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English Muffins

Reviewed: Feb. 16, 2007
Hands down, one of the best recipes I've gotten off the web! I had to cook them over low heat, I guess my stovetop has a higher flame than some. For those who were having trouble with the nooks and crannys: knead the dough as little as possible after you punch it down and roll it out. This will decrease the number of broken air pockets. After the first rise, the yeast does not create new pockets, it only enhances the ones that were initially formed. The more you work with the dough after the first rise, the fewer pockets of air you will have. Secondly, let the muffins REALLY rise after you've cut them and are waiting to pan bake them. They may still not be exactly like the ones in the store, but then again, those are commercial muffins and are actually not traditional English muffins.
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Bread Machine Spelt Bread

Reviewed: Jul. 20, 2007
When making this recipe, you need to know what to expect from a spelt bread. The result is a very typical European bread that is heavy, dense, can be sliced SUPER thin and served much like soft crackers. It is also, however dense with nutrients and I thought this was a very good recipe for bread! After reading the other reviews, I added an extra teaspoon of xanthan gum to hold it together and keep it moist. This worked out wonderfully.
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Russian Black Bread

Reviewed: Dec. 3, 2005
This bread was awesome! It was just like the one that the rustic bakery down the street from my house sells. Like others who commented on this recipe, I substituted molasses for the dark corn syrup. I did not use a bread machine, rather I mixed everything, let it rise for about an hour. punched it down, formed it into a large round loaf, and cut deep "vents" in a star pattern across the top and baked for about 35 minutes at 350 degrees. GREAT RECIPE!!! And easy...Update: I made this again but added 2 t. onion powder and it was AMAZING!!!
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Yummy Pecan Pralines

Reviewed: Jul. 21, 2007
These were excellent and have gotten rave reviews from everyone who has tried them. I did make a few changes though. The way the recipe is, they come out to be nuts clumps in the midst of a pile of praline "cookie." I prefer the traditionaly southern pralines where it is a nut that is coated in a dry praline coating so I upped the quantity of pecans to 2 cups. I also added 1/4 c. real rum and about a tablespoon of dried ground ginger to the cinnamon/vanilla mixture. For the higher quantity of pecans, you have to move quickly as the praline mixture will cool quickly and begin to solidify around each nut very quickly. Just keep stirring which will break apart huge clusters, then spread on a baking sheet until cool. Then I pour them into a collander and toss all the loose sugar off. This also rounds the edges of the praline coating out on the nuts. Even better is that you can save the sugar that falls out of the collander and use as brown sugar in cookies! So delicious...
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A Pad Thai Worth Making

Reviewed: Sep. 14, 2008
This recipe was excellent, but only after I followed the suggestions of several other reviewers: I used 1 T tamarind paste (because what is Pad Thai without tamarind?!) and also increased the amount of sauce. I was feeding four people so I doubled the whole recipe, but TRIPLED the sauce recipe and it came out perfect. I decreased the lime juice by 50% to account for tartness of tamarind, and didn't use as much fish sauce as the recipe called for. I omitted the oyster sauce (didn't have any) and used veggie bullion instead of chicken stock. I made other subs since I didn't have some of the veggies, and wanted to make it vegetarian: I used tofu in place of both the chicken and shrimp. I didn't have bean sprouts, but I DID have baby Bok Choy so I used that. And I used thinly sliced carrots. Other than that, I followed the recipe steps and amounts exactly and it made the best Pad Thai I've ever made (and I make Pad Thai often!). Excellent and very flexible recipe. Thanks!
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Cilantro-Lime Dressing

Reviewed: Apr. 4, 2009
Four stars only because there are some necessary changes. As suggested by several reviewers, I switched the quantities of lime juice and honey so that there was a total of a scant 1/4 c. honey and just over 1/3 c. (three fresh limes' worth) of lime juice. I also added TWO bunches of cilantro. I have never had the original restaurant version that this recipe is attempting to duplicate, but I would argue that it is still just a tad on the sweet side. I think I'll try only 2T of honey next time I make it, but I WILL be making it again as it's really good. It is also really great mixed with a little ranch dressing for a cooler, more soothing dressing if some don't like the peppiness of this one.
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Pumpkin Rice Pudding

