
That is a great idea Cat! I may have to do that with their meals. It would be so much easier! I love the Buzz...such a wealth of information!
Jan. 18, 2012 1:51 pm
Hi Carrie!! Welcome to the world of blue. One of these days I hope to blog. Nice blog!! I have family from McKeesport.
Jan. 21, 2012 8:52 am
Hi Carrie C. - blue looks so good on you! I held my breath so long that I turned blue in December of 2011 and then was honored to be accepted into the Allstars program which extended my supporting membership! The feature I love best is the additional printing features of recipes. Looking forward to our new adventure together even though I'm in the South Region! AAAA - we rock!
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I have been married since 1995 and have 3 children. I started really cooking after I got married. I love hearing how great my cooking is. My kids are my best complimenters. I love talking to people about cooking and food! I have turned many non-cookers into cooks. My closest friend, for the longest time thought that baking a plain chicken breast was gourmet at its finest. I subscribed her to Taste of Home and introduced her to Allrecipes and now she cooks up a storm and its actually edible!
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I really enjoy cooking most anything. During tomato season my favorite thing would be spaghetti sauce. During the Fall, I really enjoy soup and at the holidays it would be the pies and cookies.
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At the holidays I have always helped my mom do the baking. It wasn't until the last few years that I realized how much I truly enjoy this. I am trying to engage my children more in the kitchen. I am not always the most tolerant when it comes to this but I am making a great effort to include them. I am hoping that some day they will remember the time they spent with me in the kitchen.
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I made pies for Christmas one year at my In-laws house, it was great. Everyone raved and compared me to my husbands grandma, who passed away a couple of years ago. She was a truly fantastic cook and to be compared to her was wonderful.
My cooking tragedies
I remember trying to make a Pineapple Chicken dish when I was 16 for me and my brother. It was awful. The taste just wasn't right and the rice was undercooked. Needless to say the trash got more to eat than we did.
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