Reviewed: Nov. 16, 2006
I was really disappointed with this recipe, not because of the taste, but because of the lack of clarity and completeness in the directions. I followed the recipe exactly accept for the addition of allspice and nutmeg, and I got a sloppy mess that was more like pumpkin, rice and scambled eggs! If a few more steps are added, this could be a really great recipe. There was WAY too much liquid, and the prep and cook times were not even close (prep was about 30-40 min because of all the boiling, and bake time was almost 1.5 hours because of all the extra liquid). I would suggest the following changes: decrease milk to 3 cups to counter the moisture from the pumpkin. Mix all the sugar, spices and pumpkin together BEFORE you add it to the milk and bring to boil to prevent clumping. And most importantly, when you add the egg, whisk the eggs in a separate bowl then add just a small amount (like 1/2c) of the boiling liquids to the bowl that the eggs are in and whisk again to bring them slowly up to body temp. THEN slowly add the egg mixture to the boiling pot. If you skip this step, you will be making pumpkin rice egg drop soup! I will try this again, but it needs some serious refining.
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Reviewed: Dec. 13, 2005
I befriended someone from the Netherlands who was studying here in the U.S. and he served this at a holiday party. He said that you leave the almonds and raisins out in a dish NEXT TO the pot of glogg. People serve themselves hot glogg and add the almonds/raisins if they choose to. That way they do not get soggy. I prefer this with MUCH LESS sugar...I don't like sweet things and I felt that the sugar brought out the flavor of the spices so much that it masked the wine. When I cut the sugar to half, it was much better.
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Aloo Matar

Reviewed: Jun. 3, 2005
Great recipe...I tend to change things alot though: I only used 2 potatoes, and an entire large bag of frozen peas. Also doubled or even tripled spices. Rather than sugar I used about a tsp. each of cinnamon and cloves, and rather than paprika, I used curry and chili powder to spice it up a bit. To reduce fat, I only used about a tsp. of oil and that worked just fine. Using crused or diced tomatoes rather than puree adds some moisture to the sauce to pour over rice or dip Naan into.
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Praline Pecans

Reviewed: Jul. 20, 2007
These were awesome! I disagree with the previous reviewer that they're too rich - people at the party where I brought them kept popping them like chips and raving! I didn't have any rum extract, so I used about 1/4 c real rum where you're supposed to add the extracts. I first heated the rum in a skillet which brought its temperature up so as not to shock the candying process, and also helped evaporate some of the liquid of the rum. Will DEFINITELY make again.
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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Reviewed: Jan. 25, 2009
I have made vanilla extract this way for a number of years and it is SO WORTH it. As another review pointed out, what is better than knowing EXACTLY what you are putting into your and your family's bodies? Besides, most people just buy the imitation vanilla extract that is made from by-products of the paper and coal-tar industries! See under "imitation vanilla" at http://www.vanilla.com/html/facts-extracts.html It is also excellent to do this in a high-quality clear rum and use either the vodka or the rum in mixed drinks. It doesn't just have to be for cooking ;o)
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Moravian Ginger Cookies II

Reviewed: Jan. 1, 2007
These cookies are SO good, but they take some skill and a lot of work! Do NOT be in a hurry when you want to make these. Rolling them out really thin without them sticking to the work surface can be frustrating - continually adding flour as you roll and cut and re-roll the dough quickly makes the dough impossible to work with. So being efficient with how you cut them is key. My last suggestion is to really keep an eye on them when they're baking - they go from unbaked to perfect to a little burnt really quickly. I learned that you have to remove them when they still look JUST underdone, then they stiffen up as they cool. Well worth the effort!
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Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Reviewed: Dec. 6, 2005
This was awesome! I made a coupke changes, however: I did not use the rose water, and I made the dish vegan by substituting the milk with vanilla rice milk, and also used only half of the coconut milk, substituting soy coffee creamer for the other half. I toasted the nuts in a dry pan before adding them to the mixture which I think really brought out the flavor. When I served it, I dusted the bowls with just a tiny pinch of nutmeg. This went over REALLY well at the food co-op where I cook for the masses.
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Oatmeal Bread III

Reviewed: Aug. 1, 2007
This was surprisingly good! I didn't have any liquid lecithin (a binder) so I used one teaspoon dry guar/xanthan gum, another binder, per cup of flour (a total of 2 t.) and upped the "milk" by 2 T. Also, I didn't have arrowroot powder, so I used cornstarch which is similar in property. I have to admit I was a little hesitant to add cinnamon to the recipe, since this is not a dessert bread, but I did anyway and it was wonderful! This would still be a wonderful bread without the cinnamon. The texture was a little crumbly, so I am going to make this again and I will add an extra tablespoon of cornstarch or arrowroot, and I think I'll try it without the cinnamon and see if it makes a good sandwich bread. Thanks so MUCH for this recipe!
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Granny's Brownies

Reviewed: Dec. 6, 2005
We were not too impressed with these. Baking them at 250 did not work, the edges were super crispy and the center was still uncooked. The flavor was mild and a little too sweet...not even close to chocolatey enough. I will not be making these again. Sorry!
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Winter Fruit Salad

Reviewed: Nov. 28, 2005
I love quinoa and I loved this recipe. It was a hit at Thanksgiving this year with a huge family that had never had quinoa before! I doubled the pears and used an entire pint-package of kumquats. I also used more like 3 c. watercress and an entire bunch of cilantro because that's what I had. Lastly, I used only 1 T. of the olive oil.
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Paula's Polenta with Mushroom Topping

Reviewed: Dec. 4, 2005
I can't rate this because I changed way too much from the recipe. Like others who've rated the recipe, I find polenta to be very bland. So while cooking it for this recipe, I added to the water-cornmeal mixture: salt, pepper, minced garlic, ground cumin, whole cumin seeds that I'd toasted in a pan, chile powder, and onion powder. In addition to the mushroom topping in this recipe, I also had a pico de gallo-style topping, and a garlic onion tomato sauce topping. I made a pile of lightly-steamed spinach in the center of each plate, placed several polenta slices on the spinach and garnished them only with a little coarse pepper and salt, and some sprigs of cilantro. Then I made small piles of each type of topping in an array around the polenta so that toppings could be added as prefered by the consumer. This went over really well and got rave reviews - the first time we've had polenta and liked it!
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Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Reviewed: Nov. 28, 2005
Wonderful recipe! I have made it with homemade butternut squash puree as well as sweetpotato puree as well and both could easily be passed off as pumpkin! I upped the quantity of puree (no matter what I used) to two cans (30 oz. total) and bumped the sugar down to 1 c. Rather than top with the whipped topping, I thouroughly coated the top with about 2 c. finely chopped pecans (my grampa grows pecans so I have endless access to them). Another favorite recipe that I will be making again and again...
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Stuffed Butternut Squash

Reviewed: Jul. 5, 2008
This was a great fall-time seasonal recipe, especially for those living in the midwest as brussel's sprouts, winter squash and garlic are all being harvested. I used unsweetened almond milk instead of soy milk, and upped all the spices, two-fold. Lastly, I didn't want to deal with the messiness of the squash halves - I was in a hurry - so I peeled and cubed the squash, and baked everything together. Cubing increased surface area of the squash, decreasing the bake time, and made it easier to eat in my mind...a better mixing of the flavors. My partner topped his with parmeasan and I ate mine with plain yogurt.
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Reviewed: Jul. 5, 2008
I live in southern New Meixco and right now, the harvest of eggplants, green chile, garlic, basil and onions are pouring in faster than we can keep up. This recipe was a GREAT way to take advantage of the local ingredients. Thank you so much for sharing! I did make several minor changes: I punctured the eggplants with a toothpick all over, then blackened them on the grill (it was 4th of July!) all over. Plunging them into a bowl of ice water made the black skins slip off easily. I also did this with 2 green chiles and added them in addition to the 2 fresh green chiles the recipe calls for. I doubled the garlic and increased the basil by about 50%. Lastly, I used lime juice instead of lemon, as that is what is local around here. The end result was a smoky, garlicky spread, remeniscent of baba ganoush (but better!) that we spread on tortillas and filled with other roasted local veggies from the harvest. AMAZING!
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